62 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2021

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Affiliate Programs is an old business method and is still very profitable today.

This way of business will not die and there will be more in the era of 2021.

This is a list of Best Affiliate Programs:

62 of the Best Affiliate Programs That Pay the Highest Commission

affiliate marketing companies



Description: Amazon is the largest online store worldwide, built by Jeff Bezos in May 1996, based in Seattle.

Commission: ~ 10%

Link: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/


Description: Shopify offers people to do dropshipping or sell goods on the Internet, built-in April 2008, based in Ontario.

Commission: $ 58 (average) per person

Link: https://www.shopify.com/affiliates


Description: E-Bay is an American online store, based in San Jose, built on September 3, 1995.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/service-and-payments/ebay-affiliate-program.html


Description: ShareASale is an American-based affiliate marketing network, founded in 2000.

Commission: ~ 20%

Link: https://account.shareasale.com/newsignup.cfm?


Description: ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network, with over 6 million clients, founded in 1998.

Commission: ~ 10%

Link: https://accounts.clickbank.com/marketplace.htm


Description: Alibaba is China’s largest online shop, founded by Jack Ma in 1999.

Commission: $ 7 per person

Link: https://ads.alibaba.com/


Description: An export-focused online shop, a subsidiary of Alibaba.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://aliexpress-affiliate-program.com/

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Affiliate Marketing for Applications


Description: Sells items at a Microsoft store such as Microsoft Office or Games

Commission: ~ 10%

Link: https://www.microsoftaffiliates.com/

Google G Suite

Description: Gmail, Docs, Drive, or calendar for business

Commission: $ 15- $ 30

Link: https://gsuite.google.com/landing/partners/referral

Apple Itunes

Description: Sells music, tv-series or books

Commission: 2.5% -7%

Link: https://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/


Description: An internet company that sells themes and plugins for WordPress, founded in January 2006.

Commission: ~ $ 120

Link: https://envato.com/elements-affiliate-program/

App Theme

Description: Like Envato, App Theme is an internet company that sells themes and plugins for WordPress.

Commission: 10% -30%

Link: https://www.appthemes.com/affiliates/

Affiliate Marketing for hosting and domain names


Description: A worldwide web hosting and domain service, launched in 2000

Commission: 30%

Link: https://www.domain.com/affiliate/gettingstarted


Description: A hosting and domain service for websites in the world, based in Arizona and launched in 2000. At present, the company has 11 million users.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://www.namecheap.com/affiliates/


Description: The hosting and domain service for websites in the world, based in Bulgaria, was founded in 2004 and has served more than 1.8 million people.

Commission: $ 50- $ 100 per person

Link: https://www.siteground.com/affiliates


Description: Hosting and domain services for websites in the world, owned by the Endurance International Group. Bluehost is one of the biggest hosts and also owns other companies like HostMonster, FastDomain, and iPage.

Commission: $ 65

Link: https://www.bluehost.com/affiliates

Affiliate Marketing for a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is software to access the internet using the IP provided by the VPN service.

The function of a VPN is security when using the internet or exchanging data and does not allow other parties to infiltrate traffic.

Express VPN

Description: ExpressVpn is a company created by Britihs Virgin Island, launched in 2009. And it can be used on Android, IOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Commission: The more you sell, the more you can rate.

Link: https://www.expressvpn.com/affiliates


Description: NordVPN was launched in 2012 and can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, IOS as well as Android TV.

Commission: 30%

Link: https://nordvpn.com/affiliate/

Pure VPN

Description: PureVPN was created in 2007 by GZ System LTD, based in Hong Kong.

Commission: $ 40- $ 120

Link: https://www.purevpn.com/term-of-affiliate.php

Strong VPN

Description: The oldest VPN company, founded in 1994 by J2 Global.

Commission: ~ 200%

Link: https://affiliate.strongvpn.com/pap/affiliates/


Description: Surfshark is a new VPN company and one of the cheapest on this list.


Link: https://surfshark.com/affiliate


Description: Antivirus subsidiary Avast, founded in 2005 in the UK.

Commission: 30% -100%

Link: https://www.hidemyass.com/affiliates


Description: Germany-based VPN software, a subsidiary of Kape Technologies, was discovered in 2013.

Commission: 30

Link: https://zenmate.com/affiliate


Description: VPN software

Commission: 30%

Link: https://torguard.net/vpn-reseller-affiliate.php


Description: VPN company was founded in 2007 and is a VPN-Award winner.

Commission: 35% -100%

Link: https://www.ivacy.com/vpn-affiliate/


Description: One of the best VPNs that provide lifetime service.

Commission: 35% -100%

Link: https://fastestvpn.com/affiliate-program


Description: VPN

Commission: ~ 90%

Link: https://rusvpn.com/en/affiliate-program/


Description: The company developed by Safer Social LTD, launched in 2013.

Commission: 30%

Link: https://www.safervpn.com/affiliates

Affiliate Marketing for traveling

If you are a blogger, Instagram celebrity, or content creator with a traveling theme, the list below is for you.


