4 Best Business Proposal Examples for Investors

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A Business Proposal Examples is needed before you plan to start a business whose funding is from potential investors. Through this proposal, you can prepare capital to market opportunities through careful planning.

It is undeniable that one of the obstacles in running a business is capital.

Those who will do business generally borrow capital from banks or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending services.

However, high interest rates make businesses think again about borrowing funding from these institutions.

Therefore, many use investors to help fund their businesses.

You can make investors an opportunity to help your pioneered business.

However, to get funding from investors, you must make a business proposal.

The business proposal aims to convince investors and know the business model and future business orientation.

To convince potential investors, it’s a good idea to make a good and correct business proposal.

How to Write a Business Proposal

How to make a simple business proposal describes a business plan that will be developed in the future.

It contains details regarding various aspects related to business.

These aspects include a SWOT analysis, namely strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

Then the estimates of capital, opportunities in the market, and details of products or services.

An example of a business proposal is used to make it easier for business people to run a business containing detailed and clear guidelines.

In a business sector, of course, it must contain a different capital estimate and SWOT analysis.

Come on, consider the following examples of proposals for submitting business capital proposals.

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4 Best Business Proposal Examples [With Critical Critiques]

Example of a Craft Business Proposal Examples

1. Title of Business Proposal: Unique Plastic Bottle Beetle
2. Materials and Tools Needed

  • Used plastic bottles (free size)
  • Paint in bright colors
  • Brush
  • Ping pong ball
  • Small plastic eyeballs
  • Glue
  • Wire
  • Scissors and knife
  • Knick knacks
  • Small nails

3. How to make

  • Make the body first by cutting the bottom of the plastic bottle with scissors.
  • Then paint the inside of the plastic bottle
  • After that, leave the plastic bottles in the sun until the paint dries.
  • Prepare a ping pong ball, then make the head by cutting the ping pong ball into quarters.
  • To make it resemble a beetle’s head, paint the ping pong balls black.
  • Cut the wire about 4-5 cm long and bend the ends for beetle antennae.
  • Then, make a hole in the head so that the antenna can be attached using a small nail.
  • Attach the head and body of the beetle using glue.
  • After that, attach the eyes and add trinkets to the body of the beetle.
  • The beetle decoration is ready to use.

4. Budget Planning


  • Paint $
  • $ brush
  • $ ping pong ball
  • $ wire
  • Small plastic eyeball $
  • $ glue
  • The estimated amount is $ for 35 pieces


Planned selling price: $ for 35 pieces


Selling price – capital: $ – $ = $

5. SWOT analysis

a) Strength

  • Prices are relatively cheap
  • An interesting and funny product with a target market for children

b) Weakness

  • Not environmentally friendly because it is made of plastic
  • Didn’t last long

c) Opportunity

  • No one has yet sold this product with a similar ingredient in the same area
  • Receive orders in large quantities
  • Serving online buying and selling

d) Threat

  • There are similar vendors with better material in the form of flannel.

Example of a Food Business Proposal

short business proposal sample

1. Title of Business Proposal: Purnama Bakery “Cheap Bread, Delicious Taste”
2. Product Plan

Putrnama Bakery is a business that sells small cakes and bread with delicious flavors and is suitable as snacks.

3. Product excellence

  • Purnama Bakery is a delicious and nutritious food
  • The price is relatively cheap because it can be reached by all levels of society.
  • Purnama Bakery is available in various flavors.

4. Materials and Tools Required

  • Wheat flour: 34 kg
  • Bread filling: pineapple jam, strawberry, and chocolate (6 kg)
  • Sugar: 17 kg
  • Butter: 17 kg
  • Eggs: 70 eggs
  • Yeast: 1,000 grams
  • Salt: 200 grams

5. Product Manufacturing Process

  • Prepare ingredients for making bread such as wheat flour, jam, sugar, butter, eggs, yeast, and salt.
  • After all the ingredients are ready, measure all the ingredients using a scale.
  • Combine flour, eggs, salt, yeast, and butter.
  • Then stir using a mixer then add enough water.
  • After becoming a dough, let stand for 10 minutes.
  • For the dough as you wish.
  • Bread that has been expanded, shaped, and filled is then put into a large baking sheet to be baked for about 15 minutes (170ºC).
  • Refrigerate the bread for about 1 hour.
  • After the bread is cold, do the packaging.

6. SWOT analysis

a) Strength

  • Purnama Bakery has a distinctive look and taste that is different from other bakeries.

b) Weakness

  • Bread products do not last long and are easy to imitate.

c) Opportunity

  • The consumptive culture of the community is the main opportunity to make a profit by selling bread that has a variety of flavors.

d) Threat

  • Many producers already have names in Bandung.
  • Unstable raw material prices can also reduce profits.

