How To Write a Business Plan To Start Your Own Business for Beginners

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How To Write a Business Plan? How long do you think you will rely on a salary as the main source of income? Even though it is still a beginner, it seems that you have to design a business plan from now as the main source of income in the future.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a business plan that you write, starting from initial planning, running business processes, to how to make the business successful.

It also contains solutions that you prepare when there are problems.

Even though it sounds easy, creating a business plan cannot be arbitrary, because it involves invested capital, be it money, time, and energy.

A business plan is very important to describe the business clearly and know the strategy that is being implemented.

Apart from being a map for starting a business, a business plan is also important to attract investors.

Investors need to know how the business strategy you are running can develop.

There are many examples of business plans, whether for those of you who are still students or who have started working.

Well, this time, BBonlinemoney will share a number of tips and examples of business plans that you can try.

Come on, watch and practice!

8 Steps to a Perfectly Written Business Plan

free sample business plan

Brief Explanation of the Business Plan

In this section, you briefly explain the vision and mission of the business.

You also have to explain what products or services you will offer to consumers.

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Business Plan Background

In this section, you must explain the reasons you created the business

This part is important, whether for a large business or a small business with minimal capital.

Some of the things that you must explain include

  • the opportunities you see,
  • the people involved in the business,
  • list of consultants,
  • organizational structure.

Business Production Analysis

In this section, you describe the business operating system from start to finish.

For example, you want to start a coffee shop business.

You can lay out the following plans:

  • Source of supply of coffee beans.
  • Machines used to process coffee beans.
  • What menu variants are offered to consumers.
  • The price of each product.
  • Other services, such as providing delivery services or not.


Labor is also one of the most important investments in a business.

In a business plan, you also need to explain the workforce you work with.

Also, explain in what areas they work and whether they meet the required competencies.

Marketing Analysis in a Business Plan

In this section, you explain how to market the product.

Some of the important points include developing market trends, targeted market prey, and how to achieve sales targets.

Financial Analysis

simple business plan example pdf

The purpose of running a business is to make a profit.

Therefore, you need to be careful in checking your finances.

You need to describe how much the investment came in and the source of the funds.

Then, describe the calculation of income and expenses from the business.

After that, explain how the investment returns to investors in the business proposal.

If you start with your own capital, write down how you can return on investment and make a profit.

Business Plan Development

In a business plan, you also need to take into account how your business grows.

This is important, especially for those of you who are looking for capital from investors.

Investors will see your seriousness in developing your business.

Business Risk

No business is zero risks.

All processes from operations to distribution to production are subject to risks.

You must explain all risks and strategies for managing risks in the design of a business plan.

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Simple Business Plan Example

For those of you who are still studying and want to increase your income, you can start making a business plan from now on.

Here is an example of a simple business plan that you can follow.


Dimsum is one of the most popular foods in the past few years.

Various shops and cafes selling dim sum, ranging from the street level to restaurants have mushroomed in many cities.

The delicious taste plus the unique spicy taste of the chili sauce is the main attraction of this Chinese food.

This food is very delicious enjoyed as a main dish or a snack while working and hanging out.

With the high public interest in this food, of course, dim sum will always be sought after and has the potential to generate high sales.

Organizational structure

Business Name: Dimsum Koko

Line of Business: Culinary

Product name: Dimsum Koko

Address: Street Like-like

Business Vision and Mission

Vision: Making Dimsun Koko the choice of culinary lovers who are looking for delicious dim sum at low prices.


  • Produces delicious-tasting dim sum.
  • Innovating to make dim sums that are different from other dim sums.


The choice of this type of business has the following objectives:

  • Make a profit
  • Presenting dim sum with a distinctive taste.
  • Reaching sales targets


This dimsum product has advantages, including:

  • Delicious taste.
  • Hygienic.
  • Easy to carry size.
  • The taste variations are varied and not boring.


The following is a market analysis to determine the opportunities and challenges in selling Dimsum Koko products.

Product strength

  • Can be enjoyed by all groups.
  • Hygienic.
  • Halal.
  • Cheap price.

Product weaknesses

  • Many rivals.
  • Food durability is not long.
  • Can’t make a lot of dim sum in a fast time.


  • The market is very wide.
  • Can be marketed through social media.
  • Delivery service through the application makes sales easier.


Promotion is carried out in two ways:

  • Social media promotion.
  • Product introduction by word of mouth.

The place

Due to limited funds and resources, the product has been sold online to date.


Equipment used :

  • Spoon
  • Gas stove
  • Knife
  • Pan
  • Blender

Materials used:

  • A few pieces of chicken.
  • A few pieces of fish
  • Garlic
  • Tapioca flour
  • Broth
  • Sesame oil
  • Salt
  • Salty soy sauce
  • Leek
  • Chicken eggs



Raw Ingredients: $ per serving

Additional Material (box packing): $

Total expenses: $ per serving

Profit calculation

Selling price per serving: $ per serving

Profit = $


With the high public interest in dimsum, it is hoped that it can achieve high sales targets.

Coupled with the delicious Dimsum Koko concoction, this dimsum is the right business plan and is predicted to bring big profits in the future.

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That’s how to make a good business plan, complete with examples.

Hopefully, this is useful for those of you who are planning to start a business.

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