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Top 18 Data Entry Jobs to Earn Easy Money

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18 Free Online Data Entry Jobs That Are Totally Legit

Data Entry Jobs

When running their business, companies gather new information, change or update the existing one, and archive or erase the unnecessary one. In doing so, they need to employ someone who can do data entry jobs.

This person can be an employee or an outsourced contractor or freelancer.

Hiring a freelancer becomes a favorable choice nowadays because of two reasons: firstly, companies don’t need to pay for employee’s logistics and insurance when hiring a freelancer; secondly, there are many websites, such as Upwork and Fiverr, where they can hire freelancers who are also looking for suitable jobs for themselves.

If you are looking for the right data entry job for you, here are 18 possible jobs that you can apply for at those websites.

Quick Survey

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A quick survey is perhaps the simplest form of data entry jobs that everyone can do. This job requires you to answer a selection of survey questions based on your current conditions (age, number of owned vehicles, etc.).

Captcha Solving

Captcha solving is another simple data entry job that is quite easy to do. As a captcha solver, your only job is—that’s it—solving a captcha, which is usually an image that needs to be clicked or interpreted into text. As a quick survey, captcha solving offers the lowest payment due to its simplicity.

Data Input

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This is one of the most basic data entry jobs that many people have done. You are given a scanned document or PDF file and then tasked to input specific data in it into a spreadsheet, word, or database file.

Form Filling

Form filling is quite similar to data input. The only difference is that instead of inputting the data in a digital document, be it a word or a spreadsheet file, you are required to input the data into a form, which is usually online.

Data Updating

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For people who do data entry jobs, data updating is something that needs to be done regularly because companies’ data constantly change and need updating. When updating the data, you will be given a new file containing the updates and required to make changes to the existing data based on the given updates.

Data Copying

Data copying is rather easy to do. When you take this job, your only task is to copy data from a webpage or application and to paste them on another webpage or application. Your employers are usually companies that upgrade their websites or developers who release a new version of their application.

Data Cleansing

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Data cleansing is the opposite of data input. Instead of having to input specific data to a digital file, you are required to remove false and inaccurate data from a given file. Data cleansing is as important as data input because inaccurate data may cause a detrimental effect on business operations.

Data Editing

Like data cleansing, data editing job confronts you with inaccurate data; however, instead of erasing them, you are required to correct them. Examples of these data include documents with grammatical errors, miscalculations in numerical data, data mismatches, etc.

Data Formatting

A data formatting job requires you to correct the formatting of improperly formatted data. A document that is extracted from a TXT file, a PDF file, or an OCR system, often has problems with alignment, margins, spacing, etc. Correcting its formatting is an example of a data formatting job.

Data Mining

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Data mining is one of the data entry jobs that require your analytical skills. As a data miner, you are given big collective data and required to classify them into categorized data.

Data Scraping

The more contemporary term of data scraping is web scraping. A web scraping job requires you to extract data from websites and store them in a local file. Internet is full of data and companies are always tempted to gather those data to reach specific goals.

Data Collection

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Data collection is much similar to data scraping, except that it is less technical. When collecting data, you don’t need to do analyses that are


Captioning is adding supplementary textual data to a certain content, which can be an article, a blog post, a video, a podcast, or anything else. Your primary job is to add not only captions but also headings, short descriptions, and other necessary addenda that an article needs to make it more readable for both readers and web crawlers.

Data Conversion

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One of the most frequently appearing data entry jobs on the internet is data conversion jobs. Data conversion requires you to convert a particular type of data into another type of data. You may be given a video file and then required to transcript its speeches into readable text or a PDF file that needs to be converted into a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Payroll Data Entry

Companies have to pay every employee that they hire, be they in-house or outsourced. Their payrolls are kept in a record that needs to be regularly updated. Although payroll is often one of the companies’ most confidential matters, it is not unusual to have an outsourced freelancer take care of it. You could be that person.

Content Creation

Content creation is perhaps one of the trickiest data entry jobs that you can do as a data entry worker. Instead of modifying already existing data, you are required to create the data for any platforms you are working on. You may be hired for writing articles for websites and blogs, videos for presentations or publications, or podcasts.

Email Processing

When you take an email processing job, your primary duty is to receive emails and to extract important data from them. Companies regularly receive emails from executives, employees, partners, clients, and even competitors. Those emails contain string-based and numerical data that are considered essential. After you extract those data, you need to input them in a local document file, be it a word document or a spreadsheet.

Medical Transcription

As a medical transcriber, you receive phone calls from patients and medical professionals and transcribe the data that you receive as a written report. This is one of the data entry jobs that require you to have a stable phone connection and good listening and writing skills.

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