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4 Tips on Smart Gold Invest for Beginners

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Being glanced at to gold invest for the sake of the future? It appears that 5 recommendations below could be the solution for beginners who are still confused to find the right method of investing.

Gold invest is no longer done by generations of parents. Amid intense competition, the younger generation already has to think long to prepare for his future. Not to mention saving money from the payday only per month spent on daily necessities, young people must be clever-clever investing, one of them a gold investment.

Basically, investing in gold is indeed much more profitable than other forms of investment such as buildings, land or currency is the U.S. dollar. This is because gold has a value that tends to be constant, per year of gold tends to increase.

Unlike the investment dollars that are still linked to inflation. The upside is the value of gold was able to beatdowns of inflation. So that people don’t have to misgivings with the deterioration of the value of gold, although it still needs to be done in monitoring the price of gold on the market.

Constant or tend to rise in the price of gold value is also reasoned because gold is natural resources-based mine, which has a limited amount.

The following recommendations can be made for beginners to Savvy investing in gold.

1. Any face, train yourself to buy gold

benefits of gold investment

When the new salary at the beginning of the month, try to set aside money owned to buy gold. The money could be saved for her gold, can buy from 1 gram, up to 2 grams of gold only. That way, the money we set aside for its original savings, the value is more stable when the changed form into gold.

Eliminate the perception that to buy gold to buy in nominal and grams are great. Due to the “collect” gold grams, making us easier to resell it. It is worth remembering because it could just happen events of emergency requires us to have the money, so that small pieces of gold were able to make it easy for us.

Ceo and co-founder of Tamasia, Muhammad Assad said, “Training ourselves to set aside any money to save us, and buy gold. Gold is a form of investment that will always go up because his track record does indeed tend to rise from year to year. ”

2. Monitor the price of gold is periodically

“The community that baseball likes to look up his down a & value. Bedai gold cycle with other types of investments, because gold indeed tends to increase, “said Vice Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia field of Telematics, broadcasting and research & technology, Ilham Akbar Habibie who was also present in the soft launching of Tamasia.

Although it experienced a constant value of gold and tends to rise, people who are investing in gold must still monitor the value of the gold price. For the older generation, when they Transact buy gold in conventionally, might not ensure in advance the value of gold in the market.

But if we turn to the buying and selling of gold-based digital application, we are able to read the chart of gold prices, so that we get the right timing and strategy to sell or buy gold. So we get more benefits. Important for beginners to monitor the price of gold on the market.

Unlike the sale happens offline, technology now also changing purchasing trends of society. Ilham added, “this so-called tren digital economics, or digitize the economy. Starting with the emergence of an innovation, the development of technology and strengthened with the economics principle. ”

He also said that in the meeting of the National Coordination (Rakornas) conducted by Kadin, President of Joko Widodo had delivered in his speech that there is indeed shifting phenomenon, namely the transition of economic activity-based offline to online.

So with the current and increasingly inadequate access to information, there is no harm for beginners to monitor prices and selling of gold on the market. Surely a habit gives this monitor advantage for us.

3. Do the buying and selling of gold in place of a trusted

how to invest in gold for beginners

Tracing method of buying and selling gold conventionally, we have to carry a lot of cash to buy gold at a store. From this method, many of the cases and stories where gold sellers often mislead the purchaser.

If we are not careful, the seller-the seller’s “naughty ” is able to fabricate and reduce levels of gold we buy. That way, the money we buy will not be worth the gold we get.

Instead of investing and getting profits, even in this case we get a loss. Thus, the need for prospective buyers of gold to see a trusted place, both in terms of security for the seller and Transact.

4. Use the gold investing for future needs

Investing in gold is indeed speaking of the long term. Therefore, beginners should start goal setting his investment when starting investment.

Various future needs such as building a home, saving for the married and old age savings for children can be exploited through investments in gold.

Because if we keep the gold for a long time, the value of gold will be higher and could become so valuable and beneficial to us in the future. Therefore, it is important for us to have a deeper vision of investing, it is able to be our motivation to save and set aside money to buy gold

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