Best Sites to find Freelance Work

Recommended & Best Sites to find Freelance Work

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The presence of the best sites to find freelance work is indeed beneficial for you who are searching for an additional income or just want to be a freelancer. From fresh graduates and employees, they feel very grateful and helped with these websites. If you want to work independently without being bound by company or office rules, consider applying for jobs as a freelancer on the recommended websites below.

3 Best Sites to find Freelance Work

Best Sites to find Freelance Work


Most of you are probably already familiar with this one of the best sites to find freelance work. LinkedIn is specifically for professional users. It is proposed to introduce yourself to future colleagues or companies and vice versa. On this website, you will not only be able to post your professional profile, but also look for jobs according to your skills and talents. LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Jobs that offers more than 360 thousands of freelance jobs. If you already have a LinkedIn account, you can directly apply for the job by using your account or apply on the company’s official website.


Do you want to get paid by writing articles? Then, you should visit iWriter. This website brings together writers and people who need article contents. As you can guess from the name, iWriter is a website that is specifically designed for freelance writers. On this website, your writings will be paid in US dollars. However, you need to get approval first by the client to start the project. iWriter also requires freelance writers to be approved first on the website. iWriter also provides platforms that can make it easy for freelance writers to promote their writing skills. Your writings will be promoted to clients.


Freelancer tries to facilitate business owners who need freelancers to help them complete their projects. As a freelancer, you can take several offerings at the same time. Project and business owners will explore the profile of freelancers who have registered and chosen the project. This website provides various job information that can be done online. If you want to start hunting freelance jobs on this website, make sure you complete your profile page and do not forget to add an attractive portfolio. Freelancer also has an exhibition platform for you who want to show off your masterpieces to attract clients.

Those are the websites of where to find freelance work. Ready to apply for jobs on those best sites to find freelance work?

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