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Business Casual Attire Guidelines for Female and Male Workers

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Business casual has provided a good vibe in the world of office and business. Recently, the climate in business has changed dramatically. The tough deadline and company targets often make an office harder. Besides, it is so much uncomfortable that the employees have to appear really formal. Business casual might not be a new term but the system has not widely applied. Many companies with conventional principles will deny the fact that the formal clothes and uniforms are no longer a good idea for running a business.

Why is Business casual a Great Breeze?

We all know that companies use as many tools as possible for improving its image. The image branding and marketing of almost all products should be started by the internal sides. In addition, it is true that the systematic business plans should be completed under a tight rule. Therefore, companies try hard to make the employee run a neat business management. For that reason, a formal office attire was a must.

There are actually several benefits of formal attire for employees. First of all, formal attire might bring a positive image to the companies. When meeting both clients and partners, companies need to make convincing communications. Their clothes must provide a great first impression. Besides, formal attire can boost the confidence of the workers. And finally, formal wear will bring a positive business attitude that might improve professional ethics at the same time.

The trend of wearing formal clothes in institutions and companies are adopted in a broadcasting company as well. We will thus see the news anchor and many talk show presenters appear in that nice formal clothing. Formal clothes are definitely a good sign of professionalism. However, there are actually many other ways to show the professional behavior other than mere formal clothes. That is the core idea of business casual.

The trend is changing drastically. We can now say that to wear formal attire for business clothing was something in the past. Today, many companies have applied business casual. That way, company workers do not have to worry about their attire to go to work. We can even now see many formal television shows with presenters wearing casual attire. News anchors no longer wear black blazers or suit. More fashionable clothes are now preferable.

Business casual Guideline

Indeed, workers do not need to wear that tight pants and blazers anymore. Yet, it is still confusing to choose the proper business casual. There is no clear real for the new trend of dress code. Besides, it is hard to draw a standard definition of casual attire for business fields. Employees even need to search a wider knowledge related to the casual attire. This is so because there will be many different definitions based on the companies fields, cities, and also industries.

Before learning about the dress code, we need to see the line between the formal and too casual clothing. We can easily conclude that a short and t-shirt will not be proper for a business appearance. However, too formal three pieces suits for men will not be a good choice either. So, we really need to see the correct line between the two standards. Casual attire for men and women should be based on the general advice from the experts. The guidelines will save people in every of their performance at the office or in the interview sessions.

Business casual Clothing Basics for Women

casual business attire female
Forget about the formal blazer with a mini skirt. It is time to look more casual with a combination of skirts or slack dresses. It is also fine to wear a blouse, sweater, and twinset. Sometimes, women can go to their offices wearing bolero or jacket. It will be way more comfortable to wear a light jacket instead of a blazer. During a hot day, workers do not have to feel sweaty since they can wear a jacket with a cozy fabric. Meanwhile, the blouse types are now more casual as well. Most of the time, in the past, women could not pick the styles that can represent their own styles. But today, the blouse types can be selected from various designs and colors. That way, women can feel more comfortable and confident at the same time. Here is the details guideline of business casual for the ladies.
  • Corduroy, twill, cotton skirts will do. It is important to pick midi skirts or long skirts. However, it is recommended to not selecting too short skirts. Too wide umbrella skirts are not recommended as well.
  • The outwear is a good pick. Women can wear sweaters, twinsets, cardigans, bolero, or even knit shirts.
  • A sheath dress is possible and it will make the appearance more professional.
  • It is good to wear only plain attire with solid colors. Bright patterns might be too distracting to wear in the office
  • Women need to also watch the accessories. Something like drop earrings will not be proper unless they work in fashion areas. Sometimes, to appear with fancy accessories are still okay if the workers are in public relation fields or broadcasting industries.
  • Always remember that it is the attire that can look casual but not the makeup. Too much makeup is not recommended.
  • Closed toes shoes are still recommended. Peep-toed shoes might be possible on some occasions. But flip-flops are never a good idea.
  • It is truly necessary to pick business casual that looks neat and sleek in a fashionable way.

Business casual Clothing Basics for Men


business casual for men

For men, the appropriate business casual should be dress slacks or a neat attire like chinos. It is fine to wear a shirt without a tie. A tie is no longer an efficient way to state a professionalism. Besides, dark socks and formal shoes are still recommended. Polo shirt is not a good option even if it is only for an interview. The pants should be chosen from corduroy, twill, or cotton. Jeans are never on the list of casual attire for work. Sweaters and long-sleeved button shirts will be comfortable. The options are not that much for casual men clothing. But to wear a more casual attire without a tie and blazer will make the male workers feel more comfortable.

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