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After you graduated a graphic design degree, then you just build up your network and try to get a contract in a company or they just join in best freelance websites for graphic designers. But many graphic designers choose to embrace their nomadic life, working freelance and spend their hours without getting stuck in the office. The hours can be tiring, but the true obstacle is drawing enough clients to maintain that lifestyle. Not only for graphic designs, but you also can find best freelance writing websites.

4 Best Freelance Websites for Graphic Designers to Help You Find Your Next Job

Best Freelance Websites for Graphic Designers to Help You Find Your Next Job


While there are many websites that focused on quantity and turn around than quality. This site only has high-end clients who looking for the most expert graphic designers out there. This site also offers programmers, web designers and graphic designers at a most professional level. When you sign up, your portfolio and profile will be reviewed manually before clients can find you in their search results. So, AwesomeWeb can be a great freelance graphic website for established designers.


At another end of the spectrum was 99designs that you can consider. This site is perfect for beginners who want to improve their craft and make a name for themselves as well. Clients will send a brief project by describing what they exactly want and that project would be released to designers who can submit their pitches for dree. You will get good feedback when applying on various projects. It can be said as the best freelance websites for graphic designers.

Freelancer can be said as a massive market that shows you with million projects to choose from. Freelancers contain wide projects that you allow to bid and a competition where you can show off your skill and get the following. User experience is a big plus – the design was nearly flawless and their system was also super easy to use. This site also provides you with the escrow protection, require clients to send their partial payment to make sure that all of your time was well spent.


This website also has thousands of users who make finding out part-time design works smoother. You can sign up within minutes by logging in with your LinkedIn account or Facebook account. This platform was completely free to start, whether you are a graphic designer or client who looking for design jobs. This website was known to be very competitive so that the lower bidders prefer to get more jobs. So, you can decide best freelance websites for graphic designers based on your expertise.

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