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13 Best Moneymaking Apps that pay you Real Money

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In an increasingly advanced age like now, making money can be done in unusual ways, such as with Best Moneymaking Apps. With only a smartphone, you can make a profit.

From reading articles to sharing photos, these apps offer all kinds of unconventional ways to make money.

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13 Best Apps That Can Make You Money Fast

Cash for Apps

best money making apps 2021

Cash for Apps is one of the most popular money-making Android applications because it has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users.

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To use it, all you have to do is download the application listed in Cash for Apps.

After that, you will be given a reward in the form of money for every application that you download.

Easy and practical, right?


money making apps that actually work

This money-making application can make you make money just by reading.

From articles to news, you will get bonuses according to the missions that you must follow.

WHAFF Rewards

best apps to make money fast playing games

Apart from Cash for Apps, WHAFF Rewards is another popular application that offers exciting activities to make money.

You can get rewards just by downloading apps or playing games!

In essence, the more missions you complete, the more benefits you get.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

top 10 money earning apps

Almost the same as most money-seeking apps, appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards offers monetary rewards for every application you download.

Moreover, you can make more money if you let the application you download for a few days.


apps that pay you real money

It’s a little different from the applications mentioned above, CashPop helps you earn money by playing games.

Just invite friends, browse, and chat, you can continue to add to your coffers with fun activities.

Besides that, you can also get money even though your smartphone is not active.

Kubik News

game apps to win real money 2021

Now, you can earn money just by reading news or articles.

The trick is to read the articles in one of the fastest money-making applications for a few minutes.

In addition, you can increase your chances of getting prizes by entering the application every day.

Berita Saku

money making apps for android phones

Apart from Kubik News, Berita Saku also offers the same benefits from reading news and articles in the application.

The more news and articles you read, the more profit you will get.

For those of you who like to read, don’t miss this golden opportunity.


Want to travel while making money?

Just upload photos of your trip on WhatsAround and get as many points as possible.

Make sure you upload your best photo because here you will be competing with other users.

The points you earn can later be used to buy goods sold on Amazon, App Store, Play Store, and many more.

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Money Cube

For this one application, you only need to collect clicks which later you can convert into money cubes.

After collecting a lot of money cube, you can cash it into money which will later be transferred to your Pay Pal account.

It’s easy, right?

GiftWallet Money Making App

The Gift Wallet application is said to be able to make money easily and very quickly.

The reason is, this dollar-producing application provides light tasks so that it is easy to use by its users.

One of the tasks that can be done is to participate in the lucky spin game.

After earning points from games and various tasks that have been completed, you can exchange them via Google Play Gift Cards, Steam Wallets, Amazon Gift Cards, and others.

You can exchange 2,500 points for around the US $ 5.

Not bad, huh!


The next Best Moneymaking Apps without capital is BuzzBreak.

Buzzbreak is perfect for those of you who love reading the news and watching videos.

The reason is, rewards are given to users after they have successfully read or watched certain videos.

Besides that, you can also exchange your rewards via Paypal.


This application invites you to read the news and then earn points afterward.

In it, there are tons of news that offer a large number of points.

You can exchange these points for credit.

Ceki Ceki

When logging in for the first time, users of this application will immediately get money.

The more you complete the missions in the application, the more coffers you can collect.

In it, you can read a number of articles about lifestyle which will then generate rewards when it’s finished reading.


Those are some Best Moneymaking Apps that you must try!

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Hopefully, you can use this article to increase your passive income.

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