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101+ Blog Post Ideas That Proven Success and Make Money

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Here I try to compile a list of 101+ blog Post Ideas that have proven successful and make money from various types of posts and blogs that I will share with you. With 101+ Blog Post Ideas, I hope to open your mind and determine what posting ideas like what you need and what you need.

Below you will find a list of more than 101+ blog post ideas (and of course there are still many ideas that have not been included in this list). So, when you are dead-end and need inspiration in blogging, just check one of the following lists.

101+ Blog Post Ideas That Proven Success and Make Money

*** Blog Post Ideas ***

personal blog post ideas

  1. Write a review of physical products such as the latest smartphones etc.
  2. Review information from a product
  3. Review software
  4. Review the book
  5. Reviewing magazines
  6. Reviews (and criticisms) of other blogs that are the same as your blog niche
  7. Review websites (not blogs) that have the same niche as you
  8. Make a summary of a book/guide that you learned
  9. Write down things you learned from magazines
  10. Make a list of quotes related to your favorite niche
  11. Make a complete guide, step-by-step about the article “how-to …” (like how to install WordPress)
  12. Make more general articles about “how-to ….” (such as how to pass the Police or PTN)
  13. Explain the best solution when buying goods or products that fit your niche (such as buying new vs. used, things to keep in mind when buying “X” products, etc.)
  14. Share where is the best place to buy products or anything related to your niche blog (recommend online stores that have the best prices)
  15. Create a guide for beginners to guide about using or doing something.
  16. Explain things that must be avoided so as not to lose or wrong.
  17. Writing articles that discuss the pros and cons of a discussion.
  18. Create an infographic
  19. Make diagrams and graphs
  20. Record videos made by yourself
  21. Insert someone else’s video from YouTube or Vimeo
  22. Write about case studies that have been done by others
  23. Do your own research or case study
  24. Link to your favorite blog or website
  25. Compile a list of online tools that can be used by people who are interested in your blog niche
  26. Make a list of related and relevant forums
  27. Writing articles about “Things you don’t know about … …”
  28. Write about how to improve the skills/expertise that people want to learn or improve
  29. Write about some of the right plans to set up a specific niche in your blog
  30. Share your own free ebooks
  31. Create a list of free ebooks from others
  32. Make a list of lots of interesting things (examples such as the list of ideas that have been created for this)
  33. Ask someone to write an article on your blog (guest blog)
  34. Explain other things you want to know or do differently
  35. Make notes for the future of yourself
  36. Let readers know how we can make money through your blogging activities
  37. Share research or some facts that are little known about something or someone related to your niche blog describe the features of
  38. software that most people don’t know
  39. Write about history _____
  40. Describe your opinion about the latest events or news
  41. Predicting the future of something (a blog, a company, etc.) or someone (bloggers, celebrities, people who live in your niche, etc.)
  42. Conduct interviews with leaders and influential people in your niche
  43. Write about common misconceptions that often occur to people who are outside of your niche community
  44. Write about common misconceptions in your niche community
  45. Create a company profile in your niche
  46. Write profiles of famous people in your niche (do research and write short biographies)
  47. Send an e-mail to someone with a list of questions and then post the question given along with the answer
  48. Asking your blog reader to ask specific questions about something
  49. Ask your blog readers to give feedback about your blog
  50. Do a poll
  51. Pretend to be the counterparty or defender of a hot problem that is happening
  52. Write about your own journey in the niche of the blog you are working on (how do you start, what are the challenges etc.)
  53. Write about the position of your blog at the moment or what you have posted 1, number 2, or X from last year.
  54. Write about what your blog wants in the future
  55. Share your specific goals and how you plan to achieve them
  56. Choose a problem that you are facing and explain how to control and improve it
  57. Post collaboration with some bloggers, where you ask a few questions about how they become successful with what they plan
  58. Write about films related to your niche (it could be about what was wrong in the film or what you learned from the film)
  59. Use an analogy to tie your hat to something that seems unrelated
  60. Ask people who are experts to write good and significant articles for your blog
  61. Write about challenges or obstacles to doing blogging for a particular skill or niche
  62. Share some tips for blogging on a particular skill or niche
  63. Make a list of your favorite blogs
  64. Explain what you don’t have to do with your niche
  65. Make a good podcast to listen to that relates to your niche
  66. Make a contest or quiz on your blog
  67. Write about how to use Twitter and Facebook, but apply it to people in your niche. For example, if your blog has a niche about rock climbing, you can write about how to find friends to climb via Twitter or Facebook.
  68. Write articles about parody or satire
  69. List the best jokes or humor related to your niche
  70. Make a picture or comic
  71. Write the best posts for a certain period of time (such as the best posts from blogs, social media from the last week or 2018, etc.)
  72. Share some news
  73. Provide links to other Blog Post Ideas that are very relevant
  74. Writing poetry
  75. Conduct a survey
  76. Write about favorite books that are in line with your niche
  77. Showing the best comments you have ever received
  78. Post about the best or controversial comments you’ve ever received
  79. Make your favorite picture post. It can be funny, inspiring, weird, etc.
  80. Create a complete list of the best blog posts or articles about certain topics
  81. Write about a hypothesis about a condition, what will happen or how you react if it happens (such as if your Twitter gets banned or if you experience a broken leg and can’t go to work)
  82. Write guidelines on how to make guest posts
  83. Make a list of famous people to follow on Twitter
  84. Compile a list of frequently asked questions
  85. Write about things that CANNOT be done to something
  86. Explain how to do things in your niche faster
  87. Talk about your personal experience related to your blog and niche
  88. Write about 10 requirements or 7 deadly big mistakes or 5 main guidelines when writing an article (or something similar)
  89. Provides file templates for several types of needs (such as the Excel file template for bookkeeping you have a financial blog or templates . PSD Photoshop if your blog discusses graphic design)
  90. Make a list of the best posts from your blog
  91. Make a list of the worst posts from your blog
  92. Take the title of the article of someone else’s blog post and, without the need to read the contents, write the title of your own article. Don’t be afraid to change the title if you feel the title will be more interesting.
  93. Write articles in response to other people’s posts
  94. Discuss the various skills needed to develop something that suits your niche
  95. Write about what you will do with 10 million (or some other amount) if you have to spend the money on something related to Nichemu.
  96. Write about how much money you get by running a blog according to the niche you like
  97. Displays how much visitors traffic to your blog and analyzes how that can happen
  98. Talk about the problems that you experienced recently and how you deal with them
  99. Make a video or article and explain how it works and why it can fail
  100. Write some fiction articles!
  101. Writing down what your life is like if you live in a different time/ country/reality
  102. Discuss negative aspects of a particular niche

*** Blog Post Ideas ***

Actually, there are still many other Blog Post Ideas and topics that are also using other than the list above.

However, I hope this list can help you to learn how to develop ideas and blogging topics when you are working.

Good luck, and do not hesitate to ask me if something is unclear.

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