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Betta Fish Business Opportunity – Capital, Profit and Marketing

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As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic does not necessarily attack aspects of human health. On the other hand, there are many other aspects of human life that are also affected by COVID-19, especially the country’s economy.

If you are looking for the right business opportunity, selling betta fish can be an option. At least, there are 3 main reasons that can believe you!

Initial capital is not large

Talking about business opportunities, you will definitely agree that one of the things to think about is capital. One of them, you have to know whether the selection of a betta fish business drains enough capital or vice versa?

Suddenly, you must immediately shake your head if the capital is large, right? The good news is the betta fish farming capital is not too expensive, really! At least you only need $500 for a betta fish.

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Give big profit

Entering a business opportunity, every individual would expect a small capital and big profits. In other words, it’s like planting a tree with a few small seeds but producing a large and very valuable tree.

The good news is that this analogy fits perfectly with the betta fish business opportunity. The problem is with low capital, the profits generated are quite tempting. This is due to market conditions that value betta fish as an important ingredient.

Not to mention, interest in betta fish exports has also reached Asian markets, such as Singapore, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The maintenance process is fairly easy

Undeniably, doing fish farming business opportunities certainly requires special skills and attention so that you can maintain them properly. Starting from the habitat, and food consumption, to the breeding process that must run properly.

If you miss each of these details, then a small mistake can lead to losses. For example, the fish are sick, do not grow with sufficient quality, and the worst thing is that they die.

Lucky, you know? keeping betta fish in fact does not require a big effort. The reason is, that betta fish do not require large land for the breeding process. To the extent that you can use a jar or aquarium.

So how? Are you interested in trying this business opportunity?

Betta fish farming marketing

Understanding the positive side of a business opportunity must be accompanied by the ability to apply its marketing. Without exception, the marketing of betta fish cultivation must pay attention to the location of the sale and the character of the consumer.

In selling, you can market it in a simple way, such as selling it to the market or betta fish lovers. However, it is possible to try to sell it directly to fish collectors who often buy in large quantities.

Well, in carrying out this marketing process, you should not limit yourself to marketing it to local and international markets. What’s more, some Asian countries show a high interest in betta fish.

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That’s the capital, benefits, and ways of marketing a betta fish business. So, you already know, that betta fish farming can be the right consideration for starting a business opportunity. Are you going to try this betta fish business soon?

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