7. Daily Production Costs

  • Wheat flour (34 kg) $
  • Jam (6 kg) $
  • Sugar (17 kg) $
  • Butter (17 kg) $
  • Eggs (70 eggs) $
  • Yeast (1,000 grams) $
  • Salt (200 grams) $
  • Plastic (90 pieces) $

Total raw material costs: $
The estimated total cost of equipment: $
Projected Sales per day: $
Net income: $ – ($ + $) = $ per day

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Example of a Property Business Proposal Examples

business proposal examples for students

1. Title: Shophouse Development
2. Products Offered

  • Shophouse

3. Project Location

  • Bandung

4. Site Plan

The land area of ​​approximately 625 m2 (25 m x 25 m).

One of the best locations for shop development is a road junction and 2-way traffic.

In addition, the strategic position, parking can be from 2 sides, and the fence can be opened to make it easier to get in and out of and load a lot of vehicles.

Within this land area, 4 units can be built with a size of 5 m X 25 m.

The basic building coefficient for this plan is 48% and a parking lot of 325 m2 (52%) which can contain 26 parking lots.

5. Investment Value

The estimated total investment in land and buildings is approximate $.

For 3 floors each shop, assuming a land price of approximately $ / m2.

If the price of land is below this price, the investment will be lower.

6. Pricing

  • Cost of goods sold = $ per unit.
  • Competitor price = $ per unit.

7. Development

  • Independently by the contractor
  • Through a cooperation scheme with landowners

8. Marketing System

  • Advertising in print media
  • Social media
  • Marketing agency
  • Exhibition

9. SWOT analysis

a) Strength

  • Prices are relatively cheap with similar projects
  • Products promote quality
  • The target market for the middle class

b) Weakness

  • Inadequate supporting facilities

c) Opportunity

  • Accept online orders

d) Threat

  • There are many developers or sellers of similar products in the region

Example of a Food Business Proposal Examples

business proposal sample doc

1. Title of Business Proposal: “Si Obi, Healthy Sweet Potatoes”
2. Product Plan

“Si Obi, Healthy Sweet Potatoes” is a traditional culinary delicacy with a delicious taste that is packaged in a modern way.

Even though it is traditional, Si Obi has an attractive and nutritious visual with its flagship menu, namely sweet potato balls with a blend of chocolate, cheese, and other flavors.

3. Product excellence

  • Si Obi has the advantage of taste, appearance, and affordable price.
  • Si Obi also contains nutrients that are good for health.
  • That way, this traditional culinary has a wide target market.

4. Materials and Tools Required

  • Measuring cup 1
  • Pot 1
  • Basin 1
  • Skillet 1
  • Pan 1
  • Knife 1
  • 5 sheets packaging label
  • 10 pack plastic cup
  • Plastic gloves 2

5. Product Manufacturing Process

  • Prepare the necessary tools and materials.
  • Peel the sweet potato then wash and steam until cooked or soft.
  • Puree the steamed sweet potato using a pan until it is completely smooth.
  • After that, add tapioca flour and salt and then mash until all the ingredients are well blended.
  • When finished, take the dough using a spoon and fill it using brown sugar or another filling according to taste.
  • Round the dough until it forms small balls.
  • Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat.
  • When the oil is hot, add the sweet potato balls and fry until golden brown. Remove and drain.
  • If it’s cold, add the toppings according to taste.

6. SWOT analysis

a) Strength

  • This product has a high enough quality and uses the basic ingredients of sweet potatoes which have a lot of nutritional content.
  • This product is also processed hygienically.

b) Weakness

  • Products are easy to imitate.
  • Products spoil easily.
  • The price of sweet potatoes is erratic.

c) Opportunity

  • This traditional product has been modified so that it becomes a more attractive and contemporary product.
  • This culinary is able to compete with other modern foods.

d) Threat

  • Basic ingredients of uncertain availability.
  • Similar product with better quality even though it is expensive.
  • An unhealthy competitor.

7. Daily Production Costs

  • 16 kg of sweet potato (IDR 3,500) = IDR 56,000
  • 4 kg tapioca flour (Rp. 9,000) = Rp. 36,000
  • 1 kg of beans (Rp.28,000) = Rp.28,000
  • 1 kg of brown sugar (Rp.18,000) = Rp.18,000
  • Ceres 5 pcs (Rp. 6,000) = Rp. 30,000
  • 1 pcs salt (Rp. 2,000) = Rp. 2,000
  • 5 pcs chocolates (Rp. 12,000) = Rp. 60,000
  • Total IDR 230,000


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Hopefully, the article above is useful for those of you who will start a business, good luck !!

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