23 Best Business to Start With Little Money

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Are you looking for Best Business to Start With Little Money that has a bright future? Capital is indeed often a common problem that is often encountered by many independent businessmen.

The good news is, you don’t always need large funds to be able to build a small, high-income capital business.

Even though it is still needed, capital is not the only factor that determines the success of a business.

There have been many great entrepreneurs out there who started their careers from below with no capital at all.

23 Low-Cost Business Ideas

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Catering Food

If you have cooking skills and skills, don’t delay this brilliant opportunity to open a food catering service.

Workers, employers, and people in big cities have relatively high activities. Most of them work in offices and are very busy activities.

There is no more time to prepare food such as cooking and buying kitchen ingredients.

Your chance is to provide a food catering menu for those who are very busy.

Make a series of daily or monthly menus that are healthy and tantalizing.

The materials used are not too expensive and you can start right away from your own home kitchen.

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Everyone likes snacks. From pastries, nastar, chips, jam, bread, sweets, and friends, we can sell these snacks and make them a great business with a high income.

At the beginning of pioneering, use social media as a place for promotion and upload good photos. Don’t forget to offer your snack products to friends and colleagues at the office.

If the quality and taste of your snacks is delicious, it is certain that customers will make repeat purchases.

Snacks are a profitable small venture capital. You can make them beautifully decorated gift packages and sell them as hampers.


The handicraft business is promising nowadays. If you are good at making handicrafts, say such as women’s accessories, wooden furniture, and many others – immediately launch a personal brand and make a profit.

With a small capital, only with hundreds of thousands of rupiah you can get started right away. The main factors for success are persistence, creativity, and careful identification of business opportunities.

Motorcycle and Car Wash Services

The motorcycle and car wash service business opportunity look profitable. In the rainy or hot season, dust and muddy roads are daily food for domestic residents.

Most vehicle owners are busy with their main job and do not have time to maintain their motorbikes and cars.

This is where you can pick up an expert. Provide an inexpensive motorbike or car wash – this is the reason why most people still choose to go to a car wash instead of having to wash it themselves.

When starting out, choose a strategic location so that it is easy for customers to find. Learn what you need from equipment, employees, business plans, funding to marketing.

Photocopying and Printing Business

This Best Business to Start With Little Money is quite brilliant for those who live in the area around the business district, office, government, schools, and universities.

We all agree that photocopying services are indispensable for the actors in the above sector – especially among students who have to complete college assignments, employees for company needs, entrepreneurs, school students, and the general public.

To provide a more complete service, also provide laminating services, bookbinding, printing, and selling various writing tools.

Make sure that a good internet connection is always connected at your photocopy shop so you can help consumers find and complete their assignments, papers, and office needs.

Forex Business

For those forex traders (foreign exchange) who are experienced or still beginners, they can make this profession an effort to get abundant income.

If you are new, invest in small amounts while learning the intricacies of the forex world.

There is no such thing as an absolute formula for success in forex trading on the financial markets. Look at the market like a vast ocean and traders are the surfers.

Use good analysis and learn everything it takes to become a great trader. Continue to learn, choose a trusted broker, and use stop-loss techniques technical and fundamental analysis.


If practiced properly, this Best Business to Start With Little Money can provide double benefits, because washing clothes is the main need for us all.

We don’t just wash clothes every day. we do dry-clean for party dresses, tuxedos, and others.

Or washing mattress sheets, bed covers. The lifestyle of modern humans lately is that they don’t want to be bothered and want everything to be finished immediately.

Offering laundry services is the right solution to help ease the daily tasks of the house.

No big capital is needed to get started, anyone can start with minimal capital by targeting a specific market. For example, you only market laundry services for boarding children, or housewives.

If you are more experienced and bona fide, then you can expand your wings by investing in more expensive and complete equipment.

Make-up Artist / Beauty Specialist

Many clients are willing to pay high prices if your work produces results that match their tastes.

The demand for this profession is needed to meet the needs of big city people such as dealing with dull skin, acne, sagging, and many other skin problems.

Beauty specialists are also not limited to skincare, but they can cover a wider area of ​​cosmetic makeup, beauty procedures, peeling and the list goes on.

