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8 Small Agriculture Business Ideas You Can Start With Low Investment

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Have a bit of land around the house? Take advantage of it by opening a Agriculture Business. The market potential is large, lo!

We can see, when the pandemic hits the whole world, many people are starting a healthy lifestyle.

This way of life is then manifested by choosing healthier foods, such as eating vegetables and fruits to plant ornamental plants — as a means of recreation.

You have seen this phenomenon around, right?

When analyzed, you can change this incident and turn it into big business potential.

For example, opening a plantation business.

Even though plantation is synonymous with hard, dirty, and done work in the village …

In fact, you can do this type of business by and anywhere.

Even around the house!

Especially for those of you who have more land and are rather broad, just take advantage of the area as a plantation.

So, what are the Agriculture Business that have big potential?

You can see more details below!

8 Small Farm Business Ideas

Hydroponic Business

small farm business ideas

Try it now you take the time to get into YouTube.

Then try writing the keyword ‘potential of hydroponic garden’ in the search field.

Guaranteed, you will be surprised because this one plantation business has a very large profit!

Moreover, hydroponics can be done by anyone with a narrow area.

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In addition, hydroponic vegetables have advantages, namely that they are far more qualified and considered more nutritious.

Fertilizer Business and Planting Media

Agriculture is not only associated with growing vegetables and fruits.

You can really open a fertilizer business or planting media.

This type is likely to have a large market.

This is because everyone who has plants at home or in Agriculture needs fertilizer.

Is it right?

About marketing, you can start through social media, and with a small amount.

Home Vegetable Garden

The next plantation business that is worth trying is a home vegetable garden.

This home garden is specifically intended to grow small vegetables that can be planted in the yard.

Decorative plants

This is the type of business that is on the rise lately, namely ornamental plants.

Even though it’s not in the category of ‘Agriculture’…

This plant business is worth trying.

Especially if previously you were familiar with ornamental plants.

The current moment can be maximized!

Herbs and spices

farming business

The next Agriculture business is no less profitable, namely the cultivation of spices.

He looked as much for spices as vegetables and fruits.

So there is nothing wrong with trying this one Agriculture business.

Just choose spices that can be grown at home, to make it easier.

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Buying and selling vegetable seeds

Also, consider buying and selling plant or vegetable seeds.

This business can be tried without using special land.

How to?

Become a reseller or drop shipper specifically for buying and selling seeds!

The reason is, in online stores a lot of people sell vegetable seeds.

You can start as a reseller or drop shipper.

Who knows, you will make a profit, and someday you can produce your own seeds.

Selling Plantation Equipment

Pots, hoes, shovels, gloves, scissors, and much more …

Is an agricultural tool that is needed.

This business is just right to try if you don’t want to get dirty by farming or building plantations.

You can meet all the needs of people who start gardening by providing various tools.

Create Youtube Channels with Plant or Farm Content

Have skills in front of the camera and happen to have a garden or ornamental plants?

Try creating a special channel that discusses gardens and ornamental plants.

The contents can be in the form of how to care for, plant, and harvest.

The reason is, Youtube content creators out there are quite successful in capturing audiences by creating such content.

There’s nothing wrong with copying and trying it!


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Those are 8 Small Agriculture Business Ideas You Can Start With Low Investment. May be useful !.

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