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22 Online Business Opportunities You Can Start Now Also with Small Capital

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Business Opportunities – While still in school and college, I know many friends who want to become entrepreneurs after finishing their education.

But now, finally, become an office employee.

So I wonder …

… of the many people who aspire to become entrepreneurs, why only a few who eventually have a business.

Even from the survey, I conducted a few months ago, there are 81% of employees who once had aspired to become entrepreneurs.

81 percent!

After further investigation, there are 3 main reasons:

First, do not know what business opportunities are more profitable and more stable/secure than office work.

Secondly, there is no capital or only small capital.

This happens most often. They assume that all businesses need a lot of capital, eventually they decide to work first while collecting capital.

From there, there arose 1 more reason.

And this is the most tragic.

Third, already work and have a family.

Their burden is getting heavier because they have to take care of the family. If the job is abandoned, the risk is great. Worse yet, because busy working then they can not start a business.

For those of you who experience the above 3 issues, this article is the solution.

Here are 30 business opportunities that can be done online, not time-consuming, and can be started with small capital.

And most importantly, its potential is huge.

Which business ideas are best?

business ideas

Before we start, because below there are more than 30 business ideas, then you may feel lazy to scroll until the end.

Therefore, here are some that I recommend.

  1. Selling online: if you already have a picture of what product you want to sell
  2. Create a blog: if you like to write or do not know what to run a business

Or please scroll down to read all the existing business opportunities one by one.

1. Sell products online on their own website

Which business ideas are best

Many people do this because the process is easy and earned income is not kidding.

Many people are now selling 100% online.

By selling online, the process can be done from wherever as long as there is the internet. Therefore, this business model is also good for you who have other busyness.

But usually, people who are technologically blind are afraid first.

Yet not hard at all.

If you read this article at 9 am, at 3 o’clock this afternoon your online store is ready for sale. Serious.

You can use some of the following platforms:

  • Shopify – starting at $ 14 per month, easier and full-featured
  • WebPraktis – starting from Rp 680ribu per year
  • Jarvis Store – free for 20 products!
  • Instagram – because it is an image-based social media, can be used to sell online as well
  • WordPress + WooCommerce – about $ 40 per year for domain & hosting

Use Jarvis Store or WebPraktis if you do not want complicated. Both speak Indonesian, so if anyone is confused can ask directly to his customer service.

There’s 1 more problem …

… where to get products to sell?

If you already have your own product, of course, this is not a problem. But what about you who do not have, and have no plan to make the product?

Follow these steps:

  • Decide what product you want to sell
  • Find the main supplier of the product, or
  • Invite people who are already selling but not online as partners, or
  • Dropship (discussed below)

Selling a product is the easiest way to earn an income.

The most difficult step is to determine the product to sell after the product is determined then there will be no more problems.

2. Even easier, selling in the online market

sell product in marketplace

Okay..oke..although making the website is easy, still need to learn.

Especially if you are still a beginner.

“I want to sell right away! Right now!”

This solution: Selling in the marketplace (online market).

If you already know what you want to sell and want to sell directly within the next 5 minutes. This is the most appropriate solution for you.

Especially because the marketplace is crowded, so you can directly get a buyer.

There’s more, selling in the marketplace is free.

But there are disadvantages:

You are selling on someone else’s website, so there are many limitations. Also, you can not build your own brand because it depends on the marketplace website.

Then how dong?

The middle way … when you just start doing business, take advantage of the marketplace to get buyers & earnings. After a while, create your own website and invite potential buyers in the marketplace to visit your own website.

3. Selling without risk by becoming a drop shipper

Dropshipping means we sell without having stock.

When someone orders a product from you, you apply the order to a third party (supplier). They are the ones who directly deliver the goods to the buyer.

You do not need to keep the goods.

The suppliers usually send on their behalf, but sometimes some will send on behalf of your business.

Sounds good huh?

There are indeed advantages of being a drop shipper such as:

  • It does not take much capital to get started
  • No need for stock (stock means also cost)
  • Can be done from anywhere

But even so, there are also disadvantages:

  • The profit margin is smaller
  • Can not monitor stock on third parties
  • Uncontrolled quality

Looking at the profit and the loss, being a drop shipper remains a very easy and inexpensive way to start doing business online.

… even if you are ordering products from a third party but by being a drop shipper the customer’s responsibility is yours.

Tips: buy first some of its products before starting to sell, so you yourself know the quality.

4. Become an ad publisher to earn a semi-passive income

Anyone know why on the internet a lot of free information?

Why are people willing to write good articles, then published them publicly on the blog?

Because they earn money from advertising.

This is the most popular business opportunity among those who love to write and share knowledge.

How it works like this:

We create a website> display ad code> ads appear automatically> visitors click on ads> we earn commissions.

Not difficult right?

Just stay copy-paste ads, then the ads will appear automatically. Every time someone clicks, then we earn revenue.

So this business model became very popular.