The initial capital required includes relevant skills and authentic certification.

Don’t forget to display your portfolio online both on social media platforms and on personal websites as a marketing tool.

Entrusted Service Business

The Best Business to Start With Little Money is, consumers, can order the products they want from the entrusted service provider, then the Entrusted Service provider will buy the goods that have been ordered and send them to the address of each consumer.

With the capital of a smartphone, internet connection, and social media, this Entrusted Service activity has become a profitable personal shopper business even in the presence of a fairly adequate online marketplace.

Best Business to Start With Little Money and Make High Profit

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Sell ​​Photo Works

Do you have camera shooting skills?

If you are a freelance photographer or have a hobby of taking pictures, sell your work immediately on online sites that provide a place for photographers to display and get money from their shots.

Many sites, bloggers, and internet users are willing to pay you high fees to get quality photos.

Think about joining a site like Fotolia or Shutterstock. You can get passive income from every photo uploaded.

Create an Online Shop

This online business alternative is perfect for those who already have a product to sell or do have a physical store.

For WordPress bloggers, there is good news that WordPress has provided several ready-to-use online shop plugins. If you have website building skills, then this is an easy job.

If you want to take the extra step, then you can buy your own hosting and domain. Then set up your shop system right. Is this site like B2B, B2C, or C2C (eCommerce).

Don’t forget to install a neat and professional theme by studying the old successful players.

How to promote your online store varies greatly, from content marketing to articles, social media, forums, and using Google Ads.

With E-commerce, doing any business will require small or minimal capital.

Business Ideas With No Money

Graphic design

If you have the skills to design, use AI, Photoshop, and others, please know that this ability is needed by today’s society.

Business owners and startups are always looking for creative individuals who can design logos, products, packaging, business cards, posters, and web layouts.

When starting out, don’t hesitate to market your portfolio on social media networks. You can also offer your services to small businesses that are in need of graphic design services.

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Social Media Influencers

In the context of business and marketing, influencers are people who have the ability to influence potential consumers to buy a product or service by carrying out promotions and recommendations for the relevant brand on social media.

The types of influencers are endless. You can find beauty and fashion influencers on social media like Instagram and YouTube.

There are also influencers in other segments such as business, technology, finance, politics, education, health, environment, and many others.

Private Tutoring / Online Coaching and Consulting

Many individuals are willing to take courses and pay high prices for professional advice or knowledge.

It is the fastest way to achieve success in any business and also the smartest way to reduce the error rate.

If you do master one area of ​​work, for example, such as beauty and make-up, SEO, information technology, cooking, school courses, language courses, fitness instructors, whatever – maybe coaching and business consulting is your best match.

You can provide your clients with your input, advice, views, and experiences. This is a great way to earn income!

Of course, you must have an internet connection. I believe you already have both of these.

SEO Writing and Content Management

Writers and SEO (Search engine optimization) experts are highly sought-after skills in this modern era. In the end, beautiful graphics and layouts are not a guarantee of a website’s success.

Realizing this fact, many companies and business people are looking for individuals who can position their company website on the first and top pages of search engine results.

Are you good at SEO and content management? Feel free to build your own site. Focus on building a business that leads to digital marketing services.

If someone is good at SEO and is able to create quality content, then they have valuable digital marketing skills, and this is very much needed by any business.

This Best Business to Start With Little Money, enough skills and you can use Sribulancer or other websites that provide freelance services.

If not, you can email the blogs that you want to work on.

Selling Used Goods

Do you have piles of items that have not been used for a long time and are stored passively in a warehouse or house? Instead of leaving it malfunctioning, we better cash in all the used goods.

From old clothes, school notebooks, shoes, hats, home furnishings, furniture, whatever – you can sell them offline by holding a garage sale or selling online by registering on a site like Carousell to sell your second hand.

Make sure you only sell items that are fit for use and in good condition. Take advantage of all social networks from Instagram, Facebook, and friends to sell your used goods.

Freelance writer

The freelance article writing profession is a professional writing job that can be done anytime, anywhere, and does not require financial capital. The capital required is your skill and your time.

It sounds interesting because most of us value freedom and don’t like to be held back by time and colleagues.

