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The Inefficiency of Internet Searching for Business Time and Productivity

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What crosses your mind when you hear the term Business Time? Some might relate it to the literal meaning of the time to deal with office tasks. The dictionary mentions its totally different meaning. It is rather taboo to discuss the casual meaning of it. Yet, in the world of a corporation, business time is often related to the official meeting or working hour. When someone becomes a little serious in talking about a business with the potential investors or clients, he or she is taking the time for a business. Besides, after taking one or two days off for a holiday, workers should get back to their office because it is already the time for a business.

If we are ready to get the most from the business time, we need to update our information related to business. There are many ways to do in order to give business runners excellent news in business. One way to do it is through reliable online business magazines. Time offers a business topic with various new ideas and information. It will be easy for people to read only news and facts in the business world in Time magazine. This world-class magazine will never fail to entertain people with the latest news of business around the world. Unique news and information will enrich business runners and employers with ideas. Sometimes, the news is simple but nourishing. To get informed with the business topic does not have to be too serious.

Business Time Inefficiency with Internet Connection

Since the business time is often correlated to the time for handling the various task in the office, business runners need to know how to make it efficient. The internet and cloud systems in the offices have provided shortened working hour. However, business management still needs to learn a lot about finding the efficiency in using the internet. This is so because reading too much at the online business portals and the business magazine will waste much time.

  1. Spending too Much Time on Reading Emails

When trying to get a task done, workers may need to access their email correspondence. While doing so, they will dig a hundred emails and attachments through the email account. After that, the workers might need to contact the potential buyers or valued clients through the social media. That will spend a lot of time. When it only for finding certain information or contact address, the time spent in the online world will be too much.

  1. Not Productive Internet Time

In many countries, the internet is explored too excessively in many corporations. That means a lot of wasted time and money if the system does not work efficiently. Besides, it is necessary that the company applies cost-effective internet usage. This is so because the over usage internet will give a negative financial effect to a certain corporation. Indeed, the internet connection is a must for giving companies the fastest communications and easy access to various systems. However, information searches during the work time will not be productive.

Here is the research summary on the improvement of business time spent on online information searching.

  1. A research by IHS Knowledge Collections Webinar shows a statistic that engineers’ time to search for the information has increased approximately 13% by 2002.
  2. A cloud system of SearchYourCloud stated that workers should take at least 8 searches before finding the right documents. For the information searches, the workers will need to take more time.
  3. Based on a random survey, freelancers spend almost 30 minutes a day to search emails and process some data before working. For the freelancers, the duration will improve as they do not have any supervisors and work only with due deadlines.
  4. McKinset reported that employees spend at least 1.8 hours each day just to gather some information. It means, one out of five employees does not contribute any value to a company.
  5. Based on Interact, almost 20% of the business time is wasted by the employees to find trivial information like how to make their job effectively.

There are many reasons why the internet can be a bad idea for an efficient business time. Here are some of the possible causes that make the internet an inefficient tool for an office.

  • Too Much Distraction

There are now many pop up information of e-commerce and news portals in almost every site. Every time we open a site, we will see the trace of our previous searches. All of them will be related to some products in online shopping portals. Once we click the ads, we will end up wasting our time in searching for unnecessary things online. Not to mention the interesting pictures of nothing that we love to open frequently.

  • Clickbait Sites

The Internet can be nasty sometimes. The clickbait sites are the bad part of the internet that makes us waste more time. As we search for the information that we need, the click bait articles often pop up. The titles are usually provoking or irresistible to open. For some reasons, this will be a huge problem for employees who need to search for information online.

  • Online SEO

There are many methods of search engine optimization that makes it hard for people to find the right information. Faked websites and bad quality searching results will make employees waste more time.

In order to avoid the problems, corporations have to set up the system correctly. The management should be tidier in preparing data so the employees do not have to work on the internet too much. Besides, companies can now use artificial intelligence in order to handle the matter. It is Findo, the company that develops the idea of using the artificial intelligence to manage the issue. Machines will eventually beat computers. Much time and money will be saved as corporations start implementing this idea into their management.

The business time will be more efficient as corporations and employees know to handle the internet and other systems well. To integrate updated systems of machines to handle the information will be a brilliant concept too.

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