An effective way of saving

An Effective Way of Saving up for Young newly Married Couples

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An effective way of saving – How do I save an effective for young couples and newly married? Learn about the way it used to be so that you and your partner are saving.

How effective are saving way? For example, young couples want to prepare the cost to purchase a used car. Let’s say the price of a used car is currently $120,000. They expect 2 more years when the child already born they can have the car. They also intend to pay an advance of 60% and the remaining credits (using credit vehicles). How do I save an effective?

An effective way of saving up for Young newly married Couples

Save Money

Calculate how much that has to be Saved

The first way is to calculate how much money must the tube each month so that the car can be bought on time. example:


  • Current car price of Rp $120,000.
  • Down payment (DP) = 60% x $120,000. = $72,000.
  • Period = 2 years
  • The investment yield interest = 5%
  • Assuming car price increase (inflation) = 10% per year

An effective way of saving tips:

financial planning for newly married couples

Make sure you have a clear financial goal and SMART.

  • Do some research online about the price of the item. For example, if you want to buy a car, you find out it used to be the price of the car you want to buy.
  • Start counting and did the illustrations. So You don’t confuse investing what most investment is nice, but what is in accordance with my goals, good amount, periods, and potential risks.
  • Start saving and investing
  • See the results and make your financial goals.

How to plan and manage Finances after marriage

how should married couples split finances

Getting married is one of the stages in a life that will be bypassed by most humans. Certainly, a lot of things will change when someone enters the phase, including changes in the terms of financial planning and organizing finances. What to look for when planning their finances and regulates the finances after marriage?

  • #1 No Lie, but rather an Openness

The first thing you need to remember at the time of arranging the finances after marriage is no lie, everything should be clear and open. Want your marriage split or not to split the treasure, keep communication about finances with a partner should be maintained. Do not arise suspicion and culminate in a household uproar.

  • #2 starting from Arrange Emergency Funding, Cash Flow, and debt

First let’s discuss the most basic that is managing cash flow, emergency funds, and debt. You need to sit together and discuss:

  1. Income: household income from anywhere, how the magnitude and when received (remember the first rule of no lie among us).
  2. Expenditure: discuss budget monthly expenses, duties responsibilities respectively. Prioritize spending-spending on productive before you fight to spend on consumerist.
  3. Debt: immediately get rid of consumer debts are already owned. If You were shocked when sitting together and discussing the debt that is already owned by your spouse before marriage, that means You lack communication. If you or your spouse still has debt consumer (credit cards, debt, expenses for KTA married, debt to the streets honeymoon) focus to pay off these debts.
  4. Assets: discuss your strategy for buying assets and improve your family’s wealth.

If you don’t know what to do first or where to start you can contact a financial planner. A financial planner can guide you. In addition, you can also use the application Finansialku to help plan and manage finances after getting married. So there is no reason for the lazy, hassle and lies between us.

  • #3 setting up Protection

how to save money as a couple

Whether you already have insurance or protection? At least health insurance and life insurance? If you already have a family and Your dependents required to, have life insurance. Usually, new couples still have many dependents, so shop for traditional life insurance.

  • #4 start planning Financial

Financial planning is mandatory you have. Perhaps in ancient times your parents do not have and do not introduce financial planning to you. We provide a fact: the challenges that You face today in regulating finance after marriage different from the challenges faced by your parents.

  • #5 purchase and/or pay off a home loan

In general, the first goal newly married couples are buying and/or paying off a home mortgage. If you currently don’t have a home, you can start planning for the purchase of the House, began to determine the home location (close to the workplace, the prices are still affordable, flood free, as much as possible to avoid traffic congestion, near toll-access and etc). For friends in the big city, can also consider the apartment.

  • #6 increase the Capital gains as well as Good Investment Cash Flow

Start investing, so you can immediately go so fast. Before you invest, you should do some preparations such as have a financial plan and investment plan, know the mindset, how to invest and how to manage finances. Check the Infographics Finansialku associated with the investment. Investment results are essentially differentiated into two types namely:

  1. Capital gains (capital growth) is a benefit you can from the difference in purchase price with the selling price. Example a person invest in precious metal costs $500 per gram. Then the person selling the precious metal is priced at $550 per gram. Does that mean the person gets capital gains amounted to $50 per gram?
  2. Cash Flow (cash flow income) is the investment income in the form of a stream of cash or cash flow. Example a person deposits money of $25,000 in the bank. Then the person gets the deposit rates of $2,000 per year.
  • #7 began to prepare child Education Fund

Financial goals are also not less important is the children’s, Education Fund. You would certainly agree that education is the most important provision for a child. Currently the average increase in tuition fees to 10% – 15 per year.

  • #8 don’t forget to Fund Preparation days old

budget for newly married couple


The eighth points and points to manage finances after marrying the most often forgotten, namely setting up a fund or retirement costs. Lots of couples who fret especially if already by the time of his retirement. There are actually ways to start planning the funds days old. If the Fund prepared since old days away today, then his retirement is no longer a threat. There are also people who’ve managed to prepare his retirement costs in the early years and eventually declare early retirement.

Starting from now, Start small and Start of us

What can we learn up to this point? Start doing things that you can do right now. Examples of you sit down and discuss both

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