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10 Best Messaging Apps Android on 2019

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Are you an Android smartphone user who likes to chat with new people? Maybe you need to try the 10 Best Messaging Apps Android on 2019 available on this Android. Because the ten applications provide a variety of interesting features that you can use to chat.

Even in your application, you don’t just chat with your friends, but you can use these applications to find new friends. In addition, 10┬áBest Text Messaging Apps make it easy to chat with people overseas. Are you interested in chatting with Caucasians? Let’s try the 10 Best Messaging Apps on this Android smartphone.

10 Best Messaging Apps Android on 2019

1. WeChat

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The Best Messaging Apps this time came from WeChat. Maybe for some Android smartphone users already familiar with this one chat application. Because the WeChat application is specifically for users who like to chat with friends or new people.

In the application, WeChat is equipped with various features that can make it easier for users to use the WeChat application. Some features are that you can join WeChat groups and you can automatically get new friends to chat.

If you don’t want to join the group provided by WeChat, you can also find new friends and even chat with Caucasians by using the “radar.” This feature makes it easy for you to find new friends just by moving your Android smartphone to the right and left.

After that, WeChat will automatically find several people that you can invite to chat. Interesting right? If you want to try this one chat application, you can click here to download the application.

2. Tango

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Tango is a messaging apps for android which is quite popular after the first position was occupied by WeChat. In its application, Tango also has a variety of chat features that make it easier for users to chat with friends even just to find friends.

Similar to the WeChat application, Tango also has a feature to find new friends using group chat or “nearby.” In addition to chatting, Tango also provides a feature where you can make video calls with cute and interesting stickers.

Are you interested in using the Tango application? If you are interested, you can download the application for free on Google PlayStore or easily. You can click here to download this Tango application.

3. VK

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Popular messaging apps on Android, VK. VK is an application that can make it easier for you to interact with your fellow VK application users. However, not only to interact with your friends too, you know.

This VK application also makes it easy for you to find new friends even to chat with foreign people. You only need to join groups in the VK application and you can meet new people.

Just like other applications, VK also provides several features such as video calls, messages, and also interesting stickers that can be used by VK application users. Want to try the VK application? Click here to download this free application.

4. Nearby

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Nearby is an application that makes it easy for you to find new friends. This application will automatically find you new friends who are around you. So, you don’t have to bother greeting people, just greet your new friend by using the Nearby application and you can get new friends.

Not only to meet new people, but this application can also see your Nearby friends who are online. You can also chat in groups with your friends using some interesting stickers that can be used.

Interested in looking for friends by using a Nearby application? You can get the Nearby application for free on the Android PlayStore or you can click here to directly download this application.

5. Badoo

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Badoo is a Best Messaging Apps that is also a dating application. This application also makes it easy for those of you who like to interact with new people. Not only getting new friends from within the country, but you can also find foreign friends and interact with Caucasians.

In its application, Badoo promises to make it easy for users to find new friends and chat in an easy and simple way. Users can also find people who are around you. It’s easy, right? To download the Badoo application, you can click here.

6. OK

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Applications chatting apps for Android now come from applications called OK. This application is also almost similar to the previous application. In the application, OK makes it easy for you to find and make friends with new people around you.

Not only as an application for chatting, but OK also provides video call and call features without siphoning off your internet quota. In addition, users can search for trending videos that are currently playing. Not only that, but OK also provides service features for listening to music. You can enjoy a variety of music and songs in your ear. You also update the status of your current location.

Interested in using an OK application? Click here to find your new friend.

7. BeeTalk

BeeTalk is the most popular messaging apps that might be suitable for you to get to know Caucasians. Just like with WeChat and the previous application, BeeTalk also provides a feature to find people around you to chat with.

However, if you want to chat with Caucasians, you can join groups and several forums that have been provided by BeeTalk. In these groups and forums, you can meet people from various countries and be friends with foreign people.

In addition to looking for friends, you are facilitated with an interesting chat feature where there are several interesting sticker variations that can be sent to your chat friends. Want to try the BeeTalk application? You can click here to download the application.


Are you looking for a friend who has the same passion and hobby? Maybe you can find friends who share the same hobby through the application for this one chat, AMINO. AMINO is an application for chatting where you can find new friends who have the same hobby as you.

How to? It’s easy to find new friends with the same hobby because AMINO is an application for a forum-based chat. The AMINO application provides various forums such as music, sports, fashion, and other forums.

So that the forum will make it easier for you to find new friends and you can even just chat with foreign people. AMINO also facilitates its application with personal chat, where you can interact privately with your friends. Easy isn’t it? Interested in trying it out? Click here to download the AMINO application.

9. Camfrog

Camfrog is an application for chatting that is also quite popular. In its application, Camfrog provides more than millions of chat rooms to interact with new people. You can also find new friends using this Camfrog application.

Besides that, you can also chat privately without having to be seen by other Camfrog users. Camfrog also provides video chat features privately with your friends. Interesting right? To download the application, you just click here.

10. Yogrt

Yogrt is also a chat application that is quite popular among Android users worldwide. As is known that Yogrt has many users in the world, therefore with this application, you can find friends from abroad and have the opportunity to chat with Caucasians.

Besides you can find friends chatting overseas, you can also be friends with the people closest to you who are around you. Users can create group chats and chat privately without worrying about privacy issues. Interested in trying it? Click here to download the Yogrt application.

Other Application Recommendations

If you are still curious about the Best Messaging Apps, then we still have several other chat applications that are no less exciting than the ten applications above. Curious to try it? Read the following comment immediately.

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