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Grab The Automatic Income by way of doing Business

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Automatic Income – Try to keep that in mind, have you ever heard of, the business people out there, whether it’s your acquaintances, friends, family or your brother, that was quite successful, but you hear that they still have to work hard every day, in order to run its business such.

Then try you see, there are several other businesses, that even you don’t know who the owner is. Typically, the company has been stable and even the owner can relax-relax, the streets and keep the company growing rapidly by itself. Gosh, awful right?

Yes, in the most in your mind, there is a curiosity that starts you feel, about why there is a difference between the two sample business types above. The more you read this paper, you are getting curious about how it could happen. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this or not, but certainly, you know prefer to make your business automatically, without your having to keep at any time, correct?

Automatic Income

Well, calm down, after you read this article until it is finished, you will know what you can do to make your business become a moneymaker automatic machine for you. This strategy is secret, how can the world’s major shareholding arrangements, can enlarge the scale of its business with hundreds or even thousands of employees though.

Before we discuss the strategy, I am curious, do you already know the difference between the two examples of the type of business that you read above? The second business is indeed above actually has a distinct difference in the place of business to business quadrant operation.

Cashflow Quadrant that explains the difference in your income source

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Did you know, Robert Kiyosaki, world-class investors, well-known for his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, explains this phenomenon based on the source of the money that goes into our bags?

The four quadrants are Employed, Self Employed, Business Owner, and investors. However, in the discussion of this time, we will not discuss the four quadrants but specifically will discuss the difference between Self Employed and a Business owner.

Self Employed, it does seem to look they already have a business, but if you notice, they just change, from work to others, be working for themselves with a bigger salary (as the name implies). In fact, knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes they have to work harder to make money. People who get into this quadrant can be the specific professions such as doctors, architects, lawyers who are highly educated, yet their work practice run by exchanging them with their time. Just imagine, we all just have the time 24 hours a day, if they want to earn more, work more hours of work. Naturally, it is not possible, if they still have to rely on themselves.

Likewise with the merchant business, call it a business workshop and shop building conventional, the business income is huge, can be tens to hundreds of millions every month. However, usually in Indonesia, the business is a family company hereditary and only carried out by the business owner. Sometimes that makes people out there not able to create a business that runs automatically because they feel everything should be located underneath and had to manage on its own. Mindsets “nothing can better manage this company than I” is less good.

If you already have the right mindset, that it is a business tool and release the emotional bonds to enlarge your business into a money machine. Now, how can I order any kind of business, can run as automatically without you having to get involved in managing them though. One of how easy it is to buy a system that is already running automatically, i.e. Business Franchise. The strategy makes business automated also described also by Anthony Robbins, the successful coach of no. 1 in the world. He named it as a Business Exit Strategy. Curious right what are the steps? The following explanation

1. Recruit Superstar and Super shape up Your Team

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In running a business that would like to run with or without you having to get involved, is one key is to recruit the best people in the field of business that you are living or working with the best. How to know it is viewed from their previous experiences, what business they were living before. Give them enough authority and ability to take strategic decisions and gave rise to innovation for the company’s progress. Don’t limit them, so that they too can give their best in working ability.

It also does not always have to concern him. When a new employed who you want to recruit and its track record is not yet known, you can use the recruitment systems with DISC or MBTI depicting their characters. This is required because, in addition to skill and experience, this superstar must have good character and the same mindset to be able to build a successful enterprise. Do not let you choose a team simply because of the skill and experience that is high, but the behavior in question was less good, that’s what the harm in the course of your business.

2. create the Corporation and systems for your business

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The number of shares actually flexible, but it would be better if the majority stake remained controlled by you, so that decision making and compensations it was clear at the beginning and not the case of dissent and disputes in the future.

In the system of apportionment of the benefits, you must also set aside 10% for yourself and 15% to the cost of the company’s operations. For the benefit of the rest of the new divided based on ownership of shares. So, there’s been a Division and clear budgeting system within the company. If you want to get more profits, can be done also with the efficiency of the management of the day-to-day operations of the company. Thus spur managers and implementers companies to save on the cost of the company.

Ni business system also is not just legal problems, but it needs to be made a Standard system Operational Procedure that is raw, so it can be followed by any

3. Educate your employees so that the Trainer and continued to improve and contribute greatly to the company

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This is particularly important because the company’s progress depends on how the capabilities of the people who run it. Indeed, inevitably we have to help them and educating them well at first. Set aside the company’s operational budget for education. Out there are various types of training such as finance, marketing, and sales, business, branding, digital marketing to motivation. You can ask your team to schedule a routine training for your employees, that can always update to the development and deliver better results for your company. After their training, we can create a session sharing together about what they get, because although different

Besides the workshop and seminar that is out, it’s also important to make the culture and habits of the company. One important thing usually makes the difference between your company with another company. Corporate culture is reflected through decision-making, including up to daily activities within the company. Google, for example, create a working culture that wants to spur creativity and innovation. That is why, in Google Office as if it were made into a home. The system works is also flexible and does not require its employees to always sit on the table. With the expected maximum comfort, in addition to the employees could have a good performance, it also gives a sense of ownership in the company to the community high, which can make an employed could fight for the company by itself as well as improving his loyalties.

4. give compensation accordingly with their work

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For some businesses out there, employees only are considered a worker hired. When employees are the greatest asset you have. They have to lead you and make your family where can struggle together for the Betterment of your business, so that when there is no you, people you trust who led those companies could take the best decision at the time the can make you calmer, without having to fear it gives results that are less good. For that, it needs the name of a good compensation system. Do not hesitate to give stock to employees a key that you consider potential and plays an important role within the company. Of course the amount you can adjust the also with roles and responsibilities of each of them greatly. Suppose that a CEO who is responsible for your company, certainly have larger shares of the manager-manager under it. In addition to providing stock directly, you can also give a stock option, namely to sell stocks that are specifically granted to employees at a price specified, so that when the value of the company has increased, employees can also feel made and the fruits of their hard work together.


With some of the strategies, expected you could not just be a Self-employed, but running a business in the Quadrant B, or the business owner, so you have a passive business system that runs automatically generate profit for you, with or without you having to get involved in it. When creating a business, you have to design it from scratch, making it easier for you in the future to exit this business and release. Prepare company with a mindset to ready for sale, complete with a neat system and HUMAN RESOURCES. Thus, once your business one already successful, you easily emulate good industry types to the same or to different industries though, because you already have a clear blueprint, so that you can earn Multiple Streams of Passive Income that flows on to your bags, without bound by time or location though.

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