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$27,817 Monthly With Affiliate Programs

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I still remember that thinking about promoting an affiliate programs is a waste of time. So I started to make a lot of money.

At the end of 2004, I started exploring the concept of promoting affiliate programs through pay-per-click search engines. I know some online marketing teachers who claim you can raise thousands of dollars every month. But I am skeptical.

But I decided it was at least worth watching. The concept is very simple. Choose a product – which has an affiliate programs, of course. Set up an ad campaign on PPC search engines like Google and choose the amount you’d like to pay per click. Type a three-line ad and add a link. Every time someone clicks on your ad and buys a product, you get a commission.

So I see. Think about it. And see again. I was still not entirely sure of the concept, but I finally decided to test myself if he had already succeeded. Because I know I’ll spend enough money to click on ads, I’m investing in a book so I can learn from the most experienced marketers on how to make the most of my campaign.

Affiliate Programs

When I grew up for several weeks, I bought and read several ebooks. So far the best I’ve read is Chris Carpenter Cash. The approach is real and simple, and it clearly explains how to build your affiliate programs marketing business. More importantly, he made a lot of money by doing what he explained in the book.

I have started the 20-30 test drive on many products. Most of them were not successful, but I expected that from what I read. I’ll test a product, and if that does not work, I’ll drop it quickly. The key to this activity is to identify affiliate products and successful campaigns. Once you find one working, the flow of money begins.

In February 2005, I identified several profitable campaigns. With one of these, I spent $ 0.08 to promote affiliate products that pay me a commission of $ 18 for each sale. About 1 visitor in 100 buys a product, so I make a profit of about $ 10 for every 100 visitors you send.

Amazing formula! For every 1,000 visitors, the commission is $ 180. This may not be much, but remember that when you have a successful campaign, the campaign will continue throughout the day, every day. If you send only 1000 visitors to a program like this every day, then you will receive $ 5,400 in the form of commissions at the end of the month, of which $ 3,000 is the profit.

Does this sound very simple? Well, it will be easy for everyone from your aunt Mabel to the postman to do this. In fact, although the concept is simple, making your campaign work profitably requires work. Since I can not teach you everything you need to know in one article, I’ll give you some tips here and recommend Google Cash for a detailed explanation:

4 Best Tips Affiliate Programs

Best Tips Affiliate Programs
  • Choose your product wisely. Programs must pay a commission of $ 15 or more, otherwise you will not be eligible to pay for clicks. If the commission is too high, be careful. Some products, such as web hosting and satellite dish installation, may pay $ 100, but you face stiff competition from other affiliate programs, so the price you may have to pay for exposure to ads and clicks may be very high. Sometimes it is best to identify niche products with little competition from other affiliates.
  • Keep track of your campaign carefully. If you pay about 7 or 8 cents per click for a program that pays a commission of around $ 20, you must make at least one sale for every 250 visitors. If you send 300 to 400 visitors without sales, consider dropping them.
  • Weekdays do not matter. When testing a campaign, remember the days of the week and the time of day. Some products sell better from Monday to Friday, during business hours. Others, like entertainment products, sell better at night and on weekends.
  • Going back to my own experience, after selecting several “successful” campaigns, I took the time to match them with the techniques I read on Google Cash. At the end of February I got a commission of $ 27,817 for this month, all the products I never heard of at the end of 2004. My profit was $ 10,795.

Really unusual. I make this money without a website. from home. Work an average of one hour or two hours a day.

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You’ve finally made the money you dreamed of online.

What about you do you also want to build an affiliate programs marketing company? Can you use additional income? I encourage you to continue, but be smart. There is a danger involved and you should realize that. You should read Chris Carpenter’s book. This way you will be on the fast track towards a more profitable campaign. The book will save hundreds of dollars easily because you avoid some common mistakes and pitfalls.

Good marketing!

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