4 Steps Car Insurance Claim Process

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Using vehicle insurance is an important requirement that must be met as a private car owner. Vehicle insurance services will provide protection for the car, so the owner does not have to bear the various risks of loss that could occur due to various things.

However, to get the best insurance service, it is necessary to choose the right insurance company and according to the needs of the beloved car. In addition, understanding the rules and policies applied by insurance companies is also another important thing that cannot be ignored.

Don’t let you have problems using car insurance services, just because you don’t study the insurance policy carefully.

In general, obstacles in making claims are the most common problems and are often faced by car insurance users. If this one doesn’t go smoothly, then you certainly can’t enjoy car insurance services to the fullest, right?

How to Make Car Insurance Claims

how to claim car insurance for own damage

Similar to other insurance services, submitting a car insurance claim must also be carried out in accordance with the procedures determined by the insurance company. If you do not fulfill this properly, then the risk of rejection of claims from the insurance company can certainly occur.

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In addition to wasting time, conditions like this will also take a lot of energy. Avoid rejection of insurance claims in the right way, make sure you submit a claim completely and according to the proper procedure.

Here’s 4 Steps Car Insurance Claim Process:

Car Insurance Claim Process With Immediately contact the insurance company

When the car experiences a risk (accident, loss, and other conditions) that must be handled with insurance services, then immediately contact the car insurance company.

This reporting generally must be done a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after the risk occurs, so it is very important to report it as soon as possible. Your report will make it easier to submit claims and the survey process needed for this purpose.

Explain to the insurance company the chronology of events that you experienced, so they understand. If the car is in an accident, call immediately and file an insurance claim so that the car can get repairs at a partner workshop as soon as possible.

You will get a claim form from the insurance company. Fill out and complete this form, so you can use it to repair the car at the partner workshop. Don’t forget to convey that your claim submission documents are being prepared.

Prepare adequate accident evidence

Submitting a claim with complete evidence of the incident is highly recommended because this can simplify the process of claiming your car. In addition to the insurance company, proof of this accident can also be proof of your report to the authorities.

Take some clear photos related to the conditions of the accident that you experienced and use these photos as evidence.

Explain the chronology of events accurately

When submitting an insurance claim, you will be asked to explain the chronology of the accident or other conditions related to the claim. You must explain this chronology and answer various questions that may be asked by insurance company staff.

Make sure you can answer all of these wells. There are several things to remember regarding this, such as a chronology of events, location, time of occurrence, the driver of the car when the incident occurred, and others.

Car Insurance Claim Process With Complete and submit the required documents

To file a claim with a car insurance company, you will need several important documents. This document will vary from one incident to another, so it is very important for you to understand and prepare documents according to claim needs.

The following are some documents for filing claims based on their occurrence and must be understood well:

Documents for filing an accident claim:

  • Completely filled claim form.
  • Photocopy of a car insurance policy.
  • Photocopy of the driver’s identity card and driver’s license when a risk occurs.
  • Certificate from the authorities.
  • Evidence of the incident (several photos after the accident occurred).

If the accident involves a third party, then complete the following additional documents:

  • A statement letter for claims for compensation from a third party is accompanied by stamp duty.
  • A statement from a third party, stating that the person concerned does not have insurance services.
  • Photocopy of Identity Card, Driver’s License, from a third party.
  • Certificate from the authorities regarding the accident.

Documents for filing a theft claim

  • Completely filled claim form.
  • Photocopy of Identity Card and Driver’s License.
  • Certificate from the authorities regarding the theft of the vehicle.
  • Certificate of vehicle blocking.

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Pay Attention to Documents and Stages When Claiming Insurance

Submitting a car insurance claim is certainly something that is often complained of because it is vulnerable to rejection. To avoid this, make sure you understand well the methods and conditions needed to submit the claim. In addition, make sure to also file a car insurance claim according to the proper procedure, so that the claim can be approved quickly by the insurance company.

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