All you have to do is:

  • Create quality content
  • Wishing other people to visit your website and read the content

To be a successful ad publisher, you MUST have quality content. Google will not accept websites with low quality.

5. Getting a commission from the sale of affiliate products

selling online affiliate products

This business model is known as affiliate marketing.

The process looks like this:

We promote/recommend other people’s products, then when someone buys on the recommendation we will get a commission.

The difference with drop shipping, we only promote … not sell. The buyer will get in touch with the seller, not you.

Just like being an ad publisher, you also need a website as a medium to promote affiliate products.

But there are advantages …

… commission per click advertising is much smaller than the commission on product sales.

So with the same number of visitors, you can earn more with an affiliate business model.

If you are interested in this business model, please read the following 2 guidelines:

6. Create and sell information products

Product information is a product whose contents information.

(…Yes, of course).

That is, this product is a book, ebook, video, or audio.

For example, fitness video products that contain guidance movements in exercising, or ebook how to lose weight.

Product information is much easier to make than a physical product, then you are not experienced at all can make.

“Does anyone want to buy the information that is already available for free on the internet?”

…there is!

Many people are willing to spend some money to buy products containing information. There are 2 reasons.

  1. First, because the content is more profound than just an article on the blog.
  2. Second, because the guides are more structured. From A to B to C to Z.

Not everyone has time to read and dig information from the many websites on the internet.

That’s why information products are becoming popular.

To create the product:

  • Find your area of expertise. You will not be able to create a quality product without having enough knowledge
  • Discover what the biggest problems people have in the field
  • Create the solution in the form of ebook, video, or audio

It’s not difficult right.

If you are an expert on a topic, it is not difficult to make the product. The biggest challenge is to sell your product.

The problem is this:

No one wants to buy guidance from people who do not have a reputation. “Who are you, why should I trust your information?”

That’s why most of the information product sellers have blogs.

7. Become a teacher by opening an online course

internet business opportunities

Do not worry, you do not need to be a real teacher …

… the important thing is you have something to teach.

Currently, both overseas and in Indonesia online courses are very popular. This is because the process is easier and with online courses, you can get more students.

In an offline course, the teacher usually repeats the material each time teaching to a new class. But because this is online, so the course can be recorded and placed on the website.

Same with information products dong?

It is similar.

Therefore the way to start the same with information products.

But there is little difference:

Because of the shape of the course, the guides you provide are divided into sessions given on different days. Once a week, for example.

Also in the online course, there is usually a question and answer session.

Use the following platforms to start selling online courses:

So far, as far as I know, there is no special Indonesian platform like the digital products above.

Of the four options above, the best, in my opinion, is Teachable. The reason is that the process is very easy and can be used in the domain itself.

8. Provide graphic design services

A professional graphic designer can earn more than $ 100,000 per year. But those who are professionals certainly already have plenty of experience and portfolio.

For those of you who are beginners, can sell graphic design services in some marketplace such as:

  • 99designs – international logo design (etc.)
  • Fiverr – a variety of light work, including graphic design starting at $ 5

As a provider of graphic design services, your job opportunities are not limited to the territory.

You can get clients from overseas though.

Oh yes, most of the service providers in the websites above are also beginners … so you do not have to fear if not too adept in the design.

9. Do not want design services? Try selling graphic design stock

Some people basically do not like selling services. If you include this type of person, selling a stock can be an interesting alternative.

The stock is a kind of customizable and ready-to-use template.

For example Photoshop or Illustrator templates, presentation templates, logo templates, or icons.

When someone buys your stock, then he can use his design for any purpose.

Here are some places to sell:

10. Sell royalty-free photos

online business ideas 2018

For example, I’m making tutorial content playing guitar, to beautify the content I need a picture of someone who is playing guitar.

The thing is, I can not take my own photos.

Hire a photographer is also expensive.

The solution is to buy a royalty-free photo license.

A royalty-free photo is a photo we can use for any purpose after one license.

Just like the stock graphic design, but the photos.

Quality photographs from professional photographers like this are much needed by website owners and creators as in the example above.

That’s why this business opportunity is very interesting for you who like photography.

Examples of places that sell royalty-free photos:

This opportunity is only for those of you who have the skill and equipment of professional photography because the quality of your photo must be top.

11. Sell WordPress plugins & templates

There are 74,652,825 (!) WordPress-based sites, and there are 29,000 WordPress plugins growing every day (ManageWP, 2014).

There are free plugins and themes, some are paid …

… not everyone is happy with free plugins and templates.

Therefore many people are selling both at a high enough price on the following sites:

Plugin: CodeCanyon
Template: ThemeForest

Both are under a company called Envato, just like GraphicRiver mentioned above.

12. Become a freelance article writer

online business ideas for beginners

In the 4th opportunity above about ad publishers, I mentioned that we need quality content. One of them is the article.

Not everyone can create quality articles.

By seeing the number of people who create blogs to earn money from advertising, the authors of the article also participate in splashed fortune.

There are 2 levels in the field of article writers.

