Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums

9 Legit Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums

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You have an entrepreneurial spirit but must be a housewife? Don’t worry, there are many business ideas that you can start from home. Here are some Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums who don’t need big capital!

As a housewife, it doesn’t mean you have to stop pursuing a career.

Moreover, now technology has advanced along with the times.

So that you can use it to start a home business with minimal capital.

The following are recommendations for Business Ideas for Moms that you can work on!

9 Best Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

home based business ideas for moms in philippines

Become an Online Translator

Want a housewife business idea without capital?

If you have a laptop and internet network at home, you can try offering online translation services.

For those of you who speak a foreign language, this can be a promising income opportunity.

Especially if you master uncommon languages ​​such as Russian, Turkish, Mandarin, French, German, and others.

Students who are currently studying literature can be the target market for this business.

Starting a freelance writing business

If you love writing, try opening a freelance writing business.

Even though it sounds trivial, in fact, many companies, institutions, and others need this service.

So that your chances of success are very high.

Especially if what you offer is a copywriting service with a marketing objective.

Not just giving a comprehensive explanation in a writing.

You can start by creating a portfolio and offering services on freelance sites.

As initial capital, you only need a laptop and internet network.

Craft Business Ideas for Housewives

The next Legit Business Ideas for Moms is a handicraft business.

If you have high creativity, this creative home business idea is perfect for you.

Handicraft has a plus because of its unique and non-uniform shape.

You can make accessories such as pins for the veil from beads or knitting yarn.

Packaged Snack Business for Housewives

family business ideas

If you want a home-based food business, you should choose a packaged snack business.

The reason is, if you choose a catering, the time needed to cook will be longer.

In addition, packaged snacks have a longer shelf life.

In order to increase the selling value, pack the snacks that are sold in attractive wrappers.

For example, you can sell homemade chips and pack them with a zipper pouch for easy opening and closing.

Simple Food Business

If you want a heavy home meal business, choose a simple menu.

For example, you can provide a rice box that is easy to pack and enjoy at any time.

Market your services online through food ordering applications, so that the market is wider.

Besides Ricebox, the menu that is being loved right now is mentai.

Home Ornamental Plant Business

Lately, ornamental plants seem to be a trend in society.

You can use it as a business opportunity that is easy to do from home.

Some of the ornamental plants that are being loved are monstera, hoya, aglonema, and others.

Business for Housewives in the form of Food Preparation Services

Currently, everything is required to be fast-paced, even though food matters.

However, not everyone has a lot of free time to prepare delicious food well.

Therefore, you can try offering food preparation services.

The main goal is to prepare a large quantity of food that will keep you in stock for the next few days.

The only capital needed is the ability to cook because the ingredients prepared naturally come from customers.

Business Opportunities for Housewives as Dropship

Are you familiar with the term dropship?

This refers to the activity of distributing goods obtained from distributors to consumers.

This means you don’t need to produce the items you sell yourself.

Only need to distribute goods from distributors, then send them to consumers.

The main capital of this business is being observant about trends in society.

For now, the trendy home business is dropshipping household items.

Opening a Sewing Business at Home

If you have basic sewing skills, you can also take advantage of this as a business opportunity.

Especially if there are no tailors in the area around your house.

Not only making new clothes, but you can also provide clothing or make-up repair services.

The reason is, there are many people who have difficulty getting clothes that fit the market.

In addition, during a pandemic, you can try selling cloth masks as additional income.


That’s Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums. Hopefully, the information is useful.

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