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30 Best Online Job Sites to Make Extra Money

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If you’re really serious about getting a job online, finding the best online job sites is definitely the very first step to do. To do it, you will need a comprehensive approach, which means you’ll have to do scanning job boards, conducting the research, and of course the networking.

There are several things to consider before you decide to join a certain site to apply for the job available there.

How Would You Choose Best Online Job Sites

Best Online Job Sites

1. Convenient Features offered

This includes some considerations, such as:

  • Filter by date
  • Mobile app compatibility
  • Daily email alert

2. Easy to use interfaces

Since hunting for jobs need a lot of time starring on the screen, scrolling up and down, any disturbances on the layouts will make us leave the page immediately.

3. Fresh and relevant search result

When you type a query, what’s pop up? Find out if the lists come up related to what you search or not.

4. High-quality listing

The best online job sites will have a high quality on the listing related data you require.

30 Best Online Job Sites to Make Money 

job search engines

And based on those requirements, here are the best online job sites:

1. Indeed

There are several reasons that make Indeed gets in the list, i.e.

  • Effective search Algorithms; Indeed has the greatest volume of listings
  • Advanced filtering; the job seeker can effectively hone the search based on the job type available
  • Improved platform; you won’t have to experience the old age of bouncing from one page to another one
  • Surface-level profiles; all your choices are laid out right in front of you.
  • Extensive user base; indeed has already got great popularity among the users.

2. Glassdoor

What makes Glassdoor one of the best online job sites are:

  • Robust Company Profile; it works very well as a job search engine. One of the best among its competitors.
  • Excellent user interface; the available positions showed on the column on the left, while the job description will appear on the right side.
  • The philosophy of “Give-to-get”; the site doesn’t charge you a penny to subscribe for job hunting. The company calls it “give-to-get: system.
  • Sponsored posts aren’t labeled; unfortunately, Glassdoor won’t tell you which post are sponsored ones, which ones are not.
  • A great number of emails

3. LinkedIn

Why you should choose Linkedin to get online jobs, here are the answers:

  • It has valuable networking features
  • Personal brand-building; there’s a two-way discussion between the employers and employee in Linkedin
  • Few posting; it has quite few posting on the job lists.
  • Pricey premium access; the users of the premium access will be able to send direct messages to the recruiters, though they are not connected. However, not every job hunter can get access, only those who pay a certain amount of money who can get access.

4. Dice

It provides you most of the STEM jobs focusing on technology, financial services, energy, and healthcare.

5. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is functioned as a job search engine as well as Glassdoor, or Indeed. But, not only for job seekers but the site is also a destination for media outlets like HBO or PBS, looking to hire the best candidates to be employed on the specific field. So, when you have done making your resume and portfolio, post them on the Mediabistro where the clients can see your qualifications.

6. JobisJob

JobisOb has covered 28 countries across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. It always posts thousands of fresh post on a daily basis, it sends emails alerts that actually really helpful for the job seekers notify.

7. CareerBuilder

It is one of the biggest job boards that secure job listings immediately from the clients and expands the local listings by getting the newspaper in partnership to incorporate their online contents.

8. Idealist

Idealist has the main information for full-time job seekers, internship, and also volunteer positions for non-profit organizations. You can look at the target organizations by identifying their missions and opportunities offered in a range of niches.

9. Google for Jobs

Google Jobs is a job board product from Google which focuses to help the job hunters to find the right jobs for them based on their specific skills and qualifications. It compiles listings from various different sources. To get a job here, users can type a job simply into the search bar, Google will show up the listings related to the one typed on the search bar.

10. Fiverr

A cool site where you can make money ($ 4) for every unique or simple job you do. The customer buys your GIG (the task or mini service that you are listing), for $ 5 and you will be paid $ 4 when you complete the task.

11. Tenbux

More or less the same as Fiverr, it’s just that you can choose your GIG price between $ 5 and $ 10.

