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Part-Time Data Entry Jobs From Home To Make Money Online

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Maybe for some of you rarely hear work called data entry. This job is very simple. Why is it so simple? Because this work only enters customer ordered data into a place, such as a website, blog, online store, or to online storage (cloud). Although this work is very simple. Not necessarily you can easily master and get it. All because of the competition to become a data entry jobs from home is very strict.

How to start Data Entry Jobs From Home?

How to start Data Entry Jobs From Home?

Understanding the Basics of Computer Use

There are many basic things about computers that you know about. You must know the ins and outs of Microsoft applications from Word, Excel, and others. You also need to know the software related to “spreadsheet programs”.

Mastering Typing Well

You must be able to type with 10 fingers. You no longer type with a few fingers. Being able to type quickly and precisely will be more value for you. In addition, you also have to memorize shortcut keys such as ctrl + B for Bold, ctrl + I for Italic, and others.

Accustomed to English

You don’t have to understand English well. You also don’t have to take English lessons. You only need to get used to working with conditions that are predominantly in English. Of course this supports if you are dealing with data and software in English.

Following Basic Training

Online work does not mean you are free from the demands of expertise. You must take training or tutoring provided in various places. There are several websites that you can visit to learn data entry, namely:


Know the Types of Data Entry

Data entry does not simply enter data into Excel. Maybe if you work in an office it will be like that. But if you work at home you can choose many data entry jobs, such as:

  • Fill out the survey
  • Filling in form
  • Turn images into text
  • Reformat
  • Change the audio format to text
  • Write a caption

Data entry is not too difficult a job. Especially for those of you who do not have special skills that are qualified. You can choose this job as an alternative. If you have chosen this job. You also need to know tips so that your income is not small. Another reason is to face increasingly fierce competition for jobs.

Data Entry Jobs From Home Work Tips

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now

Intense on Freelance Sites

You must think this is war. If you are not actively looking for work, you will lose in war. Intense here does not mean you should always look at the site. You only need to check within a certain time frame.

The following website can you choose:

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Have you been on the website of the job provider? Now it’s time for you to switch to related forums. There you will find various talks about data entry. Discussion about tips to job openings. What forums can you follow?

  • Active on LinkedIn

Naturally, a worker will have an account on LinkedIn. There they can promote their ability to be glimpsed by a company. The workers will put their CV and make a good profile. They will also actively recruit friends. The benefit is to endorse each other’s abilities. If you are increasingly endorsed, showing your ability is really mature.

Looking for a List of Companies

The final step is you must have a list of companies. Next you give some companies that you can visit.

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  • Capital Typing
  • DataPlus +
  • Scribie
  • VirtualBee

Now it’s time for you to know how much income you get from here. reveals that a data entry can get $ 9 – $ 15 per hour. While at it is said that you can earn $ 27 – $ 150 per day. You can make income releases from these three sites to become data entry. Besides simple work, you can get promising income. So, you still want to think how many times to reject this job?

Facts of Data Entry from Nimi Patel (Data Entry Professional)

  • There are no free jobs. You must have qualified skills to be trusted. Then take a class or training data entry.
  • Increase your ability in the field of editing and proofreading. This will make you have more value.
  • You must have a high commitment. Solid deadlines and a lot of work will make you depressed.
  • If you have a commitment, you will have no trouble dealing with it.
  • Try working for a long time with a company. Even though you work online, but try working for 2-3 months. All of that is beneficial to gain trust in the next job.
  • Most of you will work part-time. Enjoy this work because you have a lot of free time.
  • Data entry often only gives you fees without benefits. To manage your money well.
  • You don’t have to bother going home. Because this work can be done from home.
  • You do not need to have a bachelor/master/doctorate degree for this work. There is no limit to this work.

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