6 Best Plants and Flowers for Christmas

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Best Plants and Flowers for Christmas? Not only knick-knacks but ornamental plants can also be used as decorations for Christmas celebrations. Just look at the following Christmas ornamental plant recommendations. If it is presented at home, your home is guaranteed to be more beautiful!

To make the atmosphere more cheerful and fun, presenting Christmas decorations is an important thing that should not be missed.

Many items can be used as decorations, while one of them is a beautiful ornamental plant.

In addition to having an attractive appearance, ornamental plants can also be easily found because they are widely distributed in the market.

Of course, there are various choices of ornamental plants that are suitable to be presented at home at Christmas.

Ornamental plants used do not need to be expensive, the important thing is that they are fertile and have a beautiful appearance.

Well, here I will present Christmas ornamental plants that you can present at home.

Come on, see the explanation below!

6 Best Christmas Plants – How to Care for Christmas Flowers


how to decorate your plants for christmas

The Christmas ornamental plant of a million people is the poinsettia.

Poinsettias have a very deep red appearance with a white tinge.

Poinsettias in pots are striking enough to stand alone as an element of decor in a room, where they need to get bright, indirect light.

You can also put cut flowers in a vase filled with water to decorate a garland or Christmas tree.

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Christmas Cactus

decorating house plants for christmas

This cactus is also often used as a Christmas decoration at home because the petals are pink and white.

Launching Gardeners’ World, how to care for Christmas cactus ornamental plants is also easy, lo.

You just need to place the Christmas cactus in a small pot, then display it in an area that gets bright sunlight.

Christmas Roses

christmas plants outdoor

The next ornamental plant is the Christmas rose.

Please note, although the name is a Christmas rose, it does not belong to the rose family at all.

Reporting from Floris Mart, Christmas roses are members of the Ranunculaceae family.

Then why the name Christmas rose?

The reason, this ornamental plant is called the Christmas rose is because of the legend in Europe.


christmas foliage fresh

This ornamental plant can last a long time with little care.

This flowering plant comes in several different colors such as white, red, coral, burgundy, pink, and bicolor.

To present it, you can buy amaryllis flower plants in ordinary pots and then put them in a decorative container, or cut out long-stemmed flowers and put them in water with flower preservatives.

Oh yes, it should be noted also, do not place this plant around pets because it is poisonous if eaten.


12 plants of christmas

Rosemary is one of the spice plants that are often used as Christmas decorations at home.

Rosemary itself is a spice that is famous in the culinary world.

However, because the leaves are unique and not boring to look at, Rosemary is very suitable to be presented at Christmas celebrations.

The key to growing rosemary is sunlight, drainage, and good air circulation.

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christmas table foliage runner

Cyclamen is an ornamental plant that can brighten up your home decor.

This plant has color variants in the form of lilac, dark red, white, pink, and other colors.

Cyclamen will also bloom in spring if kept in a cool place.

The growing period of this ornamental plant will not be active after blooming but usually will come back to life after a period of rest.


Of the many choices, which one is your favorite?

Hopefully, it’s useful.

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