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Business Opportunities and Business for Beginner Students

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Business for beginner students – maybe you are currently a student and are looking for a side job to get additional income.

If you are a creative student, able to see opportunities and dare to take risks there are actually many business opportunities for students. By having the additional income, you will not depend on parental submissions.

Starting a business since students actually don’t just add to your pocket income. besides the benefits of starting a business since your students can be used as an experience when you face the real world of work.

By doing business from the beginning, you will steal start to success since young when other people are just busy learning.

Before you choose a business opportunity that will run then you should follow the following tips:

  • Choose a business based on your hobbies so that when running a business you don’t feel bored and tired. Sometimes if you start to get bored, it will cause laziness so it is dangerous for your business.
  • Look for business opportunities that are needed by students because your biggest target is among students.
  • When you have started a business, promote it on social media. Thus you can attract customers with easy and free promotions.
  • Continue to learn and practice so that your business can grow and grow into large.

Business Opportunities For Beginner

Business for beginner students

business ideas in india for beginners

  1. Typing and printing services
  2. Les private
  3. Author of online articles
  4. Buy and sell used books
  5. Credit sales
  6. Graphic design services
  7. Perfume refill business opportunities
  8. Translator services
  9. Copy and Sell Stationery
  10. Sell T-shirts

To make it easier for you to choose business opportunities for students, here are some suitable and promising Business Opportunities and Business for Beginner Students:

1. Typing and printing services

Being a student is always synonymous with college assignments that must be typed and printed on paper. Of course, this is an opportunity for you to open a typing and print service business. This is because there are still many students who have computer devices and printers.

Business opportunities for typing and printing services are suitable for students. This business opportunity is very suitable for students who have a place to live near the campus location.

You can also offer friends to students about the typing and print service business that you have.

To start typing and printing services, you must have computer and printer facilities. And no less important is the ability to type quickly is the capital that must be owned.

2. Les private

Private tutoring business opportunities are classified as student businesses without capital that is easy to do and quite promising.

You can offer private lessons to elementary, middle and high school students who experience certain subject difficulties.

This business is very suitable for students because it does not require a lot of capital. You can do this business individually or with several other friends who have the ability to provide private tutoring or tutoring.

In addition to school subjects, you can also provide private lessons in other fields such as guitar lessons, piano lessons, swimming, etc.

To start a private tutoring or tutoring business you can do promotions in schools, through advertisements or you can door to door from one house to another.

3. Author of online articles

If you have the ability to write then becoming an online writer is a home business for the right students. currently being an online writer is a business opportunity for promising students.

This is because the needs of the article writers are very high, especially the need for bloggers to fill content on their blogs. Usually, the theme of article writing is very diverse from tutorial articles, health, technology, etc.

In addition to the ability to write, to become an online writer you must have a computer or laptop and an internet network.

4. Buy and sell used books

Spending the sale and purchase of used-up is a business of small-scale college students who are rarely lyrics by students. Even though the potential Business for beginner students is still very wide.

With the increasing cost of college books and the high level of demand for books, used books are a good alternative. This opens an opportunity for you to start a business buying and selling used books.

You can buy used books that are still worthy of a student friend or you can hunt at used booksellers. Then you can offer these books to your friends.

Selling books through social media is also the right choice because you can reach a wider market.

5. Credit sales

The business of selling credit is the business that is mostly done by students. Besides being easy to sell pulses also does not require too much capital. Actually, the benefits of doing credit business are not too big but if managed properly, the benefits obtained are very promising.

But the business of selling credit among students must require a little bit of capital. because usually, students will make payments after they get a shipment from their parents. So you have to have additional capital to cover your unpaid credit purchases.

You also have to have a good bookkeeping to record existing transactions.

6. Graphic design services

For students who have graphic design expertise, graphic design services are the right Business for beginner students for you. You have to master some image editing applications like Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc.

Graphic design services are currently very much needed along with the development of online businesses and creative businesses in Indonesia so as to make graphic design services highly sought after.

You can start this business by working on t-shirt designs, logos, photo editing, and other graphic design services.

7. Perfume refill business opportunities

Very high perfume prices make students use refill perfumes. Besides being cheap, perfume refill perfume is sometimes identical to the original perfume. This makes the use of refill perfume among students currently popular.

To run this Business for beginner students is very easy. The most important thing in running a perfume refill business is the strategic selling location and lots of people go through. Besides this perfume refill business does not require a large place.

8. Translator services

Translator services are Business for beginner students that are mostly carried out by students. This is because the main capital of this business is language translation skills. Even this business sometimes continues after they are no longer students.

If you are interested in starting a translation service business then you must provide equipment such as a computer or laptop.

This business is very suitable for students majoring in language because they can train their skills and expertise in language.

9. Copy and Sell Stationery

If you have a business place close to the campus, office area, school, etc. the photocopying service and selling stationery are the right business. By being close to a potential target market, you are easy to run even if you are a beginner.

If you do not have capital that is too large to buy a copy machine, you can rent it first. maintenance of photocopying machines is also relatively cheap and easy.

The profit gained from this business is quite promising. Therefore, if you as a student, you can consider photocopy services business opportunities and sell stationery as the leading choice.

10. Sell T-shirts

Business for beginner students who are highly favored is selling t-shirts. Indeed, this one business is a lot of driving many students into successful business people.

Many of us hear students selling T-shirts get turnover of tens of millions to billions of rupiah.

Of course, you can also start selling T-shirts even if you are a beginner. The first thing to do to start this business is to find a good convection and screen printing place. Then you make a unique t-shirt design so that your shirt looks attractive. You can make funny pictures or unique words.


Starting a business since becoming a student is actually a lot of advantages. In addition to earning additional income, you can also learn to run a business properly.

By capitalizing on your experience in running a business, you can also become your stock when facing the real world of work.

Such are some examples of business opportunities and Business for beginner students.

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