Description: The oldest company engaged in online travel. Expedia was launched in 1996 as a division of Microsoft. The company also owns trivago and Hotels.com


Link: https://www.expedia.com/p/network-affiliate


Description: Marriott is engaged in hospitality, such as hotels or residences. This company has been established in 1927 and is number three in the world in the world of hospitality.

Commission: ~ 7%

Link: https://www.marriott.com/marriott/affiliateprogram.mi


Description: Company owned by Expedia.

Commission: 6.4%

Link: https://www.travelpayouts.com/en/offers/hotels-com-affiliate-program


Description: Founded in 1996 and based in the Netherlands.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://www.booking.com/affiliate-program/v2/index.html


Description: The oldest hotel founded in 1919. At present, Hilton has 586 hotels and resorts in 85 countries.


Link: https://www.hiltonaffiliates.com/


Description: Agoda was founded in Thailand in 2003. However, it has been purchased by Booking Holdings (Booking.com).

Commission: 5%

Link: https://partners.agoda.com/en-us/login.html


Description: This company was formed in 2004. However, it was bought out by a Chinese company known as Trip.com in 2016.


Link: https://partners.skyscanner.net/affiliates/affiliate-products

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Affiliate Marketing for cryptocurrencies


Description: Cryptocurrency broker founded in 2013. This broker is available all over the world and has 3.5 million users.

Commission: ~ 20%

Link: https://www.luno.com/blog/en/post/earn-free-bitcoin


Description: Tokocrypto was launched in 2017 by crypto enthusiasts who believe that blockchain technology can be used by the public. Tokocrypto only operates in Southeast Asia.


Link: https://tokocrypto.com/index.html


Description: The largest Cryptocurrency broker for the trading volume. Founded by Changpeng Zhao in China in 2017.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/376015737666441216/Binance-Affiliate-Program


Description: Cryptocurrency brokerage and derivatives trading. This broker was founded in 2014.

Commission: ~ 20%

Link: Bitmex


Description: Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2012, based in San Francisco, California.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://www.coinbase.com/affiliates


Description: Cryptocurrency broker since 2013, which accepts credit card payments.


Link: https://www.coinmama.com/affiliate


Description: Cryptocurrency broker

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://app.coinmotion.com/en/register/signup


Description: Kucoin is an international cryptocurrency exchange, based in Hong Kong and trading more than 210 cryptocurrencies.

Commission: 50%

Link: https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-introducing-the-kucoin-affiliate-program


Description: Cryptocurrency broker

Commission: ~ 20%

Link: https://support.probit.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018097952-Referral-Program-Details


Description: Paxful is not a cryptocurrency broker but an online store for cryptocurrencies. This means that you buy crypto with people, just like buying goods on Tokopedia or other E-commerce.

Commission: ~ 50%

Link: https://paxful.com/bitcoin-affiliate-program


Description: Cryptocurrency wallet

Commission: 12% -15%

Link: https://shop.trezor.io/sales/affiliate/

Ledger Nano

Description: Cryptocurrency wallet

Commission: 10%

Link: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/affiliates


Description: Changelly is a company that connects cryptocurrency brokers and buyers.

Commission: 50%

Link: https://changelly.com/blog/changelly-affiliate-program-link/

Affiliate Marketing for Forex

Forex affiliate programs and offers are generally based on client referrals to online forex brokers, traders, and platforms.

The Forex affiliate network will connect publishers with specific services on CPA, revenue sharing, CPC, or other business models.

The CPA and commissions in this vertical are usually higher than average because the payouts that can be generated are large.

Here is a list of affiliate marketing programs for the forex sector:

Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets affiliates can earn $ 800 CPA! Designed for Digital Marketers, Bloggers, and Social Influencers, Moneta Market Affiliate Partners get not only access to industry-leading CPAs, but a variety of professionally designed marketing tools proven to increase referrals.

Revenue share: 50%

Link: https://www.monetamarkets.com/partnership/refer-and-earn/cpa-affiliate/?ls=forexreferrall


PaxForex was founded by a team of professional traders with the help of investors. As traders, they understand the industry based on the experience their clients deserve.

PaxForex provides services and trading on financial markets. Their knowledge and experience have provided the opportunity to provide you with the fairest, flexible and stable trading environment.

Revenue share: up to 80%

Link: https://paxforex.com/partnership/introducing_broker

Axes Affiliates

Axes provide trading and investing in a variety of markets such as Forex, Indices, CFDs, Energies, Metals, and Stocks, which has the potential to present powerful money-making opportunities.

Axes is a fully regulated investment provider, meeting all security and privacy standards required for secure trading.

Revenue share: 50%

Link: https://axesaffiliates.com


PrimeXBT is an Affiliate Program network of direct advertisers in the field of forex, binary, and crypto trading with the most profitable offers on the market.

PrimeXBT is made for all webmasters: whether you have a website or a group on social networks, or you are a well-known blogger or a budding arbitrator. Does not matter!

