7 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin Fast in 2021

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This time BBonlinemoney will give tips on how to earn free bitcoin! Interested? Watch this article to the end, yes.

Are you familiar with the term bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency whose name has been sounding loud in recent years.

Nobody “controls” this kind of virtual eye.

Everyone can make transactions using bitcoin without involving other parties.

In addition, it is often used in various transactions on the internet …

And reportedly to be one of the profitable investment instruments.

Why is it profitable?

The reason is, the selling price is quite high compared to other investments, such as stocks.

Then, how do you get bitcoins?

Apart from direct transactions, bitcoins can be obtained by ‘mining’.

This mining process is done by solving a very difficult “math puzzle” with a computer.

Then, you can get it by buying it.

There are many marketplaces that are engaged in buying and selling bitcoin.

However, there are several Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin.

Here’s the complete method!

How To Get Free Bitcoins With These 7 Methods

how to get free bitcoins instantly

Access Moonbit.com

The first website that you can access to get bitcoin is moonbit.com.

How to get free bitcoin on this web by claiming it as often as possible.

Interestingly, on this site, there is no minimum amount to exchange bitcoins into dollar.

You will get a prize in the form of free bitcoin which directly goes to your coinPot account.

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Another way to get free bitcoins is through CryptoAddicted.

So easy.

You just have to watch the ads that appear on the site, you will automatically get free bitcoins.


Continue to the next site …

Namely DailyFreebits.com.

This site is said to be able to provide bitcoins for free.

Bitcoin will be given out in the form of satoshis.

Satoshi itself is the smallest unit of bitcoin.

For every reward or cashout from this site, there is a minimum amount, which is 100 satoshis.


The fourth site that you can use to get free bitcoins is cointilpy.com.

The method is very easy.

You only have to roll coins to get the jackpot.

If you want extra coins.

You can do various additional tasks, such as filling out surveys, watching videos, clicking on advertisements, and playing available games.

Interested in trying?

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The freeBitco.in the site can also be an alternative to getting free bitcoin.

You just have to play multiply bitcoin …

Then after an hour, you can ‘roll’.

The random number generator will then give back numbers 0 to 10000.

Then you will get a free bitcoin which, if converted, can reach millions!

Affiliate Links

The next way to get bitcoin is to do a bitcoin affiliate link.

According to crypotharian.com, this step has been overlooked by many.

The various bitcoin affiliate links available are Binance, Indodax, Hobbies, and others.

With an affiliate link, you indirectly promote the website and the commission later can be in the form of bitcoin.

Create a Blog About Crypto

Still reported on the cryptoharian.com page.

A powerful way to get free bitcoin is to create a blog about crypto.

This step is perfect if you are good at writing.

If you couldn’t make your own website …

You can send various articles about crypto or bitcoin on existing sites.

There are several sites that you should try to be a place for freelance writing.

Well, later writing wages can be in the form of crypto money, such as bitcoin.


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Those are 7 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin Fast. Hopefully, this is useful.

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