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Buy Domain for Investment, Why Not?

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Buy Domain for Investment – Speaking of buying domains, we remembered an old quote that read,

“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man.”

This quote could be true. In 2010 Facebook reportedly purchased a domain name called fb.com from American Farm Bureau Federation for $ 8.5 million. Jumah is fantastic, is not it? Apparently, this is not the first time. Also not the most expensive domain transaction ever. There are many other domains around the world that are being sold at insanity.

The most expensive domain ever traded until the time this article was written was LasVegas.com. This domain has a value of $ 90 million only for the deal from 2005 to 2040. It is not impossible this figure will be much increased in the future! In fact, the price of this domain when first offered to the public in 1997 was only about $ 70 only.

Here are the top five most expensive domain name transactions from around the world.

Just imagine, if at that time you first bought this domain from the first party, it could be you are already rich now.

The above description shows that the domain can be a very promising commodity. According to Verisign’s report, throughout 2016 alone there are 21 million domain names registered worldwide! This amount is an increase of 3.1% over the previous year.

The existing increase, coupled with the rapid growth of the internet, can be interpreted as an opportunity. Reflecting on the phrase we mentioned earlier, it is likely that domain enthusiasts continue to exist and multiply from year to year. That means you will never run out of potential customers.

Business Buy Domain Like Business Property …

buy domain for investment

You read it incorrectly. The basic rule that determines the selling price of a property is the location. Strategic physical location becomes the benchmark here. Business domains also have similar rules. It’s just that, in the virtual domain business domain is the most decisive. There are no street names, house numbers, or zip codes here. Everything is replaced with a domain name.

The workings of any domain business resemble property speculators. You just have to map out and by which property you can sell higher. Here your business instinct is tested. If successful, big profits await you.

What is the domain name? Of strategic domain names. Domain names that have large peoples are desired by many, popular aliases.

Let us tell you a little secret. Currently, the most popular domain extension in the world is.COM. This domain is used by almost 50% of websites in the world. The rest use other domains that are also freely available. Only, no other domain extensions are capable of shifting fame.COM.

Reflecting on this, securing a.COM domain is a fixed price. Why? The logic is simple. This means the.COM domain is the most searched domain. If a lot sought, the potential to have a.COM domain to resell for profit is certainly greater, is not it?

If you still do not believe it, take a look at the Fortune 500 company website list. Companies on this list are certainly not a playful company. On average, each company here can make profits up to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Now, look at the websites they have. Almost all use.COM! Of course, you know that the greater a company, its purchasing power is also getting bigger.

Imagine if one of them bought a you.COM domain, say for a million dollars. Well, of course, you are big luck!

This is the Most Interesting Part: You Can Start Your Own Domain Business

buy domain for investment

What can you do? Calm down, we will not let you go with empty hands. We have great tips for you to be successful in this domain business.

1. Trend and Market Research

You need to keep doing market research. Why? Changes that exist on the internet take place very quickly. Recent events, popular culture trends, and industry trends can create a domain name that was initially unremarkable in popularity. Well, you should continue to update so as not to miss opportunities. Just a little late, luck can move to your competitors.

2. Select the Top Level Domain Potential

As we mentioned in the previous section, you can start by buying cheap domain extension.COM. This domain is the most popular and widely used around the world. Your chances of successfully investing with.COM domains are wide open.

3. Previously Registered Domains Can Be More Valuable

According to Verisign data, there are currently about 13 million domains previously listed offered to the public. Domains like this usually have expired and not renewed. In fact, many also still have potential traffic, aka still actively accessed internet users. Domains like these that you can sell for more.

However, you still have to be careful in purchasing a domain that was previously registered. We strongly recommend that you check the domain history before a transaction occurs. This you need to do as a precaution, considering the possibility of the domain you want to buy has entered Google’s sandbox so it can not show up in search engines.

4. Be Careful with Branded Trade Domains

Domains containing trademarks or registered trademarks can attract buyers with large capital. Like a shortcut, your chances of getting immediate benefits are wider. Nonetheless, you are faced with considerable risk when executing this strategy.

Let’s say you managed to secure the domain with the name of one of the companies in the Fortune 500 list. Of course, the big profit is already in your shadow. Only, you need to be a little cautious here. You may be involved in a legal case because it is considered to steal an officially registered trademark. Companies can make claims against people who register the same or similar domain name with their own trademark.

5. Buy Domain.COM As much as possible

The more you have a domain name, the more chances your domain name ogled investors and offered billions of dollars. Our advice, buy a domain name with a.COM extension as much as possible.


So why do not you do it now? Available domain names are still very very diverse. Armed with research and a little creativity, we believe you can achieve great success in the domain buying a business.

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