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Get To Know The Concept Of The Bitcoin Mining

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Bitcoin Mining – A Complete Explanation Of The Mine The Bitcoin. Bitcoin is heavily dependent on the mining process. Because mining is done by miners Bitcoin (miner) this will validate each transaction, build and save the new block into the blockchain. To save the new blocks into this Blockchain, miners must reach consensus.

Bitcoin which comes with various advantages and drawbacks, now more and more sought after by many people. Bitcoin seekers that are dubbed the Bitcoin miner. Not only does that already know the ins and outs of the new world until Bitcoin finds out. Whether you’re looking for? Surely the odds get flashed a flashed a fortune from the internet.

Now I assume you already understand and know in General what is Bitcoin, and now we will discuss the Bitcoin mining. Simply Bitcoin mining is an activity for a person to get a Bitcoin using a computer that is equipped with a variety of features and system requirements. People who do these activities collectively the Bitcoin miner or miners bitcoin.

OK, before deeper discusses Bitcoin mining to note that this article will not give step-by-step or easy ways to get your Bitcoin, however pure explains the concept of Bitcoin mining itself. Due to basically do Bitcoin mining is not easy. Even for people who are already quite familiar, such activities require the process as well as online computer devices that are not simple. If you’re looking for bitcoin-mining easy and practical tips on how to get Bitcoin directly, you can find many references on google with the keyword “how to get free bitcoin”. But if you want to know more and understand what kind of bitcoin mining, it doesn’t hurt to read this article.

Bitcoin Concept Mining

how to start bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is a process of mathematical calculations performed on network Bitcoin. As you well know, Bitcoin runs in an online system, and the goal of mathematical calculation is bitcoin transactions to verify that there are on the Internet. By doing the verification, a bitcoin miner will get a crack new block in the Bitcoin network contains a number of new and get taken Bitcoin. That’s where a Bitcoin miner will get Bitcoin for himself. The more the verification process and the discovery of the new block, then a bitcoin can be mined will be more and more anyway. Got it?

Then how can someone verify and find a new block on the Bitcoin network? just as we want to open a word file or an mp3 file, Bitcoin mining also works the same way. But when we have entered the network of bitcoin, a process that would be done would be far more severe because the computer is required to open the data that has been protected with a tight security system. Therefore, in conducting a Bitcoin mining, has a device with a high specification is an obligation.

Various Stages Of The Bitcoin Mining

See the history of the development of the bitcoin mining used to be the first activity done by relying on one of the devices the computer hardware i.e. CPU (Central Processing Unit). First armed with a computer with a good CPU, one can already do the mining. But now with the security system already upgraded, bitcoin system CPU mining already can no longer count on.

Growing again, next the miner uses the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). Hardware which is known by the term popular graphics cards that can indeed be attempted to do a bitcoin mining. With the ability to process a more powerful GPU system in mining is much more reliable than CPU mining. And according to the experience the miner who never used this system, graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5870 had crowned as the best one to do the bitcoin mining.

Sometime after the final development of the bitcoin mining increasingly sophisticated until known a system called Mining FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). In easy, this device is a combination of computers that have been equipped with additional Bitcoin mining rig. Bitcoin mining rig is a hardware device that was created as a replacement for the function of the CPU or the GPU which is capable of processing data mining process run bitcoin with faster and up. With the combined system, the device the computer will only have one task i.e. mining Bitcoin. There are absolutely no other uses.

But the shortcomings of the system FPGA Mining is a display device used will be very irregular and not unsightly eye due to the use of the Bitcoin mining passing everywhere. Therefore now present technology the device more concise bitcoin miners who remain able to accommodate needs mining bitcoin. The system is ASIC Mining.

ASIC Application Specific Integrated Mining or Circuit is basically using a hardware device that is already planted with a special chip that has a function for mining bitcoin. With the technology of the Mining, ASIC device displays the miner will be much more concise and orderly. But of course it is not easy to make a device ASIC Mining, so don’t be surprised if a device ASIC Mining can be rewarded with a value that is very expensive.

One hardware ASIC Mining well-known and claimed as the best turns come from Indonesia! Its creator was someone named Triyanto Tiyo. He is the maker of the hardware Red Fury which is Bitcoin miners hardware proven its reliability.

In closing here’s a video interview of Tiyo Triyanto about hardware bitcoin miner creation.

Do the activities of the Bitcoin mining indeed is not easy to do. But with all the technology that already exists at this time, the development of the activities of the Bitcoin mining can be done more easily. Although the Bitcoin still haven’t really fully accepted in the world of the internet, there is no harm for us to figure it out. Interested in becoming a Bitcoin miner?

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