Lower levels, those who sell cheap (apologetic) articles that only pursue a certain number of words. This is because they are paid every few hundred words.

But there is also a high pay.

High-level article writers who write articles for big websites and news portals. They are paid for their quality.

Surely the second one is better.

13. Become a copywriter

Copywriters are people who bewitch the reader.

That is, their job is to influence others to do what we want through writing.

The work of a copywriter is:

  • Write the text in ads
  • Write text on a landing page or sales page
  • Write all the text that aims to seduce someone else

They are salesmen, in the form of words.

The income of a budding copywriter is about $ 52000 to $ 62000 per year. Multiply over regular content writers.

But to become a copywriter, you have to learn special copywriting skills.

14. Build articles & content creation agencies

Based on a survey from WPCurve:

89% of startup businesses use content marketing.

online home-based business ideas

71% of those who did not perform content marketing reasoned because they did not have time to create content.

… and 0% who answered because they do not know the ROI.

What does it mean?

Content marketing is recognized as the best online marketing method, those who do not do this method because there is no time or can not afford it.

Then the business opportunity as a creator is still wide open.

Those who do not use content marketing actually want to use content marketing but there is no time and human resources.

You can simplify their efforts.

15. Write and publish the ebook (or original book)

successful online businesses

Although the ebook was already discussed in the information product, the meaning here is slightly different. In addition to selling itself, we can also publish the ebook officially.

Anyone … unconditionally.

Provided you can write a book.

With KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) from Amazon.

Topics of the book you write can be in any category, fiction or non-fiction.

A simple book usually has a length of 5000 words and sells for $ 2.99. For each sale, we will get a royalty of 35% or $ 1.05 for that price.

Consider the story of Spencer Haws from the following Niche Pursuits earning $ 1,315 a month from ebook sales on Kindle.

16. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant itself is a term that is still widespread.

The work of a virtual assistant may include or one of:

  • Author
  • Graphic design
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Translation
  • Programming
  • Input data
  • etc.

The difference with the above mentioned is the pattern of work.

Being a graphic design service provider means you get paid per project. While the virtual assistant usually works with 1 person for repetitive work.

VA with freelancer status in UpWork (formerly oDesk) gets paid from $ 10 to over $ 50 per hour. Depends also on the specialization.

17. Training or consultation

By having a popular blog, you can sell your services in the form of training or personal consultation.

If you do not have a blog may not be aware of this business opportunity.

Direct consultation, let alone private, is the type of service that can earn the highest income for each session.

So if you do not have a blog, immediately make it following your expertise and see the results.

18. Create a website with premium membership

top ten online businesses

Creating website membership means we provide premium content that can only be accessed when someone has paid to become a member.

Generally, the payments are in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions.

Making it also not difficult,

A WordPress blog plus plugins alone is enough to earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from membership.

19. Become a web development service provider

Just like the above graphic design discussions, by becoming a professional web developer you can also earn above-average earnings.

But we do not always have to start from a big project.

If you want to make a web development business as a side, start from some websites for freelancers such as:

In the websites above there are many job-making websites from a small size with a budget below 1 million to big with a budget of more than 100 million.

20. Create and sell software … or become a software development services provider

Just like a business opportunity at number 20, being a software developer is also a currently hot opportunity.

Do not want to sell services? There is an alternative.

You who have programming skills can make your own software then sell it as a product or service.

The SaaS business model (Software as a Service) is one of the most developed today.

SaaS is generally web-based software where users pay with a subscription model.

For example, Slack is a chat or communication service with teamwork.

Slack is the fastest growing startup now, its valuation in 2015 reaches $ 2.8 trillion when it was officially launched in 2014.

Uniquely, Slack started from a side business that was not too seriously considered by the founders.

It all started with an idea.

21. Easing their business by selling SEO services

online business ideas 2019

Many people make online stores, many make SaaS, one of the factors of online business success is traffic and one way of getting traffic is from search engines.

To get traffic from search engines, their website must be optimized.

One of them with SEO techniques.

Because online business is growing rapidly and businessmen do not have time to learn SEO, then the provider of SEO services become indispensable.

But searching for a reliable SEO service is not easy.

Most SEO service providers now only sell backlinks obtained from black hat methods that are dangerous. Not good for business.

What should be provided by SEO services are:

  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Content marketing (manufacture to distribution)
  • Optimization of website structure
  • Perform a backlink monitor
  • Trying to lift a penalty from Google
  • Analyze data from Google Analytics

22. Management services and social media marketing

best online business to start with no money

Just as with SEO, because social media is also the best online marketing medium then such a service is needed.

Also similar to SEO, very rarely social media marketing services are professional.

The work of social media marketers is:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create and share content
  • Interact with fans/follower
  • Increase traffic to the website through social media

… not just an increase in the follower.


Which business opportunities appeal to you?

Those are some online business opportunities that you can start right now.

Some of them you can start as a side job, but over time it can also be the main business that produces.

Does anything interest you?

Got another business idea?

Please leave a comment on the business idea you want to live or the business you are enjoying.

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