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The Complex Tasks of Business Development Executives

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Business Development Executives – Business is the work of solid elements. There are many divisions in a corporation that will make the business successful. The management of a company is a team that passes the ball and makes a goal within several processes. It is the ideas of a great team that make a business develop a superb advancement. Marketing team makes the sales improve. The human resource departments make the working atmosphere conducive. And it is the business development executives that will do the conference, business meeting, and industry events.

The Complex Tasks of Business Development Executives

 Business Development Executives Department Tasks

roles and responsibilities of business development executive


Those who are involved in the business development executives will work in a traditional office environment. They will work the formal attire since they are the main people who will meet the clients and investors. Besides, they will do the jobs for at least 8 hours a day. The executives will usually work overtime as the deadlines are approaching. When the sales quotas get increased and the real sales do not reach the number, the executives will work overtime as well.

Due to the mobile jobs of the executive managers, they will usually receive cars as the standard bonus. In this modern era, the executives might not go around the world too often. Business trips will not be scheduled too intensively. This is so because online networking service has provided the comfort of video calling and video conference calls. But still, the staff’s managers will go on a business trip to deal with the plans of business developments.

In many organizations and corporations, the team of developers will occupy senior roles. They will work according to their ideas and initiatives. There will be only a few superiors to answer to. They will work hard to improve the high sales volumes. As they are successful to serve more new clients and improve customer numbers, they will be able to lead the team and the company will be more dependent on their system.

The Responsibilities of Business Development Executives

business development executive roles and responsibilities



There are three primary tasks of the department. The first task is to identify new sales leads. Besides, it will set a plan to pitch products for services. The last is to maintain the mutual relationship with the loyal customers and clients. The work of the business development team will be crucial for marketing. The task is to generate leads. Here are the detail tasks of the team:

  • Directing new potential for marketing. Thus, the team will do the research in some organized methods. Both organization and individuals will be taken into research to see the new lead for a potential market. Today, social media is involved a lot in this task.
  • Purchasing task is the job of the purchasing division. However, the team of business development needs to do the research for other companies in order to check the decisions before purchasing various products for production and marketing requirements.
  • Scheduling a meeting and establishing a good material for contacting a potential client. Besides, the team will do the meeting for reaching potential buyers.
  • The team will also contact potential clients via telephone and email.
  • Various kinds of meeting, conferences, and industry events are part of the business development team.
  • Creating Powerpoint presentations and sales displays for each plan.
  • It is the task of the team to inform clients and customers about new products and new developments.
  • Creating proposals and negotiation by various methods such as phone, email, and in person.
  • The team should develop the goals of the corporation.
  • To train the personnel and helps the team members will also be the jobs of the executives.

So, we can say that all communication task and sales plans are the jobs of the business development team. The team needs to arrange the plan from the simples talk with a potential client to the big conference. Anything that relates to a plan for making customers happy is part of the job. Since the managers are responsible for the office jobs, the documentation is also the essential task of the division. Therefore, the team should be skillful in communication and planning programs. The team should have various skills as follow:

The managers and team must be people who socially adept.

  • The executives should be keen on numbers.
  • High-quality leadership is also a crucial skill to have.
  • Because of the communication media, the team should have strong communication skills as well as IT fluency.
  • They will deal with deadlines and direct selling tasks. Therefore, they need to be creative and able to solve complex problems.
  • The team should be able to update the methods with the deep method of knowledge of the industry.
  • The executives have to handle pressure and due deadline well.
  • Keen attention to detail is a must. The team should also be able to manage the organization and time.

Complex requirements are needed because of the complex tasks of the executives. Besides, the team has to pass training programs before joining the division. Many entrants will do the jobs as salespeople or marketers before entering the team of business development. People need to be able to talk as well as they might meet difficult customers.

Companies most essential elements in management should deal with complicated jobs for optimizing marketing. We all know that marketing takes a huge amount of money for raking buyers and potential customers. The advertisement is never cheap. Besides, the price of designers and advertisement making processes are never cheap as well. Therefore, the team of business development needs to optimize the whole things.

Because of the tough deadlines and jobs, the team will usually work with flexible schedules. It means they might take several days off during low seasons of sales. However, when they are about to launch new products and new services, they will need to work overtime. We cannot say that other divisions are less important but from the job descriptions of the development team, we know that they are the people who determine the success of marketing and sales of a corporation.

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