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10 The Best Dating Apps for Android Phones

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Finding a partner is not as easy as turning your palm. A broad association does not necessarily guarantee you can get your partner easily. Well, if you are having trouble finding a life partner, maybe you can try some of the Best Dating Apps for Android we recommend.

This partner search application makes it easy for you to meet someone who is in the whole world. You can get acquainted with Indonesians or Caucasians. In fact, the user status of this application also varies, ranging from singles, widowers, and single moms.

Although it does not guarantee you to get the coveted partner, it never hurts to try it. What are The Best Dating Apps for Android that look for the popular mate? Next I will review it for you.

10 The Best Dating Apps for Android Phones

The Best Dating Apps for Android Phones

1. Tinder

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Tinder is a very fun application to meet new people. In this application, you can see photos of people who can be invited to meet just by sliding the smartphone screen. If you like someone, you can give ‘likes’ below the picture. When paired, someone will give ‘like ‘back to your photo.

Tinder allows you to chat with likes and share photos or moments with them. Tinder can be downloaded to an Android device through the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, iPhone users can also download the Tinder application through the App Store.

2. PINK dating app

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Free online dating apps, this one PINK is ready to help you find your true partner. PINK application users are given the freedom to choose a partner who is suitable for you. Uniquely, PINK can make anonymous users too.

Of course, this application is free, so you don’t have to bother paying anything just to find a match online. How, do you need help with one of these free online dating apps to find the right partner? Download the PINK application here.

3. OkCupid

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Start mobile dating apps, why not? For singles, you can try this one application. Before using OkCupid, you must fill in a series of questions, about life views, relationship ethics, and personal opinions. After that, add your photos to be seen by others.

OkCupid provides a message sender feature, so you can connect with someone new with just an instant. OkCupid can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, but your Android device must use OS Android 4.0 and above. For those of you who want to download OkCupid on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, make sure your device uses iOS 7.1 and above.

4. Happn

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Searching for an online match can use the happn app. Because one of the best dating apps for relationships will find you pairs that match the criteria. Not only that, even you will be guaranteed safe using the happn application.

In the application, happn is like social media where there is a timeline that contains various content containing friends or other happn users. You can also search by age too. Are you interested in finding a mate with happn? Click here for direct happn download.

5. Hookup Dating Flirt Chat Free

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An application looking for a partner that is very fun! No need to go far to find a mate, it could be that the people around you are your soul mate. Hookup Dating Flirt Chat Free helps you to find a partner in a nearby location. You only need to find out to get closer to your prospective partner at Hookup Dating Flirt Chat Free.

You are given unlimited access to chat anytime, anywhere, and also with anyone. Do you want to try it?.

6. eHamorny

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This application claims that it has helped more than 1 million people to get married. This is one of the sites and partner search applications that are quite reliable so that you can just be the next couple to be married.

After registering for this application, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire and personal profile. After uploading a photo of yourself, you will receive potential candidates on a daily basis. If you feel like someone, then you can send a message with him.

This application is quite safe. So, you need not to hesitate to find a mate online by relying on eHarmony. To use this application, prospective members must be at least 18 years old. eHarmony can be accessed through this site or downloaded for free through the Google Play Store and App Store.

7. Jaumo

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Want to find a mate through the online best messaging apps? Choose the Jaumo application, this is an application where you make it possible to get a life partner according to the criteria you want.

Here, you will start looking for a mate by chatting. After you chat intensely, you can start flirting. Now, entering this stage means that you are ready to meet. So, no need to worry about getting a zonk pair, right?

8. BeeTalk

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In 2015, this application made TV commercials using models from young artists who were indeed loved. BeeTalk is a matchmaking search application made in Thailand. This application bears a resemblance to Tinder. It’s just that, to be a friend in BeeTalk, you don’t need to match first.

Making new friends through BeeTalk is just as easy as shaking your smartphone. Today, BeeTalk adds various features to make it more attractive. There are traveling, culinary, fitness, and many more forums to exchange information with each other with other BeeTalk users.

9. Badoo

Still not getting a mate while your friends are holding their partners? Come on, find your heartbreak on Badoo. This is the most popular online dating apps.

In fact, some claim that Badoo is ranked 136th as the most popular site in the world. Badoo also provides applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Badoo has more than 308 million members from various countries. So, with this application, you can get to know other people who are in countries outside Indonesia. Because the site operates in around 180 countries. Find your soul mate with the help of Badoo.


This little-closed free dating apps for android offers the convenience of finding a mate more mature. narrows the search space for your mate through the zone closest to your area. If you are in a city, then you can get potential partners in that city too. really helps you who want to establish a relationship with someone new or build a serious relationship to reach a marriage. You can access through this site. If you have an Android smartphone, can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, for iOS device users, please download on the App Store.


Now what? Are you interested in trying out one of the matchmaking applications recommended by this signal? Hopefully, these various best free dating apps can help you find a true life partner.

A few tips for those of you who want to find a mate through cyberspace, use personal data and real photos on your matchmaking search account. This is very important so that your partner does not feel cheated when meeting in the real world.

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