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Definition of Time Management and Functions, Benefits and Objectives

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Have you ever asked what is the Definition of time management?

Many people who spend their lives unorganized prevent them from exploring all their potential.

At this time there are still people who feel they are never enough with the time they have. Even though everyone gets the same 24 hours.

But why can many people have more time than others?

The best answer to answering this question is time management.

Time management is a very broad discussion that covers various areas of your daily activities to long-term goals.

How effective are you managing your time in a day?

Definition of time management

time management skills

In general, time management is always related to the development of processes and tools to improve efficiency and productivity in what is desired, especially in business.

But at this time the definition of time management has been expanded to include our personal lives and lives.

By using the right time management, it should be able to improve the balance of our work and our happiness in general.

Time management is the process of organizing and planning to divide your time between certain activities.

Using the right time management will help you to work smarter and not difficult to complete the work in a short time.

Even you can work well under high pressure so you can avoid stress.

Time management requires planning your maximum activities and tasks so that they complement each other so that the use of time will be better.

The definition of time management can also be defined as a skill that can help us be more organized, efficient and happy.

Some aspects that must be possessed in time management include:

  • Set goals
  • Planning
  • Priority scale
  • Decision-making
  • Delegation
  • Scheduling

Understanding time management according to experts

benefits of time management

Many experts explain that time management is a planning, organizing, controlling and driving the productivity of time that is still related to work.

Time management is also related to managing and planning the time you will spend on certain activities.

Some understanding of time management according to experts:

  1. Widyawati: the ability to prioritize, schedule and carry out individual responsibilities for individual satisfaction itself
  2. Atkinson: A skill that deals with all forms of individual efforts and actions that are carried out in a planned manner so that the person can make the best use of his time.
  3. Orr: The ability to use time efficiently and effectively to obtain maximum benefits.
    Benefits of time management

Time management is something that should not be ignored by someone who wants to build a business and even has to be the main foundation for achieving the target.

The importance of using time management for an organization because it can help organizations or individuals to determine priorities based on the urgency of an activity.

In addition, the use of time management can prevent each individual from delaying work and can also manage work time so as not to collide with each other.

Time management can also help evaluate the results of all individual or organizational work.

The benefits of time management for individuals include:

  • Can increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Make your professional reputation better.
  • Reducing stress levels.
  • Give your opportunity to advance.
  • Give your opportunity to achieve life goals.

If you cannot manage it effectively have the following consequences:

  • Work quality is bad.
  • Workflow becomes inefficient.
  • Professional reputation is getting worse.
  • Increase stress.
  • Cannot set the working hours correctly.

By using the right time management, it will be beneficial for everyday life for organizations or individuals including:

1. All work will be neatly arranged

By managing time properly, it will certainly make every job carried out neatly arranged.

This is because all work will be carried out without haste so that it can maximize work results.

2. Speed up work

When you have managed the time properly it will help you to speed up your work and all matters. This is because you will no longer delay the work that has been given to each individual.

3. Improve self-discipline

By managing time, of course, you will become more disciplined in completing all work. You will no longer try to delay work because you already have time management.

4. Make individuals more responsible.

Proper time management can make a person more responsible for all tasks that have been given to him.

They will try to do their work with full responsibility so that the work can be completed on time.

Time management tips

time management examples

Time is very valuable in running a business but time has limitations (24 hours a day).

Some business people respond to this with a focus on goals and other business people look panicked to respond to this.

In anticipation of the panic that arises, time management is needed so that you can achieve success.

Here are some effective time management tips:

1. Has a clear purpose

The worst thing in time management is when you don’t clearly recognize your goals. Try to imagine that when you work, you don’t have a clear goal and don’t know what to do.

Of course, the time you have will be spent thinking about finding goals and planning your activities.

To recognize your goals, make sure you are always involved with all activities that can support your business goals both long and short-term goals.

By recognizing your goals you will know potential things so you can determine the right goals.

2. Make a priority scale

When you start a business, of course, you will be faced with work activities that will take up your time.

With so many jobs it often makes our time feel less to solve it.

The amount of work is then you have to make a priority scale so that all the work can be completed properly.

Some priority scale categories based on how important and urgent your work is.

  • Important and urgent – Tasks that must be carried out as quickly as possible
  • Important but not urgent – Tasks that are important but for inspection do not have to be fast. So you can determine the time to do the inspection.
  • Urgent but not important – This task is classified as must be done but actually does not affect the success and does not add any value. For this category, you can delegate this task to others.
  • Not non-urgent and unimportant – You can prioritize this task at the lower level. Sometimes this category makes you busy but doesn’t give any value to your work.

Based on several priority scale categories, you must prioritize important and urgent work first.

Make a list of jobs based on a priority scale so you can have a lot of time to complete your work.

3. Dare to say no

After you have determined the priority scale, then you have to be brave to say no when you get a task that is not a priority.

You must also say no to tasks that do not lead to the main goal. By staying focused on priority tasks can help you in completing the task properly.

Thus you will learn to be disciplined and stay focused on goals.

4. Don’t delay work

The mistake that is often made when working is to delay work. Of course, this will slow you down to complete the job or target that you have set.

Therefore you must get used to not delay work so that you can complete the task in accordance with the time set.

5. Delegate tasks

If you have a talented colleague or employee, then you can delegate several tasks to ease your work.

By delegating some of your tasks, you can focus more on other important things.

Therefore you must find the right way to delegate your tasks to the team.

6. Health term

The last tip you have to do is to keep your health with enough sleep and exercise.


At this time there are still many people who are unable to manage their time. Even though every running time is too valuable if we don’t manage it well.

If you can manage time well, it can certainly have a positive impact on life. And vice versa if you are not able to manage time properly, it will have a negative impact on your life.

With us discussing the meaning of time management and functions, benefits and goals of time management, of course, you can know the importance of managing time.

Hopefully, this article can be useful to you.

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