Only with the internet, a smartphone, creativity, and high intentions, you can build the 13 Best Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

13 Best Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in 2022

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Starting an online business without capital. Wow, in the midst of current conditions, who is not interested in this one thing? Don’t worry, you can actually make this one thing happen!

Even though many people are currently having trouble with the pandemic, the pace of technological development in our midst can actually be used to earn money. Yes, only with the internet, a smartphone, creativity, and high intentions, you can build the 13 Best Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money below!

Best Business Ideas You Can Start With Almost No Money

12 unique business ideas

Try being a dropshipper, come on!

Dropshipping business can be said to be a business that you can try without any money at all. You only need communication tools such as smartphones and good marketing communications. Dropship itself is a popular business model in today’s internet era. The dropship business involves a third party (drop shipper) who bridges the relationship between the buyer and the producer (supplier) of goods.

In this business, you as a drop shipper will ask the supplier of goods to send goods to your buyers. It’s as if you are the main seller of the product you are offering. In fact, you are only promoting the goods owned by the supplier.

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The reseller system is also interesting

Similar to drop shippers, the reseller system is also oriented towards selling other people’s goods by us. Unlike a dropshipper, a reseller must determine the selling price himself from the first party. Later, the difference in the price of goods between the two will be a source of profit for the reseller.

In addition, you will also usually keep your own stock of goods from the first party and send it yourself to the buyer. A reseller is required to be observant in seeing opportunities and persuasively offering their products online and offline (having a physical store).

Become a freelance writer

Do you have good writing skills? If so, it’s time for you to look at the opportunity to make money from your writing!

With this skill, you can get various jobs as a freelance writer, such as product review maker, script maker, writing articles or news, to participating in writing competitions. Interesting right?

Have foreign language skills? Try being a translator, come on!

Opening an online business without capital by becoming a translator is also quite profitable.

Currently, there are many companies, organizations, and individuals who need the services of a foreign language translator. Such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and many more. You can also do this job flexibly from home.

So voice over

i want to start a business but have no ideas

Bela, the advertising industry, TV, radio, to the internet, always need voice-over services. If you have a distinctive or unique voice, there’s no harm in trying your luck on this one, right?

No need for big capital, you can build a home online business without capital through this voice-over profession. Sounds fun, huh!

Open a graphic design business, come on!

Have the ability and interest in editing such as graphic design to video editing? This means that you must immediately realize that the business opportunity in this field is quite large. Interestingly again, without big capital!

From home, you can easily find vacancies on the internet that require freelancers to create graphic designs and video editing. In addition, you can also open graphic design and editing services at home by creating a banner in front of your house.

Open private lessons

Another home-based online business without large capital is private tutoring. Yes, if you have good academic skills in a subject or course, there’s nothing wrong with trying this one, you know!

Without stock, you can benefit from the affiliate program

If you notice, some digital companies take advantage of affiliate programs to increase their sales. Not only profitable for the seller, but the company in question also creates an affiliate program that will also provide benefits for its marketers.

This affiliate program is similar to dropshipping. The difference is, that you only need to make sure potential buyers buy the products they need through your unique link. If the buyer actually makes a transaction, you will get a commission whose amount is adjusted to the terms and conditions of each company.

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Open a website creation service

low cost business ideas with high profit

The more technology develops, the more they need websites. This website is usually used for shopping or catalogs, making it easier for potential buyers to browse the products offered in an online store first.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can open a website creation service that only relies on your abilities without any capital at all. You can work with your closest friends whose abilities are indeed needed to develop this business. As a first step, you can offer this service to those closest to you.

Diligent in making reviews and blogging can bring money, you know!

Do you often create blogs with reviews about travel, hotels, movies, or even a product? Continue your hobby because it can bring money, you know! Who knows, with the increasing number of readers on your blog, there will be offers from brands or companies that need your services to review their products.

The more specific the genre of your blog, the more liked by the brand or company. Because that means you have readers who have the same interests as well.

Website optimization through SEO services is increasingly needed

Having a website or blog, of course, our hope is the number of visitors who can visit it every day. However, the websites and blogs that we have to compete with millions of other sites on the internet.

So that your website or blog is in the first position in search engines, you need to optimize search engine optimization or SEO. If you have the ability to optimize SEO, you can take advantage of this service. Because, of course, many website owners need it.

Selling e-books

As technology develops, so do a person’s habits. All activities switch to online because it is more practical and can be done anywhere. One of them is a reading activity. Since the development of gadgets, the need for electronic books or e-books has become a promising opportunity. You can sell e-books with only a cellphone. But remember, don’t sell pirated e-books, okay?

Improve your social media and start being an influencer, come on!

Do you like uploading photos on social media? Try, come on, fix and tidy up your social media. You can start being an influencer from now on. Collect photos or content that you find interesting, upload them on social media consistently, and watch, slowly but surely, your follower count will also increase.

If your social media is active, you may get the opportunity to be endorsed by the brand. So, come on, take advantage of your social media from now on.

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Those are the 13 Best Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money but are profitable. Where do you want to start?

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