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13 Apps That Pay You Real Money 2022

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Apps That Pay You Real Money? Currently, there are lots of money-making applications that you can find on the internet. Especially for you android users. This application carries different concepts from games, surveys, photography, and so on.

For those of you who are confused about what additions to look for, we highly recommend using this application. There are dozens of applications that you can choose right now as a means to earn extra income.

The application that we will explain here has been proven to pay and is very safe to use. To download it is also not at all difficult because most of it is already available on the PlayStore. Curious about what the recommended Apps That Pay You Real Money are? Just take a look at the full explanation below.

13 of the Best Money-Making Apps

top 10 money earning apps

So far, we’ve rounded up the 13 best apps that you can use to earn extra income. When you download and install it, you only have to complete each mission or task given by the application to completion.

After that, you will immediately get a commission from the application. On the other hand, how to use this application is also not difficult. And most importantly, the applications that we will describe here have been proven to pay. Just look at the following explanation.

Neo Plus Apk

Neo APK is another money-making application that is no less recommended for smartphone users. However, unlike the types of applications that we described earlier, you must make a deposit first when using this application. Deposits can be made through their respective bank accounts.

Using the NEO application, you will get many benefits from the financial side. The way to earn from this application is to invite your colleagues to download the same application through the referral link you have.

Every time a friend registers and makes a deposit, you will get a certain amount of commission. The great thing about this commission is that it is directly in the form of money, not coins. So you can calculate the estimated income very easily. The commission given is also not kidding to its users.

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Snack Videos

The first recommendation we can give here is Snack Video. Who is not familiar with this one video streaming application? Nowadays Snack Video is even considered one of the strongest competitors of TikTok. There are a lot of users all over the world. Of course, Indonesia is one of them.

In addition to being official and registered on the PlayStore and AppStore, Snack Video has also been proven to pay. To get income from this one application is also not difficult at all. You only need to watch the content in it. Every time you watch content, points will be credited to your account.

In addition to watching, you also have to complete various tasks given by the developer. The more tasks you complete, the more points you get. You can redeem these points through various types of E-Wallets.

Baca Plus

Another recommendation that you can install is Baca Plus. Has anyone ever used this one application? Baca Plus is one of the best APK recommendations for the smart generation. How not, in addition to getting a variety of useful information in it, you can also get a commission.

Baca Plus provides a fee for anyone who reads content using their app. Inside the Baca Plus application itself, there are thousands of content that can be accessed for free. So you will get points every time you finish reading the content. The articles read are also quite varied, some are long, some are short.

These points will be accumulated into your account and can be disbursed to various types of E-Wallets currently available. Apart from reading, you also have to complete various missions provided by the developer. Every time a mission is completed, of course, there is an additional commission to be earned.


The next money-making app is TikTok. Who doesn’t know this application, it’s certainly not updated in the world of technology. TikTok is one of the largest streaming portals in the world today. There are a lot of users all over the world. Even national and world celebrities also use it.

Who would have thought that Tiktok could be one of the best means to make money. Not only a sideline, you can make this income from Tiktok as your main income because the numbers are also not kidding.

There are users who manage to earn up to hundreds of millions of rupiah every month from TikTok. When you use this one application, just multiply your followers and viewers. Create engaging content to get people to visit your Tiktok channel.

Later, lots of product collaboration offers will appear on your account. Of course, the commission is not kidding. You can get millions of Rupiah in one post. It’s not easy to develop a Tiktok channel like this. But you should still try it rather than never.


Our next recommendation is CashPop. This application also went viral some time ago. Users also come from various circles. Of course, this application has also been proven to pay. There are many users who already get paid from CashPop.

When you use CashPop, the task is more or less the same as using Tiktok or Snack Video. There are lots of videos to watch. But it turns out that the task is not only that, when using CashPop, you can also get points from chatting and other interesting tasks.

You can download Cashpop for free on the PlayStore. Every time you complete a task, you will get points that continue to accumulate in your account. Later you can cash out these coins into an E-Wallet.

Hello Apk

Another recommendation that is no less mandatory to try is the Helo Apk. Maybe this app is not as popular as CashPop or Snack Video. But we guarantee you will get paid for using this one application. Many users have already received the prize.

When you use this application, you have to watch various types of videos that are in the application. Every time you finish watching content submitted by the application, you will automatically earn.

