Free Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Marketing Activity

6 Free Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Marketing Activity

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Free Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Marketing Activity –┬áTechnological developments always bring new exciting things to keep up. Moreover, today many people have been holding smartphones or sophisticated gadgets. In addition to surfing on social media, smartphones are also very useful for the benefit of your online business.

Yes, it can only be done through supporting applications to launch the business. Then, do you want some cool apps that can be used on your smartphone as a strategy for your marketing? Of course with these applications, it can help you organize social media activities for business even in busy times though.

Then, what are the applications? Here are 6 free smartphone applications to support your online business to stay active in social media.

  • 1: Google Current
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Are you always thinking of finding cool ideas to post something on social media? Fortunately, there’s an easy way for you to find content through Google Current.

The Google Currently app will change the look of the web to be like a reversible magazine to move from one page to another. How to use it is quite simple. You only need to choose the website content provider information (news/articles) favorites that have been on the list and provided by Google. You can then choose content based on the category you want.

This is very useful, as most social media users tend to pay attention to popular posts. You can start a discussion with your online community with the current trending topic. Furthermore, you can choose to share links to your social network or even you can ask questions related to trending topics by finding it in Google Current.

Using Google Current will make it easier for you to save time searching for the right content and allowing you to spend more time communicating with social media users related to interesting topics.

  • 2: Flipboard
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Flipboard itself is the main application that you can use to find a content. It’s similar to Google Current that helps you choose information to find the right content.

The difference is, Flipboard not only allows you to share and connect to social media networks. Rather, it also allows you to see what happens to connected social sites. Thus, Anything uploaded to social media networks, either through your account or your friends, can all be read easily, including news and photographs. For example, you want to read the more complete news, then you just click, and the original website will appear. Then it will provide an opportunity for you to interact through this application.

Even via Flipboard, you can connect LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, and every blog or your personal website. Here, you can quickly find, organize and share content, as well as interact with other social media users without having to leave Flipboard.

Of course, this will be very useful for your business to check your social media quickly from one app. Thus, it will help you keep full control of your online business and maintain its reputation. You can also share information related to your products on social media.

Flipboard is also very useful to help you choose the genre of content you want to show on Flipboard. At the same time, you can also choose a particular website and blog with the directory or by adding it yourself.

With this app, you are also free to add content related to your business. For example like funny photos, infographics, even to popular videos. This application provides a variety of content selection features that can maximize your involvement in social media.

Case in point: If you have a car dealer, then, of course, you will provide content that is still in touch with the industry to the online community. Share popular photos of the car, or “how-to” videos that will educate the online community with content that is still related to your business.

  • 3: Plume

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If you’re looking for a Twitter app similar to TweetDeck, then the Plume app is an alternative that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts. In fact, through this application, you can shorten the link via a click on the ‘drop down’ menu very easily and quickly.

It is fully tailored to your interests in making your tweets posted on Twitter. Through Plume, you can have the auto hashtag, access to view photos, and the ability to add geo-locations.

You can also post from Plume to Facebook if it is needed. The Plume design is more or less the same as the Google+ app. So, you will feel more comfortable and familiar when using it.

However, it would be nice if you do not use many applications for each of your social media networks. This is much more time-consuming.

  • 4: Postling
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Blogs are a big factor to reach your potential customers in social media and aim to increase your business growth through content marketing.

Postling is an ideal application that allows you to create content and then you can post directly from the application to your blog.

this application is also very possible you monitor as many sites, as well as supported by RSS feed.

You can share the best content reviews to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn quickly and manage multiple accounts with one login that makes it look more effective. That way, you do not have to constantly change other social media networks from one to the other or to your blog. You only need to log in once, then you can access many social media accounts you have.

But unfortunately, the Postling application is only available for iPhone users only.

  • 5: App Buffer
6 Free Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Marketing Activity
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This app allows you to easily share articles, photos, videos, and status updates to various social networks. Especially if you use the content, then it will be much more help you build a strong online community. Buffer apps make social media marketing more focused and consistent.

In the Buffer app, you can choose three different social networks. These social media networks are just like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even your business on Facebook Page.

With the free version of Buffer, at least you can post up to 10 times a day with different content. You can also choose the time you want to share on social media throughout the week. This certainly can maximize the content that you post every day.

Thus, the Buffer app will help you manage time and share content regularly to your social media network. Simply create and add content, then Buffer will continue the task. In fact, you also have an ‘analytics’ menu to see what content topics most favored by visitors on social media.

  • 6: Facebook App
6 Free Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Marketing Activity
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The Facebook app is an application for smartphones that must exist for your business marketing strategy through social media. This is because Facebook is one of the main social media platforms. Mostly, Facebook has a close engagement with other Facebook users. And Facebook users can be a potential customer for your business.

Based on what’s been quoted in, it is said that the Facebook algorithm has just changed related to the content of a post. That is, uploading images, videos, and writing informative update status is preferred over you just sharing links.

However, this does not mean that you should not post a link. It only serves as a reminder to you that much preferred by Facebook account users are educational content (status updates, infographics, videos). The use of links inserted into a content only serves as a verification aimed at bringing visitors to your website.

The Facebook app for this smartphone aims to allow you to access Facebook pages and respond to comments and monitor your potential customers and how responses from other Facebook account users.

Using this app can also save you time to update social media and make easy progress to find interesting and informative content for postings on Facebook.

This app will also help you share variations and publish content at different times throughout the day. In essence, you are only required to create a status or content, then for the time of posting can be arranged in accordance with your wishes. This is a key way to stay in touch with people in the online community.

So what do you think, are you interested in using one of the above apps to support the growth of your online business? If you already use one of the applications above, is it really capable of helping your business grow? In fact, you may have used other more effective apps to help us stay connected to your social media. Please share new answers or questions in the comments field below.

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