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5 Fun Party Games For Direct Sales That Will Boost Your Business

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If you are in direct sales, money is in your class. You want to have a hostess and her guests as fun as possible, but at the same time, you need to educate them and attract them to your product. You may also want to instill ideas, where one is an adviser. Party games can complete all this while providing entertainment for guests. Here are some of our favorite games. Try watching your business grow.

5 Fun Party Games For Direct Sales

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1) Bingo

First Games For Direct Sales, This is an easy favorite of all time and an easy way to offer a variety of products to the collection.

Create several bingo cards by drawing 4 squares with 4 on a piece of paper. Type “free” in the middle box. Then type your product names in the remaining boxes randomly on each bingo card and get a set of cards with only one product per card. This card will use a set to draw “numbers” bingo. You may want to get a sample of each product with you and show it and talk about it when taking the product during the Bingo game. As in the regular Bingo game, the first person wins a row of items wins an award.

2) Learn about each other game

This Games For Direct Sales is a good conversation, especially if most guests do not know each other. This can give you some clues about who might be a potential prospect.

Distribute bags of Mr. and Mrs. Tell everyone to take what they want. Quickly count the number of candies in their hands. Then everyone takes a turn to stand up and say many things about themselves and their families as they have M & M. Of course no one is allowed to eat M & Ms until they get their turn.

3) How well do you know your host?

Give a paper to each of your guests and ask them to give numbers starting from 1 to 10. Then ask them to answer the following questions.

  • 1) What color is your favorite hostess?
  • 2) If he can own a vehicle, what is it?
  • 3) How many children does he have?
  • 4) What is his favorite hobby?
  • 5) Who is his favorite actor?
  • 6) What is his favorite animal?
  • 7) What is his favorite TV show?
  • 8) What is his favorite food?
  • 9) What is the smell or smell of his favorite?
  • 10) If you need something, will you give it to you if you can?

After everyone has written their answers (including the host), read the question again and ask the host to tell everyone the answer. Other guests mark their paper if they are right or wrong. People with the most written answers win small prizes or discounts on their purchases.

You can change and reset all questions, leaving the last one in place. This provides good evidence to indicate that the hostess will receive a free product if they buy a certain amount and / or request their own party.

4) Right left game

This Games For Direct Sales is a great way to start a party, before you enter the presentation. Distribute one or two small prizes. Tell your guests that you will read the story to them and that they should give a gift to the person on the right when they hear the words “right” and left when you say “left”. The person holding the prize at the end of the story must keep it.

Here’s the story:

I left my house and was on my way to (enter host name) from home. But I soon discovered that I had left the direction at home, near the phone! Well, I knew right away that I needed the right direction (enter a hostname), so I turned left and went to the left and moved to the right and walked home in the right direction. Sure they were there, where I left them, next to the phone.

Finally, I’m on the right track. Arrived at the right time and arranged the presentation (enter your company name) here. I have all arrived and sat down. I will start working immediately and tell you about (company name). I hope not to leave anyone behind. I will soon show you a new product line (enter your product type). If you leave the house with the intention of shopping for a gift tonight, you will find that we have a gift suitable for everyone.

Think about birthdays and upcoming holidays, and do not want to leave anyone behind. I’m happy to help you find the right gift for that special person.

(Enter company name) (enter number of days) – Return day policy. When you enter your goods, please check immediately. If an error occurs, contact me immediately, and you can make sure it is resolved immediately. You do not want to stay with something completely not satisfied 100%, right? If you want to be a hostess and get free merchandise and discounts, this is the right time for you to explore hosting parties.

I enjoy being with you all tonight and I hope you will also enjoy it. I know that you can not wait to see if we have a special item looking for, so without further delay I will go direct sales to this party point, which show you our wonderful products! So, there’s nothing left for me to do but congratulate the winner, right?

5) Ask me about my job

This Games For Direct Sales is a great way to make your guests think about joining your company.

Get or make multiple tickets.

Tell your guests that in the next 3 minutes you will play “Ask Me About My Job”. The first person asking a question will get 3 tickets, the second person will get 2 and each question then produces one ticket.

You will hear questions like “How long have you done this?” And “How many hours a week do you work?” Their answers are as positive as possible. The good answer to the question above is “I’ve been doing this for 12 months and I’ve never had fun” and “I only work at night and on weekends because I want to be at home with my children.”

After three minutes, tell your guests to wait for their ticket. You will have a short Q & A session at the end of the party (your guests will think of some additional questions at the time). After you have a small gift picture.

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This game is a great opportunity to teach guests about your work and may see how it can benefit them.

Try some of these games and try to play them yourself. All of this can be easily adapted and modified to work for you and your own direct sales company. Go there and have fun!

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