Top 10 Best Selfie Apps For Android 2021

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It doesn’t feel like having a mobile phone with a dozen megapixel front camera without producing a satisfying selfie. How do you get the best selfie? You might be able to use one of the 10 Best Selfie Apps For Android.

Not only popular, but the application for this selfie is also quite sufficient to have good and bright results. You can also choose one as a good front camera app that is also suitable for you. Ready to choose? Come to see the following explanation on bbonlinemoney.

10 Best Selfie Apps For Android

1. Retrica

best selfie filter apps

Want to get a perfect selfie effect? It’s not enough to just rely on the front camera of an Android smartphone, you also need an application for selfie so the shots are more interesting with the effects. So from that Retrica provides the best features for application users.

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The application that has been uploaded by more than 5 million downloaders prepares a variety of unique filters that are also present to be used when selfie. Not only that, you can even combine your selfies with the college features installed in the Retrica application.

Users are also presented not only to take snapshots, but you can also make interesting GIFs using only one app. Use the stickers available to further enhance your selfie. Ready to try? Click here to download the application.

2. Camera360

android selfie stick app 360

Maybe some Android smartphone users are familiar with this one selfie application. Camera360 with all its attractive features skyrocketed to become one of the most popular selfie apps with more than 4 million users.

In its app, Camera360 provides various features that are presented to provide the Best Selfie Apps For Android results in the style of Camera360. One of the features installed is the beauty camera. A feature that can produce beautiful selfies.

In addition, the editor feature is installed on the application. Users can directly edit their photos without the need to use other applications. Easy isn’t it? You can download the Camera360 application here.

3. B612

selfie filters apps free

Same as Camera360, popular and quite a lot of enthusiasts. This app for selfie comes with B612 or better known as B612 only. More than 3 million Android users entrust the good front camera shots to the B612 app- Selfiegenic Camera.

B612 embeds various features into the apps. The filter feature did not escape from one of its superior. B612 claims that the filter feature is more trendy. Also, this application is able to make your selfie photos more interesting with a variety of stickers installed.

From ordinary stickers to stickers with animal animation effects like Snapchat social media. You can edit your selfies according to your taste, of course, with the various features available. Want to try? Click here to download the application.

4. Candy Camera

selfie camera app android

Still with the Best Selfie Apps For Android that stepped on the numbers of more than 3 million downloaders in it. The application is known as Candy Camera. Candy Camera is not much different from other selfie applications that also provide a variety of reliable features to enhance your selfie appearance.

In the apps, Candy Camera embeds a variety of filters before you take pictures through the front camera on the mobile phones. To change filters, you can swipe right or left on the screen.

Besides filters, you can also take advantage of the beauty function feature where users can add makeup effects such as eyeliner, mascara, and others into selfies. College features also do not forget embedded in the Candy Camera apps. Well, you are ready to selfie with this one application? Just click here to get the application.

5. YouCam Makeup

best selfie apps

YouCam Makeup, like a selfie app and makeup application on Android. The application that presents the concept of makeup only with selfie is presented and becomes the mainstay of the application that is managed by the Perfect Corp. developer.

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This application, which has been trusted by more than 2 million downloaders, will produce a selfie like you are using makeup. Makeup that will be displayed includes lipstick, contour, eye makeup, and blush.

In addition to selfie, even the YouCam Makeup apps can watch makeup tutorial videos as well and get daily horoscope in the application. Interesting to try? Click here to download the app directly.

6. BeautyPlus

best selfie editing apps

Still, the best selfie application is also a good front camera app and you can use it on Android. BeautyPlus, a selfie application that some people might be familiar with. This application is capable of providing beautiful and attractive effects that have been loved by more than 2 million downloaders.

In its application, BeautyPlus relies on several features. One of its flagship features is a skin editor where users can edit smoother skin results. In addition, the perfect eye feature and the perfect smile also become the flagship. Interested in having a selfie with BeautyPlus? Download the application directly here.

7. Cymera

best selfie editing apps free

Another best selfie apps come from an application called Cymera. Not much different from the features in other free selfie apps for android. The Cymera app claims that the apps can have a natural effect on the selfies produced.

Besides that, Cymera also offers more than 130 filters that can be embedded in selfie results. You also add interesting effects to your selfie. No need to worry that your selfie will be cut off on Instagram because Cymera has brought the InstaFit feature to ensure that the photo size will fit when uploaded to Instagram.

No need to bother having a Photoshop app on PC, because Cymera also promises the ease of editing photos with results that are as good as Photoshop edits. Interested in trying? Click here to download the Cymera app.

8. YouCam Perfect

best photo editing apps for selfies

YouCam Perfect is included in the list of one of the Best Selfie Apps For Android that are quite popular. With more than 1 million downloaders this apps entrusts their perfect selfie to YouCam Perfect.

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Not much different from the previous best selfie filter apps. YouCam Perfect also offers features that are similar but not the same. Users will be spoiled with the beauty skin feature to soften the appearance of the skin in photos. Also, other beautiful features can be used by you. Interested? Download the application here.

9. BestMe Selfie Camera

best free selfie apps

The filter feature that is available on the BestMe Selfie Camera is more than 125, which you can pin on for more satisfying selfies. Not only that, even the selfie app from BestMe Selfie Camera is able to display natural effects on selfies.

In addition, users can embed unique and funny stickers to further beautify the results of the selfie done. BestMe Selfie Camera presents the no crop feature for Instagram, which means users don’t have to worry about the selfie being cut when uploaded to IG. Interesting? Click here to download the application directly.

10. Sweet Selfie

free selfie apps for android

Last but not least, the Best Selfie Apps For Android this time comes with the name Sweet Selfie. This free selfie apps for Android is not much different from offering beautiful effects for your selfie. With a variety of filters that can be selected, it will add your photos to be even more interesting.

You can use various variations of stickers and emoticons that are available in the Sweet Selfie apps. with just one click you can get the perfect selfie results according to your wishes. Are you compatible with this app? Can directly click here to download the application.


Well, that’s Top 10 Best Selfie Apps For Android 2021 like bbonlinemoney. Good and interesting isn’t it? Which selfie apps is your favorite?

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