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Data Entry Description, Skills Resume, Specialist Job, and Salary

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Data entry is a profession that is quite popular. However, do you know what the job is like? What are the responsibilities?

Want to know more about a profession where vacancies are always available this time of year?

Come on, see the explanation that BBonlinemoney has prepared below.

Data Entry job description

skills for data entry

Data entry is a fairly broad term because it includes a number of jobs, reported by The Balance Careers.

According to them, the data entry profession includes a wide range of jobs ranging from electronic data processing, typing, word processing, and transcripts.

Meanwhile, according to Indeed, data entry is a type of clerical job that involves using various processes such as typing and recording voice and then entering the data into a computer.

Usually, someone who acts as a data entry person works in industries such as retail, transportation, finance, and health services.

However, according to Techopedia, most companies actually need a data entry because they are considered to have basic duties to carry out daily office functions.

From the information above, it can be concluded that entry data is a job to enter data obtained from various sources into the company’s computer system.

Every data that is entered is usually detailed and even confidential.

That is why to become a data entry person must have high integrity and can be trusted.

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Job responsibilities

Reporting from Roberthalf and Glassdoor, some data entry job responsibilities are as follows.

  • Prepare and sort documents before data are entered into the computer.
  • Enter data into company-owned databases.
  • Check and ensure the accuracy of the data that has been entered into the database.
  • Resolving differences in information and incomplete data.
  • Create backup data that is part of a contingency plan.
  • Responding to requests for information from authorized members.
  • Test new database systems and updates of software.
  • Manage documents and notes well.
  • Prepare relevant reports as needed.
  • Receive and process invoices for payment and update invoice details.
  • Identifies and corrects errors when entering data using appropriate quality control methods.
  • Apart from the responsibilities mentioned above, entry data is a profession that has several other duties depending on company policy.

For example, they also perform tasks such as ordering office supplies and filing documents.

Type of Data Entry Job

As explained by Indeed, there are two types of data entry jobs such as the following:


In this era of internet convenience, data entry can be done remotely.

Indeed, at this time there are quite a lot of freelance data entry jobs that can be used as options for side jobs.

Being a remote data entry person also has several advantages, including:

  • Can do assignments anywhere.
  • Can choose your own working hours.
  • The salary received is not an hourly type of wage, but is paid after the project is completed.
  • Have the opportunity to get more income because you can work elsewhere at the same time.

In addition, when you become a data entry person who works remotely, you usually don’t need to think about the work history that has been done.

So, even though you have never tried this job before, you still have the opportunity to try out this profession.

However, it must be ensured that you have the skills needed to carry out the duties of this one profession.

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In-house entry data is for those who work full-time in a company. There are several advantages to this type of work, for example:

  • Get more income from the company.
  • Get several benefits such as health, to leave.
  • Can have the advantage or bonus of work performance based on reliability, accuracy, and speed of work.

Working full time in a company certainly has several other advantages, for example being able to work with a team that supports each other.

In addition, employees can also get a lot of benefits according to company policies.

Required Skills

Data entry is a profession that requires high accuracy and can do tasks in detail.

In addition, here are some of the skills needed:

Skill using a computer

The first skill that data entry must master is being able to use a computer well.

Entering and editing data will not be easy to do if you do not have skills in using computers.

One of the programs that need to be mastered is Microsoft Word to enter data in the form of text.

Then, the ability to use Microsoft Excel is also very necessary to enter data in the form of numbers.

In addition, there are times when you need to print and scan documents so you must know how to use printers and scanners.

Good language skills

Understanding data is not easy, which is why good language skills must also be possessed.

The ability to use Indonesian must be truly qualified to make it easier to read, write and correct data.

Type fast and carefully

Typing quickly and carefully is one of the skills that entry data must-have.

Without having this skill, you can be sure that you will have difficulty entering data in a short time.

Apart from speed, we also need accuracy in entering data. If you are not careful, it is likely that the data you entered could be wrong.

Communication skills

One of the skills needed to be successful in the workplace is communication.

If you work in an office, you will definitely be in contact with your superiors and colleagues directly.

Without having communication skills, of course, it will make you confused when you want to ask if there are problems at work.

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Data entry is a type of job that is needed in many companies, so there are plenty of job opportunities.

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