7 Important Factors That Affect the Success of a Child in real life

7 Important Factors That Affect the Success of a Child in real life

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7 Important Factors That Affect the Success of a Child in real life – Currently, many people measure the success of the children in the real world through their learning achievements. If the child is progressing at school, parents believe that children will surely succeed in real life.

Unfortunately, this is not the only factor that determines the success of the children in the real world. There are still many other factors that are no less important than learning achievement in school.

This also explains why many people who Excel in school but just mediocre lives in real life.

By knowing these other factors, will certainly make it easier for You, as a parent to help you develop themselves in other aspects. Let’s discuss one by one:

7 Important Factors That Affect the Success of a Child in real life

how to make your child successful in life

1. The attention of the

One thing that was desired by the child is getting the attention and affection of their parents. The attention they get from parents is very important in helping children develop their potential.

Everyone needs a sense of security. So also with the children, they need a sense of security. With the sense of security, they get, will accelerate their learning, to master and perform the best in themselves.

No matter what level of education they are currently. They still need a sense of security. The parent is the first person they could have.

Whatever you, take your time to them. Problems that they bring to the House often occur because of lack of time and attention from the parents. Often to get the attention of her parents, they bring trouble to you.

Problem with friends, teachers, learning achievements are bad, smoking, get into an unhealthy relationship, rather against, not listen to parents and many other cases.

2. Encouragement

Every child is born with the uniqueness of each. There are children who can act independently without having to wait for a referral let alone encouragement from parents. There are also children who are just the opposite. He needs a little encouragement from their parents to act.

Children like this are that you need to note specifically mainly in the Act. By providing encouragement, children will feel safer when acting.

Such a condition will help the formation of mental mindsets they mainly in acting independently are thus very important for their future after completing tasks at the school.

3. guidance

Educate not just as a parent, but as a mentor in certain moments. When the child complained of what they do, feel unimportant, don’t like or having problems with friends in the community.

The important role of the parent is helping children return to the right path in order to focus on doing their duties and responsibilities.

When acting as a supervisor, act as if you were very understanding Son blames her and not over the deeds they do. But give direction and guidance over what could and could not do.

4. Try new things

To find the talent and passion of the child, then the child needs to be a lot of databases and experience. The more databases and experience, it will be easy for them to choose the fields they should get into.

How, by giving freedom for children to try new things they like or you suggest to do.

Like certain sports, join a particular music, following private seminars and training of self-development that is still in accordance with the age and needs of the child and do things differently with the style and pattern of your life. Such interests, hobbies, and your work.

They will get a lot of learners from their experiences. Children know what Department should take while going to graduate school. Does going to college or becoming an entrepreneur.

5. Learning Technique

For success in real life, children should also get a brilliant learning achievement. The goal of enabling children to have a good self-concept. That will help them cope with real life more easily.

Because as students, their main task is to study, then to help them perform better in school, they need is a skill learned to make learning easy and fun.

With the right learning techniques, it will really help them through the process of learning better and certainly a satisfactory learning result.

The results of the study they get greatly affect confidence a good, capable, feeling a sense of worth, a willingness to try new things, perseverance, determination, and other positive values.

Characters like this are certainly very little can be found in children who have learning achievements is lacking.

Learning techniques we recommend is a quick read for the student. This learning technique blended based on research results of world scientific thought or neuroscience.

This learning technique can activate and balance the work both of the brain simultaneously. By using both the brain, then the learning process will be much easier and enjoyable.

Of course this technique with different ways of learning which are known by the community. The learning technique is known as long as it still emphasizes on one use of the brain, the left brain.

6. Keep learning to Be the best Parent for you

Not just the children who need to learn, but parents also need to learn to improve themselves. Not only to enhance career or business turnover but being a parent who is worthy of being a role model for children.

How, read parenting books, following seminars and training concerning parenting, or go to the best parenting community that you know.

This will give you an insight and a deeper knowledge about how to better parenting, being a loving parent, setting up things important to the success of the child as well as the experience of other parents in educating children them.

Reading the book is the easiest way that you can do. If you don’t like to read, then you can use the following unique ways that will keep you hooked on reading.

7. Healthy Communities for children

Give the confidence and freedom to the child does not mean giving full freedom without critiquing what children choose for himself.

But giving thoughts about things that he chose. Starting from benefits, goodness, and progress he could get by choosing what he wanted to do.

This also means that in the sphere of children’s communities. Knowing the community certainly will really help you keep an eye on the movement of the child, especially in choosing the intercourse is not good for her.

One’s attention is important for you to keep your child’s admission to the Association that does not support the success of themselves. This also means that you must provide a supportive mindset they become able to maintain yourself. In doing so, they are not easy to get into the Association, thus harming themselves.

It is these factors that affect children’s success in real life. Good luck and I am waiting for your response.

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