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Clickbank Product And How can I make money from Clickbank

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Clickbank Product – What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a digital product marketplace. Like the market, a marketplace is a place where goods are sold. There are thousands of products on Clickbank that we can market again, starting from ebooks, online courses, games, tutorials, tools, digital novels, and so on. The following are the product categories available on Clickbank.

Clickbank Product And How can I make money from Clickbank

  1. As seen on tv (products advertised on TV)
  2. Arts & Entertainment
  3. Betting Systems
  4. Business / Investing
  5. Computers / Internet
  6. Cooking, Food & Wine
  7. E-business & E-marketing
  8. Education
  9. Employment & Jobs
  10. Fiction
  11. Games
  12. Green Products
  13. Health & Fitness
  14. Home & Garden
  15. Languages
  16. Mobile
  17. Parenting & Families
  18. Politics
  19. Reference
  20. Self-help
  21. Software & Services
  22. Spirituality
  23. Sports
  24. Travel

Benefits of Clickbank

How To Make Money With Clickbank

As a service we have marketed the product, if the product is sold we will get a commission. The commission in Clickbank is quite large, can reach more than 75% even up to 100% of the price of digital products that we sell. For example, digital products that we help promote are priced at $ 10, and we get an 80% commission for each product sold. If anyone buys the product through us, we will get a commission with the following calculation.

Retail price = $ 10

Administrative fee = 7.5% x $ 10 + $ 1 = $ 1.75

Net sales = $ 10 – $ 1.75 = $ 8.25

Our commission = 80% x $ 8.25 = $ 6.6 (from the $ 10 product price)

Then what if we succeed in promoting and selling a product with a price of $ 100 or even a product that costs $ 1,000 and with an 80% commission? Yes, we will get commissions of $ 73.5 and $ 739.2 for each of the products that we successfully promote and sell. The more salable products we promote, the more we earn. Not a few people who promote Clickbank products get financial freedom. Can vacation around the world without having to be bound to work in the office, just by having a website that discusses / reviews products from Clickbank. Good job!

How Does Clickbank Work?

After we register at Clickbank, from inside the login area, we can see thousands of digital products that we are ready to market. Choose digital products that we want to market. We study the product. Take the link. Then we make a review about the product in a post on a blog, website, youtube, or just a status on facebook/twitter and we insert a special link that we have. If someone clicks on our link and buys the product, we will get a commission. The commission will add to our balance on the Clickbank account. We can withdraw the account balance and become our income.

How will we receive payment?

After we successfully promote and sell products and earn income, we will receive payments in several ways, namely through checks, bank transfers (the US and certain countries), Wire Transfers, and Payoneer. What is possible in Indonesia is to use checks. We will receive a check from Clickbank and we can withdraw it at a local bank. The following is the Clickbank payment method as stated on the Clickbank website.

  • Check – We check that the paper checks to the address listed in your account. This is the default payment option.
  • Direct Deposit – We transfer your payment directly to your bank account. You can configure this by supplying your bank account information. Direct deposit is available in the US and select countries.
  • Wire Transfer – We transfer your payment by wire. This option is available for countries not served by international direct deposits.
  • Payoneer – We pay you using Payoneer, an international money transfer service. You can configure Payoneer by supplying your Payoneer account information.

We can experiment, do trial and error in promoting Clickbank products. But a complete tutorial about what products are interesting to sell, how to do promotions so that it increases sales of Clickbank digital products and ultimately increasing income needs to be studied specifically. If you want to know more about Clickbank, please learn here.

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