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9 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas to Become Rich

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In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, agricultural business ideas are felt to have great potential, to reap profits. Because agricultural business opportunities do not require large capital and land and can be done at home even in urban areas.

Agriculture is often regarded as a hot, dirty, and smelly rural profession, even though today the field of agriculture has experienced many innovations even in big cities.

Horticulture, terrarium, hydroponics, are examples of modern farming methods that are practical and do not require a lot of land.

Why do the benefits of this business opportunity look tempting? because in addition to minimal capital, agricultural products also include primary human needs that are needed on a daily basis.

Many people still think that the office workers of large multinational companies are a measure of success, prestigious, and proud.

In fact, the agricultural sector is actually able to generate a much larger income and become the biggest driver of the economy in Indonesia, than office workers who are considered attractive.

However, the millennial generation just needs to know that in today’s modern era, agricultural business opportunities have extraordinary and sustainable prospects for success.

This is because this line of business is guaranteed not to lose its market because human survival depends on agricultural products.

Top 9 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

agriculture business ideas 2022

Here are some options for agricultural business ideas with various new techniques and innovations that you can try:

Selling Quality Plant Seeds

The first agricultural business idea, selling plant seeds online. Currently, there are quite a number of beginners who want to try growing vegetables and fruit.

For example, kale, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, or watermelons are the usual choices because they are easy to grow.

Usually, plant seeds are sold in small packages with a certain weight and are uniquely packaged as a set with farming tools so that they attract the interest of beginners.

For a larger scale business to business, you can offer quality seed products to agricultural and plantation business actors so that cooperation is established and can become partners for the long term.

You have to use the internet as a marketing medium, through a marketplace, or create an online shop on social media to reach a wider market.

Delivery of seed products is also an easier and low risk if sent out of town or even abroad. Interested in trying?

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Selling Organic Fruits

The second agricultural business ideas, cultivating organic vegetables and fruit is included in the business category with small capital as well. Because it does not require special agricultural equipment such as pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The advantage of this product is that it is free of pesticides, so the selling price of fruits and vegetables is always higher than conventional ones.

Even though it is expensive, the market demand is quite high for organic vegetables and fruits because more and more people are being educated and adopting a healthy and clean lifestyle.

So you don’t have to worry about your target consumers, especially if you can offer products that are fresher and cheaper than those sold in the market or supermarket.

The home delivery system is also felt to make it easier for consumers because they don’t need to take the time to find and come to the seller.

Selling Spices

The third agricultural business opportunity is the cultivation of medicinal plants and spices. Currently, there are still a few business actors who take this opportunity.

Medicinal plants and spices have their own market because they must first be processed into alternative medicines or herbs.

Actually, the business opportunity in this field has less risk than the cultivation of vegetables and fruit. The benefits are no less tempting.

Production of Quality Fertilizer

Selling fertilizers is an agricultural business opportunity that is never empty of consumers. Fertilizer demand is always high in both urban and rural areas.

Especially if it is the planting season, fertilizer shops selling well will be invaded by farmers who are about to start farming.

Now, almost all types of plants from rice, fruit, and vegetables to ornamental plants need fertilizer. Several types of vitamins for medicinal plants are starting to get a lot of fans.

Selling Hydroponic Plants

Currently, there is quite a lot of demand for vegetables from hydroponic plants, so they are a good agricultural business opportunity as well.

This is because hydroponic plants save water for washing and are safe because they do not use pesticides. It is also more hygienic because it does not touch the ground and is not easily attacked by pests.

However, finding land for planting is quite difficult, making the hydroponic system a solution for farming with limited land.

Especially in big cities where it is difficult to find planting media in the form of soil because hydroponics carries the concept of farming using water media.

Not many people can grow plants with this hydroponic method, but it’s actually quite easy to do.

You can use used bottles, glasses, or plastic jars as planting media. Currently, there are creative online business actors selling hydroponic business packages complete with instructions for use.

Selling Ornamental Plants

Cultivation of ornamental plants is also an agricultural business opportunity because it is proven to be able to reduce stress levels.

Women are the biggest fans of this ornamental plant because it can beautify the house to be cooler, more beautiful, and more beautiful.

Currently, the types of monstera and aglaonema plants are being loved by plant lovers, they are even willing to pay millions of rupiah to collect one of them.

Running an ornamental plant cultivation business is indeed required to always keep abreast of market and current developments so that it is easy to attract consumer interest.

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Selling Agricultural Equipment

Now, thanks to social media, gardening activities are becoming a lifestyle trend for urban communities, so selling agricultural tools can become an agricultural business opportunity.

Starting from plant pots, soil or husk planting media, shovels, hoes, and several other gardening tools are examples of businesses with small capital.

You can also be creative, make a package of a set of plant seeds and agricultural tools with attractive packaging to attract the interest of beginners.

Agricultural Product Collectors

Agricultural business opportunities are not only for those of you who are farmers, if you don’t have skills in farming you can try to negotiate and offer attractive cooperation with farmers.

Next, you just need to bring the product to the market to resell or market it innovatively on social media and marketplaces.

Agricultural Consultant or Vlogger

Agricultural business opportunities can also be opened by consulting agencies or agricultural business extension workers. This agricultural business opportunity is very suitable to be run by agricultural graduates who understand the ins and outs of agriculture.

In order to educate farmers about the procedures for running a profitable agricultural business many times and so on.

In addition to being an offline consultant directly with the farmer sector, you can also take advantage of the current digital platform by becoming a vlogger in the agricultural sector.

Through YouTube or other social media, you can reach audiences around the world and attract Millennials to try to get into agricultural business opportunities.

Tips for Starting a Farming Business

how to start agriculture business

Starting an agricultural business is not easy, especially if you are a beginner and new to agriculture.

Even so, this can still be learned. You can try the tips below to start a business in agriculture:

Recognize and Learn the Appropriate Field of Agriculture

Before starting a business, of course, it is important to first identify all aspects of the type of plant, the benefits, how to care for it, to the risks of the agricultural sector that you will choose.

Then, formulate a strategy and careful planning related to the business to expedite the execution process later.

Prepare Capital

Of course, any type of business requires the main capital that business people need to prepare, namely determination, enthusiasm, belief, and hard work.

After that, think about material capital such as money and agricultural land.

Market Analysis and Recognize Competitors

The clearer the target consumer, the clearer the execution is going according to the target. Consider various factors according to the scope of the market, this can help you to create a good and targeted marketing strategy.

Then, identify the characteristics of your competitors so that you can take advantage of other opportunities that are not offered by competitors.

Keep Quality and Quantity

Often many new businesses are tempted to make mistakes such as a decrease in quality or quantity to be able to reap greater profits.

Of course, you should not do this if you want your agricultural business to be successful in the long term.

Maintain the characteristics of the products you have so as to create loyal customers and expand the market that uses your products. Likewise, with services, maintain the service you provide.

Don’t forget to innovate and evaluate so you can maximize your business going forward.

Take Advantage of Digital Technology

Implement various innovations that can increase business productivity in a healthy manner. From the production side, there will be technological advances that can optimize machines or minimize errors during the production process.

From a marketing perspective, technological advances can be used to reach a wider target market through digital platforms to promote products.

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Well, that’s a review of agricultural business ideas that you can take advantage of in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic.

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