However, there are still responsibilities and obligations that must be completed, such as submitting articles on time, providing weighty and quality content.

Copy Writer and Content Writer

The content and copywriter profession includes activities that are busy writing to promote or market existing products or services from clients or the company where they work.

Copywriting is not the same as content writing, because generally the writing of a copywriter is in the form of information about the pros and cons and gives a persuasive effect and there are actions that can be taken.

Content writers write writing that has a message to convey, the goals are often business, commercial, and marketing.

Articles from content writers. We often encounter these on educational topics for certain products or services.

Typing Services

The next Best Business to Start With Little Money is to provide script typing services. If you live in an office area, university, and school – this profession will be very profitable for you because the demand is definitely high.

Your initial capital is just a printer, computer, and internet connection. College students and students are your main target market.

Usually, students and students often get the task of making theses, papers, reports, proposals with certain terms and conditions. You can fill this need by providing quality typing services.

Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money

future business ideas 2021


Dropshipping is an online business idea with very small capital. The basic idea of ​​Dropshipping is, small business owners, don’t need to store and buy inventory at all.

This certainly reduces the cost of capital and the risk of stockpiling which may not be sold. In addition, you don’t have to bother thinking about product delivery or product development.

Simply put, you just need to find a supplier (supplier) that provides dropshipping services and you can start selling just by uploading a photo of the product from that supplier and doing marketing (marketing) so that the product can be sold.

If someone buys a product from your site or link, then immediately notify the supplier so they can send the item to your customer. You don’t even need to touch the product at all.

The advantage you get from the dropshipping business model is the price mark-up. So make sure to increase the selling price from the supplier before reselling it at your store.


Reseller literally means reselling. It is a profession that resells finished products to other consumers. You don’t need to think about product development and branding.

However, initial capital is needed to buy and stock goods from suppliers and distributors so that we can store them as inventory.

The price of goods is usually cheaper than the retail price. You can mark up the price to get a margin.

Resellers are indeed similar to the dropshipping business model. The most notable difference is that the dropshipping business doesn’t need to buy, store inventory and manage shipments.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of Best Business to Start With Little Money where bloggers and influencers recommend a specific product or service to their followers.

The way it works is quite simple, you will choose a certain company that has an affiliate program.

After successfully being accepted as an affiliate partner of a certain brand, you will usually be asked to put up a banner, product link, or provide a review.

If a follower or visitor to a web page clicks and buys a product directly from your page and link, the commission will immediately flow into your pocket.

To start with, well-known affiliate network names are Rakuten, ShareASale, Clickbank, and Skimlinks. Revenue will increase as your site grows as well.


There are lots of bloggers who generate abundant income with minimal capital.

If you are serious about this one profession, of course, you have to think about a business plan from the content, the theme to be raised, the target market, and SEO.

Even though the capital is small, you will need a lot of time capital to do research, content planning, writing articles, marketing strategies, and others.

Also, make sure to find the right niche audience so you can design relevant and useful content – this is all so that later you can generate good income.

A simple way to get started is to choose a domain name, build web hosting, install themes on WordPress, learn SEO tools, generate traffic, think about content and themes.

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Content Creators

The Content Creator Profession is indeed quite ogled lately.

The source of income from Youtube is very diverse. Examples are Google Adsense ads, Network adv, affiliate marketing, endorsements, product placement, and many others.

If you are interested in becoming a content creator on Youtube, don’t forget to build a quality site by planning the target audience, content to be reviewed, preparing simple recording tools, and learning other technical things to ensure your channel can survive and innovate.

Selling Digital Products

E-books, E-Novels, E-Magazines, Photos, posters, pictures, whatever, as long as the product can be accessed and obtained digitally, you can sell it online.

If you are experienced and skilled in a specific field, put your knowledge in e-books that other readers can buy online.

The need for information and knowledge is crucial because society is more advanced and wants to develop.

Selling digital products is very profitable, especially for those who are skilled at writing and have a myriad of ideas. Surely your e-book will be very successful and well-received by the public.

Don’t forget to do promotions so that your digital products can be known about their existence in the broad market.


We’ve finished our discussion of Best Business to Start With Little Money that can bring you big profits. Hopefully useful and greetings of success, of course.

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