14 Best Android Theme Applications, Lightweight Without the Need for Roots

Android smartphones are known to have many features and millions of applications that won’t make users bored. But that doesn’t apply in terms of themes. Yes, Android users will eventually get bored if the smartphone display is less attractive.

14 Best Mobile Phones Theme Applications for Android

Not a few Android smartphone users who feel less like the launcher and the default theme that is on their newly purchased HP. Whereas in terms of design, various features to other specifications are considered appropriate. But, the theme embedded in the phones does not suit the user’s taste. Not to mention the type of user who is easily bored and intermittently wants to change the look of the smartphone’s alias theme.

You who are one of the two types of users above will be greatly helped by the application of HP themes that can make your Android look fresh at all times. What are you curious about? Following are the recommendations of 14 applications that you should try:

1. POCO Launcher

The rise of Pocophone, which has recently been released in Indonesia, has made many people curious and wants to try the Xiaomi smartphone. For those of you who want to feel the sensation of using Pocophone for free, you can use the theme application specifically made to resemble Pocophone, namely POCO Launcher. This application will make your Android smartphone theme resemble a Pocophone theme.

2. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum Theme Engine is an application that can change the theme of your Android smartphone as a whole. Even so, this application requires root access on your smartphone. As already said, Jaka said that this application can change the theme as a whole, including the notification bar and other views of various applications on the smartphone.

3. Material – Solo Theme

The next application is Material. Created by the developer Blaze PXAPPS, Material provides a theme that can adjust to the launcher that you use on your Android. By using the color palette on the theme, this application also has several other features such as 500 more icon choices, dozens of alternative wallpapers to update regularly.

4. Go Launcher EX for Android

Furthermore, there is an application launcher that is also suitable for those of you who are tired of the same look of your HP theme. Go Launcher EX is an application that provides more than 10 thousand themes. So one of the most popular, this application has been used by more than 90 million Android users worldwide.

5. Retro LCD Theme

Retro LCD Theme is arguably the most suitable Android phone theme application for you lovers of classic things or old school. This application is able to change the look of your Android smartphone to be like an old-fashioned cell phone with a screen like old school Nokia. Besides classic, this application is also classified as very light and not wasteful of RAM, you know!

6. Nova Launcher for Android

Nova Launcher is one of the best and most popular launchers in the Play Store. The application created by TeslaCoil This software allows users to replace their Android home screen to suit their wants and needs. Various theme choices are also one of the advantages of this launcher.

7. Glasklart Go Nova Apex Theme

You who want to make your smartphone look transparent and minimalist, Glasklart Go Nova Apex is an application that you must use. Applications that are suitable for use when you use Nova or Apex Launcher also allow you to use virtual keys instead of the home button.

8. Apex Launcher

Already mentioned before, Apex Launcher is also one of the most widely used launchers for Android users. Created by Android Does, this application is also one that has the most collection of themes to be the choice of its users whenever they feel bored.

9. Love In The Air – Start Theme

A theme that is suitable for you to use on special days such as Valentine. As the name implies, Love In The Air Theme provides a theme with love nuances for you who are filled with love and want to pour it into your cell phone. This application also provides a couple feature that allows you and your partner to share the same theme you know!

10. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is an HP theme application that makes Android smartphones that use it have a cooler interface, but still simple. This application that provides more than 100 thousand themes has been used by more than 50 million Android users.

11. Launcher 8

For those who are bored with the look or theme of Android and want to try another smartphone sensation without having to buy a new one, then Launcher 8 is an application that you must try. This one application can turn your Android into a Windows Phone through the stylish Windows Phone look and themes. No need to be afraid, because all Android functions on your mobile can still run well even if using a Windows theme.

12. Espier Launcher 7

In addition to Windows Phone, certainly not a few who want to feel the sensation of using an iPhone even though their cellphone is Android. Espier Launcher 7 is an application that is able to answer that curiosity. By activating it, you can feel an OS like iOS that is commonly pinned on various iPhone series on your Android.

13. CM Launcher 3D

As the name implies, CM Launcher 3D has one advantage over the above applications that is able to provide 3D animation effects in themes that you install on your product. No need to be afraid, this cool feature made by Cheetah Mobile won’t burden you and make your Android smartphone slow.

14. Smart Launcher 3

The last is the Smart Launcher 3. In general, this application has a unique home screen display, neat application drawer, and a more systematic application category arrangement. Not to mention, this launcher also saves RAM as well as not the wasteful battery! Cool, right?

The final word

That’s my recommendation about the 14 best HP theme applications on Android that you can easily use because they are light and don’t need root first. Which of the above applications do you want to try first to change your smartphone theme? Convey your opinion along with the reasons in the comments column.

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