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The 10 High Paying Best Jobs In The World

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Many people undergo work that makes them feel the stress level is relatively high, while other professions only feel very low levels of stress. More interestingly, this profession gets relatively high pay for jobs that are not too difficult.

Here are 10 of the best jobs tempting salaries in the world:

of the best jobs tempting salaries in the world

Air Traffic Controller ($116,578.76 / year)

highest paying jobs without a degree

Air traffic controllers are responsible for issuing landing instructions and taking off to pilots, monitoring aircraft movements, and controlling all land traffic at the airport, such as luggage vehicles and airport workers.

Snuggler Professional ($ 117,983.33 / year)

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This is a very platonic job. Professional snugglers are responsible for satisfying clients emotionally, including hugging and talking, not kissing and not engaging in sexual activity. When you see how much work is paid for and what its obligations are, you will realize why this is the easiest and best salary job in the world.

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Best Jobs Become a Video Game Designer ($80,743.40 / year)

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This is not a demanding job at all, and this can be very interesting and fun if you are a video game lover and if you know how to design a successful and interesting game. We live in an age when people are paid to play video games and in this context this work is highly valued.

Social Media Professionals ($78,637.05 / year)

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This is probably one of the most famous jobs nowadays, because every company and every business needs to have a social media professional if they want to be famous and successful. Depending on the agreement, this profession can be done at home, but basically, the only thing this job needs is a laptop.

Electric Power Plant Operator ($71,615.89 / year)

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When viewed at a glance this work seems to sound complicated, although basically not as difficult as imagined. The main obligation of the power plant operators to control equipment, graphics, meters and measuring devices, as well as monitoring electric current and voltage. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and it’s done from one place, without a specific effort.

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Best Jobs Become a Dental Hygienists ($68,676.64 / year)

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The good thing about this profession is that you don’t need to study as much as a dentist, but you work with them, and this job is as important as the dental profession. The main thing that needs to be done by this profession is checking and cleaning the teeth and gums of people by using a lot of tools. In addition, this work also gives advice to patients and informs them about the right things for dental health.

Fortune Cake Writer ($68,311.49 / year)

top 100 highest paying jobs in the world

The essence of this work is that someone has to write and find all the messages from the cookie because they cannot appear on their own. In order to become a fortune cookie writer, you must be very creative and know how to write short but very effective sentences.

Loan Provider ($60,179.84 / year)

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This profession at a glance seems boring because daily life is just sitting and talking to clients by evaluating, authorizing, or recommending approval for commercial, real estate or credit loans. Though this work can easily get money even with a not too heavy burden.

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Artist Makeup ($68,304.47 / year)

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Makeup is an art in the modern era even though not everyone is good at it. This is the reason that so many professional and makeup artists are born now. In today’s age someone who is busy and wants to look good usually does not hesitate to spend a lot of money to get a pleasing appearance. So, if you like make up and know how to do it, think about becoming a makeup artist

Best Jobs Become a Fashion Designer ($59,925.88 / year)

People who draw very well and have an appetite for fashion and clothing are very likely to become fashion designers in the future. You can design your own clothes, and start a small business at first, but slowly make your name famous as a good and creative designer.

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