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Top 15 Apps to Earn Money Online Fast

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Still struggling with the pandemic season, many people are forced to spend a lot of time at home whether it’s working, studying, or other activities to protect themselves from being exposed to the coronavirus. But because everything is done at home, more and more free time is left.

Well, instead of spending valuable free time on idleness that doesn’t produce anything, it’s better to use it for extra pocket money. How to do it?

The easiest way to make money in this sophisticated era is by diligently checking in to various money-making applications from the internet that you can download for free on the PlayStore or AppStore on your smartphone.

Yep, just for your Android or iPhone, you can get quick money just by downloading the following 15 Apps to Earn Money Online Fast:

15 Best Apps That Can Make You Money Fast

Read Plus

This one application gives you the opportunity to earn money just by reading various articles that have been provided in the application. Every time you finish reading an article you will be given a number of coins which can later be exchanged for money if you have reached the minimum number of coins that can be exchanged.

Can be downloaded for free in both the Playstore and Appstore applications of your smartphone, the advantage of this application compared to other money-making applications is that its mission is quite easy to get coins, which is enough to read but the weakness of this application is a large number of ads in applications that can consume internet data.

So don’t forget to activate your wifi before opening this application.

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appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

This one application will give you a reward in the form of points for each application that you download based on the missions that have been provided in the application. You just have to let the downloaded application be installed on your cellphone for a few days until the reward points enter your account.

This online money-making application is quite easy to use and has many redeem methods that can be used such as money, vouchers, or gift cards.

Cash for Apps

This Apps to Earn Money Online Fast is one of the most popular applications today. As many as 10 million Android smartphone users have installed this application.

The way these applications works is easy, you just need to install a variety of applications in Cash for Apps, later you will get a reward in the form of money for each application installed. Because it has been installed by millions of people, so you don’t have to worry about this application is a true or fake application.

Cash for Apps provides various variants of redeeming money that you can choose according to your wishes. Either it is transferred directly to the account or exchanged into a discount voucher or gift card.


AppNana is also quite popular among other online money-making applications. This application invites you as a user to do various cool activities to make money.

For example, playing games, downloading applications, and filling out surveys according to the conditions that must be met to get rewards. The more you can do in this app, the more money you can earn.

Having various variants of redeeming methods that can be used and a choice of various prizes that can be exchanged, there is nothing wrong with this application being the most popular online money-making application this year.

Cash Pop

How to get money from the Cash Pop application, you only need to complete various requested missions such as playing games, inviting friends to browse to chatting.

The important thing is that the internet connection is 100% smooth, Cash Pop even continues to flow money into your account even if the smartphone is not in use or the screen is off. Not easy, let alone try?

Because the reward from Cash Pop is in the form of points, so before converting it into money. Make sure the points you have collected are quite a lot before you exchange them.


Those of you who previously had a hobby of traveling as well as photography to beautiful and popular tourist spots or who didn’t know much could use your shots to make money in a fast time by downloading the WhatsAround application.

By uploading your photos while traveling that you have collected into this application you can get points for free. But remember, make sure the photos you upload are of good enough quality to be able to compete with images belonging to other users.

The points you get can later be used to spend on buying items on Amazon or to pay for paid applications on the App Store and Play Store and can also be used as gift cards.

Lucky Money Cube

This application will disburse money for free through your PayPal account.

How to get money from this application is enough for you to collect clicks which will later be converted to money cubes.

The money cube that you have collected can later be solved and contains real money that can be directly disbursed to your PayPal account. Very simple right?

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Make Money

This Apps to Earn Money Online Fast created by Free International Call App, Ltd. works according to the meaning of its name, namely, Make Money or make money for its users.

How to get money from this application is really easy. You just have to answer various surveys, watch videos, and various other activities that can make money.

But, to be able to cash out the rewards you get into money, you are required to have a PayPal account as a medium for paying points into money.

Earn Money – Videos & Apps

Getting money from this application is really very easy. You just have to watch various videos and run an application that is requested.

To watch videos you can get 0.1$ for every watch duration of more than 40 seconds plus giving likes.

For games and applications, you can get 0.2$ for each installation and use on your smartphone.


This Apps to Earn Money Online Fast is quite simple and easy not only in collecting points to be exchanged for money but also in how to redeem the points obtained. You can convert your points into a balance for the Dana e-wallet or to your personal bank account.

The way to earn money from this application is the same as the Baca Plus application, you only need to read articles and scroll through various articles on the home page. In addition, there are other ways such as playing games, quizzes, Russian roulette, filling out surveys, and downloading applications.

Money App

Another application that can increase your pocket money is the Money App. From this application, you can earn money by completing various interesting missions provided such as filling out surveys, installing applications, playing games, and other activities.

You can exchange the points that have been collected into money via a PayPal account. The search process will take a maximum of 2-3 days after redemption.

Gift Wallet

Those who have long dreamed of being able to exchange rewards into vouchers for Play Store, iTunes Giftcard, Steam Wallet, and PayPal Cash. This one application is the most appropriate choice.

How to get it, you simply open the Get Point menu. Next, you just need to complete the various missions that are required to be able to get points and exchange them for various desired prizes.


For those who have a lot of free time, here is another online money-making application that is suitable for you to use when you are not doing anything. This application provides rewards in the form of money just by reading various news articles and watching certain videos.

The rewards that you have collected can be directly exchanged via PayPal or the Dana application.


Unlike other money-making applications, Supervank provides an opportunity for its users to earn money by investing.

When you invest, you have the opportunity to get EC for free. You can invest in various large companies to be able to get long-term profits.

Calculation of EC or rewards obtained from Supervank is quite easy to calculate, namely: 1 million EC is equivalent to 1000 USD.

Take it easy, the investment funds that you have placed can be withdrawn for free anytime and anywhere.


One group with the Karma app, this US Dollar-denominated money-making application also provides a money-making feature that you can cash into your personal PayPal account.

How to get money from this application is easy. You only need to watch videos, fill out surveys, shop directly from the application, and various other activities.

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Just choose a few and just use them when you’re really free

Keep in mind, the Apps to Earn Money Online Fast above has the main purpose of filling free time, not being used as the main job. Of course, committing to using this online money-making application to increase this income is fine. But don’t let it interfere with your main work and rest time.

If you want to commit properly, you just need to set aside for example 1 hour every day to use this application. Don’t be too dependent on this application unless you really have a lot of free time.

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