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How To Determine The Best Niche To Make Money From Blogs

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How To Determine The Best Niche To Make Money From Blogs

Determine a Niche Blog is one of the important things that must be formulated when we plan to create a new blog. Blog niche should be something that is not just following up or topics that we force, even though we know the level of difficulty is quite high. Things like this are what triggers the failure of a blogger in managing his blog.

How to Choose a Blogging Niche


Let’s just say there is a blogger named Toni who is very excited about working on his new blog. At first, he was very enthusiastic because, on the same topic, his friend managed to get a decent income. Unfortunately, the progress experienced by Toni is slightly different. Over time, for one reason or another, the spirit subsided. Income also has no effect. He then felt that he had chosen the niche website. Familiar with stories like this?

Starting a blog is not easy when we feel stuck in the wrong niche. We also try to repeat and repeat again to finally create a blog with the right niche for us. Does it take quite a decent time? Yes, if you continue to follow along and force yourself. Though niche blog determinants are ourselves.

So, how is the right way to determine our blog niche? The following are the steps you can take:


blog topics that make the most money

Not a few beginner bloggers start the website without specifying the type of blog that they have. Is this blog created for business blogs, personal blogs, or blogs to earn extra money by becoming a fulltime blogger?

Well, before going to the second point, make sure the type of blog you want to make it clear first. Avoid mixing up blogs for business, personal, or blogs to get earnings from several ad platforms, such as banners, Google Adsense.

Why can’t mix a blog?

One of the most sensible reasons is that you will be confused with the identity of your blog. This can reduce your professional value in terms of blogging and your focus on writing quality articles. For example, today you write about Tips for Choosing Web Hosting, the next day you make an article that discusses the activities of your pet rabbit. About connecting, huh? So how do your readers react when they know this?

Without significant progress due to inconsistent content, this often makes bloggers stop updating their website on the way.


The best way to work on a niche is what suits our expertise. That way, ideas will always emerge in creating our blog content. Consistently created content is one reason a website reaps good results.

Conversely, when you force yourself to work in a niche that you don’t master, then enthusiasm will often go down in the middle of the road. How can you make a good article if you don’t really understand the contents of the article? Imposing yourself is what ultimately makes a blogger produce ‘poor’ content and the end of the blog is not taken care of.


Like Toni’s story above, just because a friend is successful with niche A, does not mean we will succeed in the same niche. Just participating doesn’t mean we can duplicate other people’s success, including blogging.

Better to dig a niche that is truly in accordance with our expertise and focus on it. Don’t be easily tempted when another blogger friend is successful with a different niche. What is not visible, the blogger may have experienced trial and error or has invested a lot of time and money that we do not know. This often happens, right?


what type of blogs make the most money

Point # 4 is recommended for bloggers who have at least experience in managing blogs. With the experience you have, you can determine the type of niche according to the growing trend. These topics that are warmly discussed can bring special benefits if you succeed in making them.

What needs to be considered, such a niche does not last long. The hype can be temporary. Maybe in the next few years, this trend has not been discussed again on the internet. But with this trick, a blogger can use a topic that is HOT to be processed into an abundant traffic source.

Or you can also create a blog that contains a collection of viral content. Viral content has the potential to quickly become popular and get traffic, especially from social media. The disadvantage is that you have to make the content up to date and fast, supported by social media accounts with quite capable fans/followers because this type of niche blog tends to be fronted by ‘giant’ media sites. Late a little, your content will be something that is ‘stale’.


Niche forever is the favorite of bloggers who use their blogs to hunt for income from their traffic. One reason for using this niche is because this niche is timeless. Even though it’s been years, your content is still sought after by people on the internet. Especially if you are clever in processing keywords that are in context forever and diligently updating content.

What is the example like?

One example of an eternal niche that people will continue to search for, “How to”, DIY, or “how to” overcome a problem/topic. In contrast to trend topics that will die over time, eternal niches will always be alive and sought.


Yes, determining niche blogs is basically not as difficult as imagined. What’s more difficult is our ability to manage our website consistently. If all this time you just go there, come here, it’s time to make changes. Good luck!

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