Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than $100

7 Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than $100

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Want to try doing business but have limited funds? Don’t worry, check out some of the Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than $100 in this article. Suitable for millennials, here!

Business is not an easy thing, especially if the funds you have to start a business are limited.

But there is no need to worry, because how come there are businesses that can be started with minimal capital.

To help you, here we present a number of business ideas with a capital of $100 or less.

7 Business Ideas with low investment

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Cultivation of Plant Seeds

Nowadays, many people love gardening and are looking for ornamental plants to care for.

This can be a good opportunity for those of you who are interested in opening a plant and seedling business, lo!

Cultivation of plant seeds has a good business potential to run because the capital it requires is not too large.

The capital required to start this business is around $100.

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Optimize the capital you have to choose plant seeds such as chilies, tomatoes, and others.

Don’t forget to buy other supporting needs such as pots and fertilizers.

Snack Packaging Business

The next Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than $100 is selling snack packs.

With a little capital, you can buy initial raw materials, namely snacks and plastic packaging.

To attract the attention of potential buyers, make a unique and unusual snack packaging design.

Snacks or Cakes

Home cakes can also be a business option with minimal capital.

To start this business, you need an initial capital of around $100 or less, depending on the type of cake or snack you make.

The types of home cakes that you can make also vary, such as

  • donuts;
  • sponge;
  • birthday cake;
  • brownie;
  • pastel;
  • and others.

Apart from using social media like Instagram to sell online, you can also market them offline by entrusting home cakes to the nearest shops.


The handicraft business is one of the businesses that does not require too much capital.

With intention and creativity, of course, this is a business that is not only profitable but also fun, especially for those of you who like artistic things.

Enough with a capital of about $100, you can do a small handicraft business.

If you don’t have tools and can’t sew, you can use the help of convection.

There are various crafts that you can make for business, among them

  • bag;
  • face mask;
  • hat;
  • knit sweaters;
  • and others.

Home Catering

Have a hobby of cooking?

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Just try to develop your hobby into a home catering business.

With a capital of $100, you can start this business to buy raw materials.

Also, use the power of social media to publicize and market your catering business.

Writing Services

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In this all-digital era, writing services are much needed.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by opening a writing service.

To start this business all you need is a laptop.

If your capital is limited, you can buy a used laptop for $100.

Home Laundry

Many people do not like washing and ironing clothes, so laundry is an option because it is very practical.

Seeing these opportunities, you can also open a small laundry business at home.

This venture can also be started with around $100 in the capital.

You can start by buying a washing machine and iron.

Currently, there is a wide selection of washing machines for under $100.

If this laundry business grows, you can buy washing machines and additional equipment.


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That’s a Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than $100. Good luck!

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