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Branded Handbags vs Profitable Investments

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Branded Handbags vs Profitable Investments – Many socialites at this age, especially women began to be consumptive to buy fashion products today. One that never escaped the attention of the women are some branded bags that exist.

Many women are willing to spend up to hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a branded bag. In fact, when viewed from the model with other products, maybe you can get the same model with a cheaper price.

So is branded purse just a status symbol for the wealthy who can afford it? Or is a branded bag a smart investment? Let’s discuss further below!

Why so expensive?

Why are branded bags so expensive? In the process of making it, usually, each bag is given to a builder who is responsible for its formation from start to finish. Making a bag takes about 15 to 20 hours.

In addition, the estimated cost is ideally derived from the type of skin and the type of hardware used. For example, if you want a diamond bag key, it may be possible, but of course, you will pay a higher price.

Branded bags can usually be used for long periods of time, as there are certain treatments offered to keep purchased bags in good condition.

For example, to deal with possible damage, one French company also offers “spa treatments”, or recondition for branded bags you buy. These factors are usually the cause of why branded bags are so expensive.

Investment Factors of Branded Bags

hermes birkin resale value

As the world’s most sought-after bag (with seemingly enduring lifetimes), some branded handbags can hold their value when used as a collection.

Thanks to the sluggish production time and hard-to-reach materials, there are only a limited number of bags made annually. Coupled with the best quality and able to be eternal then able to cultivate an attractive attraction of heirlooms.

Branded bags are mostly made of crocodile skin, ostrich skin lizards, and available in rainbow colors. Usually, the rarer the skin and color, the higher the price of the bag.

Example; crocodile skin material as an expensive material because it becomes one of the most desired skins plus the difficulty of getting crocodile skin. To get the crocodile skin ready-made into the material of the bag usually takes decades until the crocodile reaches adulthood.

By buying branded handbags that are then made into collections and treasures, then you can still sell them in the future because the quality will remain the same even though it has been for years.

How to Buy Branded Bags

Usually branded bags that in terms of price is already very expensive will tend not be widely traded. Examples for some branded bags such as Hermès Birkin and Kelly are only sold in the secondary market.

Usually, certain sellers who will sell branded bag products, especially if the bag is only made in limited quantities.

Be Careful of Fraud

top investment bags 2019

Usually, the reseller site will notify you, although the used handbags are still not sold for a used price. Often, the price is the same as a new wallet, or even more. For example: if you want to buy a Hermès Birkin bag, then you should at least spend $ 10,000.

If the price offered by the seller seems too good to be true, then you can begin to suspect it. Most likely the bag is not the original Hermès.

If the original goods coming from the company will have distinct skill benefits (eg saddle stitching), there is an embossed signature (not a metal nameplate), and a set of keys that are usually keys carved with matching numbers on each bag.

There will be many dishonest resellers advertising with authentic branded photo bags, but sending counterfeit goods to you. So make sure to identify the characteristics before buying.


Currently, you can make branded bags as one of the investment types you choose. However, before buying make sure you have done research first because not all branded bags can be a good investment.

Only a few brands are eligible for investment because of the level of durability the bag has to offer. In addition, make sure you also buy the original product so that your expectations for investment will not just disappear because the product you bought was not genuine.

However, keep in mind that by buying branded bags then you will save them, and then sell them over the next few years, in the hope that the bag is not produced yet many people are still looking for it.

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