Not only that, but you can also earn income by uploading photos into the application. Don’t forget to only upload videos that comply with community standards on Helo Apk. Otherwise, the video will not be accepted and no payment will be made.

Like it like

Another money-making app option is Like It Likes. This application is quite popular among online money seekers. You can also download it via PlayStore or AppStore for free. Lots of users install this application on their devices because it has been proven to pay.

On the other hand, using this application is also very easy, even for new users. You only need to watch various types of videos in this application. Every time you finish watching a video, there will be a commission that goes into your account.

In addition to watching videos in the application, you can also earn commissions from inviting friends. Every time a friend creates an account with a referral code from you, you will automatically receive a payment. This payment will be accumulated in the account and will be disbursed after reaching a certain limit.

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Earn Money

Earn Money is another option that we recommend for you. In it, there are lots of opportunities to earn extra income. One of them is watching videos that have been provided by the application developer. No need to watch to the end, you only need to watch videos of up to 40 seconds in duration.

After watching the video, the user must also give a like to the content. By doing so, you will get a commission from the application. The more content you see, of course, the more commissions you will get.

In addition, you can also download and install various types of APK offered by developers on their respective devices. Every time you finish downloading and installing, points will be awarded directly to your respective account.

Buzz Break

Buzz break is another recommendation that is no less fitting to try. This application has been proven to pay its users and is very safe to use. To download this application, you can visit the PlayStore or AppStore directly.

Technically, the use of Buzz Break is exactly the same as using the Baca Plus application. So you just need to read different types of content inside the app. Every time you finish reading content, of course, there is a commission that you will get. Not only reading content but of course, there are also other tasks that you have to complete every day.

This commission can later be exchanged for shopping vouchers, or even disbursed via E-Wallet. The process of disbursing funds in this application is also no less easy. We guarantee that the process will run in a very short time and does not require complicated requirements.

AppNana Apk

Another recommended money-making application that you can try is the AppNana Apk. This application emerged after CashPop became popular in this country. Technically, using this application is no less easy than CashPop. The user interface of the application is very simple and easy to understand.

This AppNana application can also be downloaded for free on the PlayStore and AppStore. There are no conditions required to install this application on your device. The way it works is also not complicated. When using this application, you only need to watch videos and complete various tasks given by the developer to you.

Every time you complete the task, you will automatically get a commission from the application. This commission is in the form of coins. However, these coins will continue to accumulate automatically on your device. When it reaches the target, later the coins can be disbursed via E-Wallet.

AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

Another great app option is AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards. The name of this application does sound very foreign and not convincing. But we make sure that this one APK actually provides payments to its users. Not a few have gotten paid from this one application.

Like other money-making apps, you only need to complete the various types of tasks given when using this app.


Another cool APK recommendation is the ClipClaps Apk. Has anyone ever used this one application? This app is only available on android and is not yet available for iOS users. You just need to visit the PlayStore to download and install this application on the respective device.

ClipClaps is a free money-making application service that you can access without a deposit at all. Many smartphone users have used this application on their respective devices. Of course, there are a lot of tasks to be gained from using it.

Every time a task is completed, you will get a commission in the form of coins from the application. Later, you can exchange these coins directly for money through the various types of E-Wallets currently available. You can also convert coins into fund balances, shopping vouchers, and others.

The task given by this application is quite simple. In it, you only need to download various types of applications and install them on each device. There is also a task to watch videos of a certain duration and users are required to give likes or comments to them.

Cash for Apps

The last option that we can give here is Cash For Apps Apk. Compared to the previous two points, this application is already much more popular among Android and other smartphone users. Currently, users of the Cash For Apps application have reached more than 10 million worldwide.

Not a few android users recommend this application because it is getting paid quickly. The disbursement process can also be done through E-Wallet and other online money disbursement facilities.

Just like other money-making apps, users will get different types of tasks every day. Each time the task is completed, the account will automatically receive coins as a reward for completing the job.

The types of tasks given are usually in the form of watching videos, downloading various types of applications offered by the application, and so on. For those of you who have a lot of free time, we highly recommend using this application.

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When you use one of the money-making applications that we have described above, be sure to ignore their usage and privacy policy. If its use is done carelessly, it is not impossible if your account is banned and the account balance is lost.

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