Download the Latest GBWhatsApp APK Official 2018

Download the Latest GBWhatsApp APK Official 2018

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Download the Latest GBWhatsApp APK Official 2018 – WhatsApp is the most popular chat application in the world. Many choose this, I think because of its practicality integrated with mobile phone numbers.

But it turns out there are also many who consider WhatsApp to be less sophisticated, so they make modifications to have a secret feature. Want to download?

Come to download the latest GBWhatsApp …

GBWhatsApp APK Download For Free

Actually there are many applications that are a modification of WhatsApp, but in my opinion, GBWhatsapp is the best modification. Free from the name banned, and always updated according to the latest developments. This is because the role of the developer is very active.

In contrast to other WhatsApp modifications, the average update is generally slow. It’s so based on experience, can get banned. So you want to download the latest GBWhatsApp, you will get the following advanced secret features …

GBWhatsApp Version 6.55 Application Features

  • Made based on the latest version of WhatsApp 2.18.203.
  • Can change the WhatsApp theme, hundreds of theme choices.
  • Can hide the blue check and check two.
  • Can send messages without needing to save the number.
  • Can lock applications without third-party applications again.
  • Can download the WhatsApp status of someone else.
  • Can hide WhatsApp messages.
  • Can send messages on a scheduled basis.
  • Can read messages that have been deleted.
  • Can delete messages that have been sent.
  • Can send files in various formats, not just images, and videos.
  • Can reply to messages automatically, with detailed settings.
  • Can use two or more WhatsApp accounts at the same time without any third party applications.
  • Can disconnect WhatsApp internet connection, without the help of third-party applications.

How to Install the GBWhatsApp Application

Well, how come the features offered are really cool, certainly not in the official WhatsApp application. And again I inform you, these features you can enjoy without fear of being banned. If you want to try, here’s how to install it …

Step – 1

Just download the latest GBWhatsApp via the link below.

Download: GBWhatsApp Latest Version

Step – 2

Just click the file that you downloaded earlier. Later the application will be detected like ordinary WhatsApp, continue by clicking Install.

WhatsApp download free

Steps – 3

Later you will have Two Whatsapp. For the official WhatsApp application, you can uninstall it or leave it alone. Continue to create GBWhatsApp.

gb whatsapp themes

Step – 4

The display will be exactly the same as the official WhatsApp application. So you don’t have to be surprised, the application you installed is really right. Continue by clicking Agree and Continue.

gbwhatsapp official website

Step – 5

Just like the official WhatsApp application, you are prompted to enter your cell phone number and verify. Enter your WhatsApp number, and wait for SMS verification.

gb apps list

Steps – 6

Done, now the GBWhatsApp application is ready for you to enjoy. It has a similar and slightly different appearance with the official WhatsApp application, so you will definitely be familiar quickly.

gbwhatsapp gold


The final word

That’s what I downloaded from the latest GBWhatsapp. Highly recommended when you use the original WhatsApp application, just like that, better use this application. Can change the theme to be like an iPhone and there are various other unique features. Let’s try downloading!

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