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Definition of Business Opportunity and Characteristics of Potential Business Opportunities

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Definition of business opportunity – At this time business opportunities is one of the popular words and are sought after by many netizens. But many of us do not know the meaning of business opportunity and characteristics of business opportunities.

Business Opportunities consist of the word “Opportunity” which means as an opportunity and the word “Business” which means an effort to get something expected.

Definition of business opportunities

what is business opportunity

Based on this understanding, business opportunity can be interpreted as opportunities that can be used to obtain something that is desired by utilizing various resources that are owned.

Some things you usually want to achieve can be in the form of profits, money, wealth, etc. A person will utilize existing resources both internally and externally.

Internal resources usually come from yourself while external factors are factors that come from outside yourself such as capital, place of business, environment, etc.

Characteristics of potential business opportunities

characteristics of business opportunity

To choose a potential business type is not easy because many things can affect business success.

Therefore, before you start a business, you should know the characteristics of potential business opportunities.

Here are some characteristics of a potential business opportunity that you can consider:

1. High-selling products

One of the determinants of business success is that you must be able to choose business opportunities that have a high selling value.

This is because businesses that have a high selling value have the potential to develop.

To find out business opportunities that have a high selling value, you can do a little research on a product. In addition, by selling products with high sales value, it will certainly make your business last a long time.

2. Meet the needs of the community

Other potential business opportunities are to meet the needs of the wider community. Of course, businesses with characteristics like this have the potential to produce more stable profits.

You can sell products that people need, such as groceries, clothes, barber, etc.

3. Minimal business losses

The thing that is most feared by businesses, especially beginners, is to experience losses. This fear is usually faced by someone to start a business.

For those of you who are hesitant to start a business, you should choose a business that has a small risk of loss. This method is the safest way for you to start a business because you still haven’t mastered the field.

4. This type of business is not seasonal

Starting a type of business that is seasonal is easy and quick to generate profits. However, this type of business cannot last long and short because the best-selling products are only based on the season.

Businesses like this usually have the characteristics of having to wait for the season or momentum before you can run it.

5. Can last a long time in the market

A business that has the potential to develop is that it can last a long time in the market. Therefore if you want to build a business then you should choose a business that can last a long time. Thus you will have the opportunity to make the effort to reach the point of success.

6. Availability of products is easy to get at a cheap price

No matter how good the potential of a business opportunity without being supported by the availability of products or raw materials will certainly be difficult for you. Try to imagine the demand for products is very high, but you are not able to meet market demand. Of course, this makes your business unable to generate sales and profits.

Recognizing the importance of the availability of products or raw materials, you should ensure that you have sufficient access to obtain them.

Characteristics of a good business opportunity

types of business opportunities

Besides knowing the characteristics of a potential business, as a businessman, you should know the characteristics of a good business.

Here are the characteristics of a good business that you must know:

1. Original or not plagiarism

Original business will usually be easy to recognize and attract consumers. This is because the business has its own characteristics. Of course, your business will be easily remembered by consumers.

2. Having business feasibility

The thing that is often forgotten by novice businessmen is doing research on the feasibility of a business opportunity before starting a business.

Even though knowing the feasibility of a business is important to help prepare your plan and marketing strategy for your business.

3. You have a passion for running a business

In starting and running a business, you don’t just get profit but you also have to have a passion. Without having the right passion, you will not be burdened in running your business.

4. Develop a business with creative ideas

Things that cannot be avoided by running a business are facing intense business competition. Therefore, in running a business, you must continue to develop your business with creative ideas.

5. Can adapt

The characteristics of a good business they are to be able to adapt to various conditions and situations. In running a business, of course, you will face various changes such as market changes, competition, quality of goods, etc.

Therefore your business must have the ability to adapt to these conditions.


At this time to start a business is very easy because there are many potential business opportunities that you can run.

But before you start, you should know about the meaning of business opportunities and how the characteristics of business opportunities are potential and good.

Such is the discussion about Definition of business opportunity and characteristics of potential business opportunities.

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