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What to Do If Your Credit Card Is Lost or Stolen

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Credit cards are the same as debit cards. Must be stored properly so as not to fall or be stolen by someone.

If it’s gone, the credit card can be misused by someone else. Especially if you are still using a signature instead of using a 6-digit PIN code.

The inventor or thief can freely shop with your credit card. After that, you will receive a notification that a transaction has taken place at a store.

That means you will bear the loss. The bill must come to you to be paid. Even though you did not make any transactions with the credit card.

If your credit card is lost, try not to panic. Take the following steps immediately before someone else breaks into it:

4 Steps to Take Immediately If Your Credit Card Is Lost or Stolen

i lost my credit card in my house

Call the bank directly

As soon as you realize your credit card is lost, and you’ve looked for it everywhere, but still can’t find it, don’t waste any more time, call the credit card issuing bank immediately.

Or if you lose on working days and hours, you can go directly to the nearest bank branch office to report the loss.

Ask the customer service or call center to block your credit card as soon as possible. Surely the bank will grant it for the security of the customer’s credit card.

Before blocking, the bank will ask about your personal data and the credit card you are using. The goal is to match that you really are the owner of the credit card. Not a person who claims to be in order to avoid a break-in.

If it is correct, then the blocking process can be done quickly. Even in a matter of minutes. You will also get information that your credit card has been blocked and you don’t have to worry anymore.

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Check the last transaction

You can also check the latest credit card transactions from your phone. Usually, when a transaction occurs, you will receive a notification from the bank. That a transaction has occurred.

If until you block the credit card to the bank, there is no notification of the transaction, maybe your credit card is still safe. No one else has been found.

It could even just fall in the house or be tucked away somewhere. Therefore, make sure to call or go directly to the credit card issuing bank so that you are relieved.

Make a missing report to the police station

The credit card has been blocked by the bank. In the next stage, you can report to the police station that your credit card is lost. If there has been a burglary in a large enough amount, the police can also help investigate the culprit.

But if you only lose your credit card, there is no material loss, then you can make a letter of loss from the police.

This letter of loss is one of the requirements for applying for a new or replacement credit card to the bank. Make sure to come to the police station yourself and bring your ID. After that, the lost letter is photocopied just in case.

Apply for a replacement credit card

If you have pocketed a letter of loss of credit card from the police, come directly to the issuing bank’s office. Apply for a replacement credit card.

The process is like losing a debit card. You can immediately get a new credit card in no time. Not for days or months.

Carefully Take Care of Your Credit Card

Now again rampant credit card burglary. Not only from digital but also from cases of losing credit cards.

The credit card falls, then an irresponsible person is found or the credit card is lost or stolen, then make this shopping, both offline and online.

Therefore, you are required to be more careful in maintaining credit cards. Don’t be careless, for example by putting your bag or wallet next to the seat or behind when taking public transportation, even in crowded places.

Most importantly, from now on use a credit card PIN. Do not sign again to avoid the risk of break-ins or other crimes. Remember the bank will not replace money due to the negligence of the credit card owner

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Using a PIN is also safer than a signature because it is confidential. The PIN is only known to cardholder customers. You can create a PIN when you replace an old credit card with a new credit card at a bank branch office.

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