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10 Best Pregnancy App UK For New Moms

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Looking for Best Pregnancy App UK?, For you prospective moms, it feels good to know the fact that you are pregnant. Since knowing these fun facts, surely you begin to set a schedule to the obstetrician, limit certain types of foods and start noticing health, not only you but also the fetus that is conceived.

Best Pregnancy Apps

Did you know, along with the development of technology, you can directly monitor the condition of pregnancy through an application on mobile phones. But of course, this application cannot replace the role of a professional obstetrician. His role is only as a provider of information and health monitors. Well, if you want to know what applications are suitable for you, prospective moms? Check out the discussion on 10 Best Pregnancy App UK For New Moms.

10 Best Pregnancy App UK For New Moms

1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

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This application is available for free on Android and iOS. Have a simple motto, which is “Don’t forget yourself.” Yes, nowadays prospective moms easily know that health has a direct impact on babies. Healthy mother, baby is healthy. This application will help users how to achieve a healthy life, such as suggesting a diet based on fetal age, maternal age, and weight. In addition, the application can check the fitness level. This application must be downloaded so that young prospective moms are always healthy for the next 9 months.

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Through the Ovia Pregnancy application, you can find out what types of foods or drugs you can or should not consume. In addition, there is a pregnancy calculator that you can use to calculate gestational age. If you are curious, you can download the Ovia Pregnancy application here.

2. My Baby’s Beat

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This application is available for Android and iOS but has to pay 5 US dollars. The point is to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. There you can eavesdrop on small, anytime and anywhere. In addition, it can also record it so that it becomes a memento in the future.

3. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

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This Best Pregnancy App UK is available for free on Android and Apple Store. Actually, it is a very creative application. Pregnant means having to spend a lot of time resting. But that does not mean that social access is limited. With this application, you can connect with pregnant women throughout the world to exchange information. In addition, you can share stories of joys and sorrows with pain, cramps, and so on.

4. Who’s your Daddy?

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Not only useful for the mother, but this application is actually also useful for the father. Many prospective fathers have little experience with matters relating to babies. This application makes it easy for them to obtain a variety of information about pregnancy wives, hospital updates, even to the stage of infant development. This application is made with funny words so that the prospective father is not saturated to read it. Because, mostly, men have a high sense of humor.

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5. MommyMeds

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This application can be downloaded for free via Android or IOS. This application is a research discovery of a researcher, Thomas Hale. During pregnancy, prospective mothers must be prescribed the correct medication. This best pregnancy app has a list of all drugs and their pregnancy diet and nutrition app and their effects on the body. You can know a rough picture of the side effects, know the dosage, and can verify if there is a mistake.

6. What to expect

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First time pregnant? This Best Pregnancy App UK does not let you carry a book containing information on pregnancy that is thick and not concise. This application is one of the most trusted applications among pregnant women you can access a variety of important information and advice every day here.

7. Baby Names !!

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The most puzzling moment of pregnancy is choosing a name for the baby. Because the name will be inherent in him for life. So parents can’t rub off on this. Well, this application provides more than 30,000 names with their meanings. Every month the names are always updated and corrected. These names are also categorized by popularity, alphabet, gender, and origin.

8. Sprout Pregnancy

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This application allows you to capture all the best moments that have happened in 9 beautiful months. This free application can help you edit photos. It even has a special filter designed for pregnant women. So, download this application and make sure your child has a memory book when he is still in the womb.

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9. Full Term

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Being pregnant and having a baby is arguably the best experience of a woman. Including cramps, the most common thing they always feel when they are pregnant. Well, this application helps you track how severe cramps are experienced by calculating the time. The application can also predict the possibility of cramps appearing.

10. Pregnancy ++

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This application is sold at a price of 4 US dollars, can be purchased through Android or IOS. This application provides a variety of information about foods that you should consume and so forth. You can also know the size of the fetus on week after week.

That is the discussion of the 10 Best Pregnancy App UK For New Moms on Android or IOS that you can use to monitor maternal health and fetal development, as well as easily find information about pregnancy through your Android phone.

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