12. Just a Five

Very similar to Fiverr. The possibility of even copying Fiverr, hahaha … But you can specify the price of services or tasks that you do between $ 5 – $ 20.

13. GigMe5

Please guess yourself from the name, something like … hahaha …

14. Dollar 3

Mini online job sites priced at multiples of $ 3, starting at $ 3, up to $ 90 per assignment. But I’m not sure about the price, please check it yourself.

15. FittyTown

More or less the same as other GIG sites that require you to list the work or service you want to work on, except that here the scale may be several times larger because all the GIGs offered each cost $ 50.

16. UpWork

A great place where internet marketers and local business owners outsource. It is an excellent way for freelancers to make thousands of dollars in a few days or weeks if you know-how and have their qualifications. One of the most popular online work sites.

17. Odesk

More or less the same as Elance above.

18. Microworkers

Make money by doing mini tasks or services. Usually only paid a few cents or a few dollars. But the task you need to do is very easy (for example: LIKE someone’s Facebook page).

19. Mechanical Turk

Online workplace with mini-tasks and services owned by Amazon. More or less the same as Microworkers, but maybe the systems are a little more sophisticated.


More or less the same as Fiverr. The price of each GIG or service is very diverse. Between several tens to hundreds of dollars.


A site that is once again the same as Fiverr, an alternative from

22. Serba50Ribu

Mini service site with concepts like Fiverr.

23. Demand Studios

A Best Online Job Site for freelance writers, but you have to be approved before it can be accepted and he said this site is very choosy in choosing the author. But when you are accepted, you can get up to $ 15 for each article, which means quite a lot if you can type fast and your English is good.

24. Constant Content

Another site for freelance writers.

25. Yahoo Voice

the best job posting sites for employers you are paid in advance for articles and you can also choose to get paid per view (you get paid depending on how many articles you read.)

26. Break Studios

Other freelance writers’ sites are more or less the same as Demand Studios but pay less (up to $ 8), but the article requirements are shorter.

27. iWriter

Another freelance writer site with a rather unique concept. On other online work sites, you must be approved before you can work, but here you can start working based on existing criteria and offer the results of your work (writing) to potential buyers.

28. Minute Workers

A freelance site where you can do super mini-tasks and get a few cents for a few dollars.

29. Cloud Crowd

An online workplace where you can do tedious tasks such as data entry and get paid in the range of $ 3 to a few dollars.

30. Gobann

this is microsite where you get paid, $ 5-10 per transaction. Payments supported by this site are PayPal, KasPay, and several other payment alternatives. 100% exactly Fiverr, but what I want to see will be like that later.

Online Job Search

online jobs for college students

Use a search engine as the tool to find information online, including online jobs. Best online job sites are also possible to be found by using the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Also, use online resources to make internet connections and find out about jobs. Here are some tools that you can utilize:

1. Company websites

The legitimate companies are now utilizing the internet to promote the products and to introduce the organization to the public as well. There is some important information about the company you can get from the sites, i.e. the history, the names of key leaders, business goals, and also the job posts. And that’s what you need exactly, isn’t it/ therefore, when you consider taking online jobs, the company websites should be the first place for you to visit.

2. Social media sites

Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter offers you many online jobs from various companies with variety-specific fields and skill required.

3. Job Boards or Job Banks

It’s the most common tool used to find online jobs. Some let you find the jobs only by entering the keywords. But, some others will let you search the jobs by location, field, industry, or job title.

4. Online Periodicals

People commonly use this tool to access newspaper, magazines, or trade journals. The trade journals, you will find many articles written by industry experts, information about networking events, industry blogs, and job banks.

5. Association websites

One of the best online job sites is in the form of the association website. It contains information about trends, volunteer or professional developments, best practices of business, industry news, and of course, job board. You need member access to their content, and they will charge you for annual fees.

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Now that’s the 30 Best Online Job Sites that you can follow to get extra money outside or without disturbing your main work.

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