Their manager will tell you how to maximize returns according to your situation and position. You will be provided with offers for 200+ Geo, minimum amounts for client deposits, active marketing campaigns, and PR activities that increase your conversions every now and then.

Revenue Share: 70%

Link: https://my.primexbt.com/signup/


Join hundreds of their Introducing Brokers (IBs) and maximize your profit with OctaFX. An Introducing Broker (IB) is a person or company who refers clients to OctaFX on a regular basis and earns a commission from clients’ trading activities.

The OctaFX IB program is designed to help you create new opportunities to maximize profits and grow your business faster.

Revenue share: up to USD 12 per lot.

Link: https://octafx-cpa.com


With the CPL + CPA + spread rebate affiliate program, their partners receive a gift for every interested client.

At the same time, TeleTrade offers payments for registration and verification of interested clients, for replenishment of trading accounts, and percentage of spread for trading transactions.

In this way, partners can be sure that each client generates income for them.

Revenue share: 30-100%

Link: https://teletradepartners.com/?utm_source=forexreferral&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=rating

Forex Tester 3

Forex Tester 3 – unique backtesting software that simulates the Forex market with unequaled realism. You can test strategies and practice your trading skills on historical (simulated) years of data in just a few hours (real-time).

Revenue share: 25%

Link: https://forextester.com

Alvexo Partners

Alvexo Partners is the official affiliate program of the trading platform Alvexo.com, designed to promote the Alvexo trading experience.

Affiliates, or partners, refer new traders to Alvexo and get financial benefits as traders deposit and earn income through trading.

Revenue share: up to 30%

Link: https://www.alvexo.com/accounts/affiliate-program


NordFX, a trusted broker with more than 1,000,000 clients worldwide, offers outstanding affiliate commissions: 50-60% of the spread of trades by referred clients on Forex;

2-3.5% of the invested amount into investment funds, up to 700 USD CPA for high-yielding affiliates and webmasters, additional bonuses for high-yielding IBs, 10% on the second level on sub-IBs, and more marketing support for growing forex introducing a broker.

Revenue share: 50-60%

Link: https://nordfx.com


FlexOffers gives you access to several credit card affiliate programs and they often work with advertisers that you won’t find anywhere else.

The income here is quite generous and you may be able to arrange special deals if you have good traffic.

Additionally, they offer several tools to help you get your pitch. You will have access to the credit card widget, credit card API, and more.

Commission: $ 16- $ 400 per conversion

Link: https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/registration


Credit.com is a well-founded platform to guide people through their financial decisions.

As an affiliate with Credit.com, you will be able to enjoy high conversion rates and payouts. You’ll also have access to exclusive offers, creatives, and other types of custom branding.

There is also online reporting that affiliates can enjoy so that any issues can be resolved immediately, without wasting time. However, it is always good to be able to provide and get immediate feedback.

Commission: not fixed

Link: http://affiliates.credit.com/Login

Capital Bank

Capital Bank is a bank known for its consumer and banking-friendly approach.

They offer a secure credit card known as OpenSky, which is a secure Visa credit card that does not require a credit check to initiate.

The Capital Bank affiliate program is available at Commission Junction. As an affiliate with Capital Bank, you can access various marketing materials such as text links, banners, etc.

You will also be provided with constant guidance so that you can make the most of the Affiliate Programs.

Commission: $ 25 per funded account

Link: https://www.openskycc.com


Experian is one of the largest providers of consumer credit scores, reports, credit monitoring, and more. They have successfully submitted more than 20 million credit reports.

The affiliate program is hosted at Commission Junction, which offers affiliates a variety of different perks and benefits.

The Affiliate Programs also offers quite attractive commission rates and is dedicated to ensuring that affiliates have a pleasant experience doing business with them.

Commission: $ 0- $ 100

Link: https://www.experian.com


TransUnion is an agency that helps members monitor their credit and protect it.

As a TransUnion member, customers get unlimited store access, instant credit alerts, and a feature called Credit Lock Plus that allows members to protect their TransUnion and Equifax report.

The TransUnion Affiliate Programs is also available at Commission Junction. As an affiliate with TransUnion, you will get access to all kinds of marketing materials you need to start promoting the platform.

You will also be given access to a tracking tool so you can keep an eye on your progress, which of course is very important.

Commission: $ 20 per 7 days trial, $ 45 per paid product

Link: https://www.transunion.com

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What is an Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are a way to market something or a service. Marketing is called affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing.

Online merchants who sell products will pay you a commission for each sale of your referrals. How do they know? You will be given a special link that identifies you.

How can I join the affiliate program?

Usually, you have to create an account on their website. Of course, all registration is free.

What are the requirements for joining the Affiliate Programs?

You must have all the media to provide that special link and a way to receive money. Usually, PayPal is a good and trusted payment method.

Having your own blog, YouTube channel, or using Instagram as a means of sharing links are all ways to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business, earning millions to hundreds of millions of rupiah is not impossible, however, it is also not easy to achieve.

Building affiliate marketing also builds passive income. You only work once to promote the link and you will receive the results for a lifetime.

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